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Chapter 741

Chapter 741: The Hopefulness In His Heart Destroyed By Reality Ruthlessly

Yan Qingsi leaned against the tombstone as she slowly got onto her feet . The blazing sun had beaten her head into a dizzying swirl, and she almost keeled over when her vision turned black for a second . She shook her body and head, stabilizing her limbs and only peeling her hand off the tombstone when she felt a little more clear-headed .

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“Consider this a token of generosity on my part to fulfill your wish of seeing my mother,” she told You Yi . “Now you will go back . Go back to Hai city and continue to be the Mr . You . Slowly, go back and forget that Nie Qiuping ever existed . ”

Yan Qingsi did not want to torture You Yi any further, seeing the fathomless depth of his feelings for her mother . She took him here as an old friend of her mother’s .

“Mom, I have to go,” Yan Qingsi said, “I’ll see you again soon . ”

Yan Qingsi strode off, only to be stopped by You Yi’s guttural voice . “Then what about you? You continue to seek revenge?”

Yan Qingsi smiled . “Of course . Should I let those who killed her, live?”

It seemed that You Yi had investigated or deduced whatever that she had done .

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You Yi walked up from behind Yan Qingsi and planted himself before her .

Tear stains still streaked along his cheeks, and his eyes were blood red, but they were quiet, calm—hopeless in the aftermath of despair . They also… promised darkness .

He had searched for her for 17 years . All these years, he believed that the person he loved was still alive .

When he met Yan Qingsi, a surge of hope arose in him . He had thought that he could finally find the person he had always been searching for .

Instead of fulfilling that hope, reality gave him a brutal punch to the gut .

The thought of her had sustained him for so many years . Now she is dead . The person he held dearest to his heart was dead—and she had died miserably .

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Everything beautiful in You Yi’s heart was abruptly shattered with the final confirmation of her death .

Yan Qingsi had spoken of her demise so calmly, but it was a thousand piercing daggers straight into You Yi’s ears .

He closed his eyes, the image of Nie Qiuping flashing in his mind . He had not been able to be by her side while she raised a child alone . No one had been there to help her, and she had been murdered by some of the world’s cruelest people . To rubs salt into the wound, nobody spoke of good about her even after her death .

All these thoughts made You Yi felt that all these years had been for nothing .

Yan Qingsi was right . He had missed out on so many things all these years .

He was not late by a year or two—he was 17 years too late .

During these 17 years, he had no idea of the tragedy that had befallen her, or of her death .

Yet he still dreamed of meeting her once again .

You Yi looked at Yan Qingsi . She looked so similar to Nie Qiuping . They were mother and daughter, after all . It was right for them to have similar features, but they had such contrasting personalities .

He could imagine how Yan Qingsi struggled and fought all these years for her own life after the death of Nie Qiuping .

This was her daughter . Perhaps her greatest wish, when she died, was for her daughter to lead a happy life .

“You’re not going to do anything anymore,” You Yi said, “What you should do is to live happily . Give her peace . ”

Yan Qingsi smiled . Sweat dripped into her eyes, blurring her vision . She gestured toward the photograph on the tombstone . “That’s my mother . I’m her daughter . Of course, I’ll live happily,” she said . “But… I will continue to do what I need to do . ”

You Yi looked at this stubborn, headstrong girl before him, and thought that if she was alive, her biggest headache would stem from this daughter of hers .

He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and raised it to Yan Qingsi’s face, who stood there stupefied .

You Yi gently scrubbed at the streaky mascara and eyeliner around her eyes . “Listen to me,” he said, “This isn’t something you should be doing . ”