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Chapter 738

Chapter 738: She Wants to Speak About Her Cruelest Reality

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When they arrived, rows of tombstones greeted them from the car . In each of those graves lay people who had once lived, who left a photograph on the tombstones after their death . This enabled those still living to remember their voices and smiles .

It was midday, and it was sweltering . Yan Qingsi could barely squint under the glare of the sun . The dandelion in her hand had scattered into individual tufts after it was plucked from the soil .

Yan Qingsi gazed out into the overgrown graveyard . She glanced behind at You Yi, but she did not beckon him to come over .

You Yi did not get down from the car . His hand trembled uncontrollably; a thorn lodged in his throat . He had looked for Yan Qingsi in hopes that she would give him some sliver of light in the dark, b–but…

There was no kindness for this world to give .

He had hired people to investigate, oh so many people . There were results on the next day that told him that the woman he had searched for so many years, had missed for so many years, was dead .

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He did not believe it then . He continued to hire investigators . They came wave after wave, and each one gave the same answer .

That woman was dead . She had died a long time ago .

The year the woman died was the same year he had left her .

Yet You Yi had refused to believe . He looked for Yan Qingsi, who was her daughter . She definitely did not wish for her mother to die . She would tell him the truth .

However, the truth was that she brought him to a graveyard .

Yan Qingsi’s head was slightly dizzy from the blistering sun; a layer of sweat soaked her forehead, neck and back . The remaining makeup on her face dribbled down with the sweat .

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Yan Qingsi knew what You Yi was going through right now—it was a moment of being pierced with the sharp knife of reality .

That was why she did not urge him to get down . She had tasted that pain before . It was so agonizing that it felt worse than death .

Although she gave him time, it did not mean that he was free to escape the truth .

“Didn’t you want the truth? This is the truth,” Yan Qingsi said coldly, “Didn’t you want to see my mother? I’ve brought you to see her . You better get down from that car . ”

You Yi’s eyes reddened as if they were going to spill blood at any moment now . “I don’t believe you,” he said, his voice so hoarse that it did not seem to belong to him . “You’re lying to me, just like the rest of them…”

Until now, he refused to accept reality .

It was as though he was being forced to gouge out his own heart, forced to stare at that bloodstained reality, forced to swallow that unbearable pain .

Yan Qingsi did not blame him . “Do as you like,” she said lightly, “If you think that lying to yourself will make your days better, do it . ”

You Yi’s response was very normal . She understood that, so she was not angry .

Yan Qingsi kicked off her heels . Blisters peppered her soles because of those heels .

She stalked off then, her bare feet marching on the boiling heat of stone on the ground .

In July, Luo city’s mornings were its days’ hottest . They peaked at about thirty-four or thirty-five degrees, and the ground temperature was even higher . It was like stepping on red hot coals as if your feet were being grilled .

Yet Yan Qingsi’s expression did not betray any signs of pain, almost as if she felt nothing .

Yan Qingsi walked, step by step until she reached the gravestone . Sweat drenched her entire head, and her clothes were so soaked that they went translucent . Her makeup was completely gone . She did not look great but little did she care .

The grass around Nie Qiuping’s grave was neatly trimmed and the tombstone had been polished clean, evidence that someone cared for the place .