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Chapter 739

Chapter 739: She Made Me Wait, And She Never Returned

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Yan Qingsi’s lips quirked into a smile . She placed the bare dandelion down . “Mom, I’m here…” she said . “I’m really busy because I’m a celebrity now . I’ve been to so many places, I’ve seen places that you never got to see, so that’s why I didn’t have time to see you . Please don’t be mad at me, okay? Wait till I’ve become the best actress when I’m above everyone else . Then I have plenty of time, and I’ll move you to a better spot .

“There has been an idiot who’s pestering you of late . He’s… . not bad, right?”

Yue Tingfeng had said that he would visit the grave often . She had never thought that he would keep to his word .

Yue Tingfeng was actually a caring soul, and he gave all the care he could give to Yan Qingsi .

Nobody had ever given this sort of care to Yan Qingsi . Even when he had met Helan Fangnian in M Country, he had never given this sort of attention .

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Yan Qingsi’s legs ached, so she squatted down . “The two shows I’ve filmed is about to air,” she said . “Mom, you better pray that my shows get super popular so I can change my public image fabulously . I want to tell everyone that Yan Qingsi doesn’t just stir up drama and get a lot of haters . I have the acting chops too . ”

Yan Qingsi muttered for a long time, finally stopping when a shadow lingered over her head .

She did not move nor did she raise her head . It was so hot, and she was so tired . The sun made her dizzy . This little shadow granted some small comfort and she did not want to move out of it .

A beautiful hand lightly ghosted over the photograph on the gravestone .

His touch was barely there . He was so careful, as though he feared that touching it would harm the person in the photo .

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Yan Qingsi exhaled . “Very few people remember that Nie Qiuping ever existed,” she said . “All these years, nobody has come to see her, except for me and Yue Tingfeng . Now that she sees someone else who she’s familiar with, she will be happy . ”

“How did she die?” Coolness seeped through the grating quality of his voice .

Yan Qingsi’s legs were a little numb . She slightly adjusted her posture . “Didn’t you already find that out?”

“I’m letting you tell me . ” You Yi’s voice was cold, guttural, and full of murderous intent .

“When I was eight, my dad, who had left us for so long, suddenly turned up . He wanted to take me and my mother to the city,” Yan Qingsi said, delaying the answer . “Then we only found out that he had remarried . He had a wife and a kid . My mother had no place there . She wanted to take me back, she wanted a divorce . But someone didn’t allow it . The Ye family refused to let their precious daughter marry a divorcee, and they refused to let the public know that the daughter of the Ye family was a mistress, a homewrecker…”

Yan Qingsi smiled . “What would you do then, if you were them?” she asked .

You Yi did not answer her . “They could only get rid of my mother . The dead cannot testify,” Yan Qingsi continued . “Then Ye Lingzhi could tell everyone that my mother was the mistress, the homewrecker . And I… well, I was the illegitimate daughter, the mistress’s daughter . She took pity on me and adopted me and earned plenty of praise with that .

“That time, everyone cursed my mother even after death, saying that it was right that she died . They said that her death was a blessing, that mistresses never have happy endings waiting for them . That’s how it happened . It’s not complicated, but it’s not so simple either . ”

Yan Qingsi’s legs were completely numb but she did not want to move an inch . She raised her face toward the sky . “That day, my mom told me to wait for her,” she said . “She said that she would be back when I finished that bowl of noodles…but she never came back . ”

A single teardrop plopped and splattered onto the ground . It quickly evaporated above the boiling surface, not a single trace of its existence left behind .