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Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Loving Her is Enough for Me

Yan Qingsi’s throat closed tight as if something had lodged inside there . She opened her mouth, but not a word came out .

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The sunlight scorched her face, and sweat poured down her head and blurred her eyes . She could not see the man before her properly .

She did not understand why this man told her all this .

Did he really have to?

You Yi wiped around Yan Qingsi’s eyes until they were clean . “You’re young,” he said . “You should be happy, and live your life to the fullest . ”

Yan Qingsi could not explain the sudden ache that clamped around her heart . “But I’ve been doing this, and I’ve been doing it for so long,” she argued . “I can’t turn back now . ”

You Yi gave her an intent look . “Then you should stop,” he said gently, “I’ll finish everything off . ”

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He had failed to save her . Now, he could not fail to execute revenge for her .

Whatever he did, he did it for her . Otherwise, he would go insane .

Yan Qingsi pushed You Yi’s hand aside . “No, you shouldn’t . I can take revenge for my mother . I don’t need your help . Anyway, on what basis are you avenging for her? As an old lover? How much is the grudge of an old lover worth?”

You Yi stared at Yan Qingsi . “She never said if she liked me,” he confessed . “I never knew if she even loved me . ”

“Then you definitely have no reason to take revenge!” Yan Qingsi laughed .

“I do . ” You Yi paused for a while before resuming, “Of course I have a reason . It doesn’t matter if she loved me or not . Loving her is enough for me . I’ve looked for her for so long, and I finally got to see her today . I can’t let her… die just like that . I will make those who have wronged her, return what they took from her . I will make those who mistreated her accompany her to the grave . ”

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The gentlewoman with the sweetest smile in his memories had already transformed into a cold, unmoving tombstone, with just a single photograph left behind . He would never get what he had missed in the past .

Nobody could comprehend what went on in You Yi’s heart, and nobody knew about anything either .

He knew that the belief that had pushed him forward all these years was gone though .

If he did not find something else to do, a purpose to live for, he would die .

The moment the sight of Nie Qiuping’s tombstone met his eyes, his heart stopped beating .

You Yi’s voice was low and calm . It did not seem angry, yet Yan Qingsi felt as though the temperature around them had dropped down by at least two degrees .

A whirl of emotions stirred in Yan Qingsi . This man… Did he truly, truly love her that much?

No matter what, You Yi’s words touched Yan Qingsi’s heart .

She had seen the fleeting love men gave one too many times, but she had never seen such an undying devotion .

Yan Qingsi wiped at the tears at the corners of her eyes . “I understand how you feel right now, and thank you, but I don’t need you to finish anything,” she said . “Maybe you’re just overwhelmed with an impulsive rage . Once it has cooled off, you’ll find that the hatred melts away, like a thin layer of ice vanishing with the warmth of spring . You’re alive . I advise you to think twice before you say something like this in the future . You should know what taking revenge truly means—it means complete destruction . Perhaps you’ll destroy others, but in the process, you might destroy yourself as well . ”

“I understand what I want to do more than anyone else,” You Yi persisted after listening to Yan Qingsi . “I’m older than you . I have a clearer head than you, and I have more strength, more capacity . What you can’t do, I can do .

“She was the hope that had sustained me all these years . What am I supposed to do now that she’s dead?”

Yan Qingsi’s heart throbbed with empathy . Once upon a time, she had believed in everything he just said .

“You… Why do you love my mother so much?” she asked .