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Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Loving Someone Wasted Half of His Life Away

Yan Qingsi had never seen a love as intense as the one You Yi harbored toward her mother . It was so deep that she felt the sheer weight of it .

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You Yi turned around and looked at the tombstone . The person on that tombstone still smiles, her gentleness dampening the cruelty of the world .

The corners of his lips quirked upwards . “There’s no particular reason why,” he answered . “I love her . That’s it . Who can explain love anyway?”

If anyone could explain the workings of love, then this world would not have so many people going mad from it!

Yan Qingsi’s lips were cracked from the heat . When she spoke, the tiny cracks on her lips split open, like the subtle prick of a needle . “After all these years of waiting, you got the news of her death instead of a happy ending . Will you… regret it?” she asked . “Will you regret looking for her all these years? Or perhaps you will think that if you had never found her, you would still have hope?”

“My only regret is that I did not find her sooner . I only regret leaving her at that time . If I simply leave her like this without doing anything, I will regret not doing anything to help avenge your mother . ”

The one regret in You Yi’s life was Nie Qiuping .

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He regretted not being able to protect her; he regretted not finding her sooner . That was why he could not leave any room for regret anymore—he had to avenge her .

Otherwise, how could he face her in the afterlife?

Yan Qingsi went silent . She bowed her head .

She did not harbor any animosity toward You Yi anymore . She had a throbbing sense of empathy for him .

Before meeting Yue Tingfeng, all she lived for was revenge for her mother’s death . She used all methods necessary without really thinking of the consequences . She was not even afraid of destroying herself along the way .

However, after meeting Yue Tingfeng and Mrs . Yue and experiencing the warmth and comfort they have her, she wanted to return to the path of light . She wanted to lead a normal life .

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She still had a chance to start over .

You Yi did not have this chance though . He had already lived out half of his life . Only this one anchor existed in the next half .

It was just as he said . If he did not find something to do, if he could not help to avenge her mother, he would go insane .

Yan Qingsi suddenly pitied You Yi . Loving someone wasted half of his life away, and what awaits him was only despair .

“No matter what, you should think more about it,” Yan Qingsi said after a while .

“If you still want to revenge for my mother after two days, and you have no way to let go, come and see me . I’ll let you know some things, but I still wish… that you will make the right decision . You really don’t have to do anything for her . ”

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That was because… they did not really have a straightforward relationship . He did not have any responsibility for her . As an old character in her life, it was amazing that he came anyway .

She looked over her shoulder, at the tombstone . “I’m going off first… If you want to accompany my mother, you can stay here for a while . ”

Yan Qingsi slipped around You Yi . She walked down the cobblestone path without waiting for a reply .

You Yi watched Yan Qingsi’s back . She was so thin, so slight . It was hard to think that this small, skinny girl bore such a weight for so many years .

You Yi walked towards the tombstone . A faint smile crossed his lips . “I didn’t know you liked dandelions . ”

He turned his head toward the direction Yan Qingsi was heading in . She had walked far away, her silhouette small .

“I’ll help you protect your daughter from now on,” he declared .