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Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Will You Love Me Forever?

“Of course it’s serious . I’m bleeding . Also, I only bought cheap rip-offs because of your stinginess . You don’t give me any money . So what can I do but buy cheap rip-offs?” Yan Qingsi complained as she lifted her legs and placed them on Yue Tingfeng’s lap .

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“Sure . I’ll buy you some . And you’ll be able to buy a pair of shoes for every day of the week . ” He raised Yan Qingsi’s leg for inspection and found that quite a few serious blisters peppered her soles . The blood had dried and scabbed over . It was painful to look at the wounds .

Both anger and hurt stabbed Yue Tingfeng’s heart . “You idiot . You wear heels when you work, but will you die if you don’t wear them when you’re not?”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes . “You don’t get it . I don’t have confidence if I don’t wear heels out of the house . ”

“You don’t have confidence? You ooze confidence in front of me . Look at me, firmly held in your grasp . I can’t escape even if I wanted to . How much more confidence do you want?”

Yan Qingsi abruptly laughed at his words till tears leaked from her eyes . She crawled over and leaned against him . “That’s right,” she said . “I’m most confident before you when I have nothing on . ”

Yue Tingfeng’s cheeks reddened; he blinked several times .

This… little vixen . She had such talent in seduction . How could he ever escape?

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“You… Even if you were wearing clothes,” he said, tone low, “I still go heads over heels for you . ”

The grin on Yan Qingsi’s face widened . “So will you love me forever?” she asked .

“Of course!” Yue Tingfeng said without hesitation .

As soon as the words left his lips, Yan Qingsi gave them a peck with hers .

“Let’s go home,” she said .

Yue Tingfeng rubbed his lips . “All right . Let’s go home,” he said with a smile .

He took out a bottle of water and opened the lid, passing it to Yan Qingsi .

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They drove off, but they returned just after a while .

Yue Tingfeng got down from the car . “What are you doing?” Yan Qingsi yelled .

“Don’t get out . I’ll be back soon . ”

Soon enough, Yan Qingsi spotted Yue Tingfeng holding a pair of heels as he returned . He got onto the car and flung the heels into the backseat .

Yan Qingsi was surprised . “Didn’t you call them ‘cheap rip-offs’? Why did you take them back?”

Yue Tingfeng released the handbrake and slammed on the accelerator . “Even if it’s a cheap rip-off, it’s your cheap rip-off . Besides… do you know that you’re polluting the environment by simply dumping your trash everywhere?” he said . “How can you not have the slightest awareness about being environmentally friendly? If someone took a picture of you, you’ll make the headlines tomorrow: Celebrated actress is an irresponsible litterbug . ”

Yan Qingsi cupped her cheeks and grinned . “Actually… . you just don’t want anyone else taking something that I’ve worn before,” she stated .

Her crafty grin almost seemed to say, “Admit it . I see right through you . ”

The tips of Yue Tingfeng’s ears burned . “Since you already know everything, why can’t you keep it to yourself?”

Of course, he could not let someone else take the shoes that Yan Qingsi wore .

“Never . ”

The corners of Yue Tingfeng’s lips twitched . “Do your feet still hurt?” he asked .

Yan Qingsi nodded . “Mmhmm . What should I do?”

She did not expect Yue Tingfeng’s reply . “You deserved it . ”

“Hmph . ” Yan Qingsi twisted her body away from him .

Yue Tingfeng looked at her . She refused to move . “Look at that face . Look at how dark it’s gotten,” he said . “And you still want to be an actress like that? Don’t destroy your complexion before you’ve made a name for yourself . ”

“I’m happy with my face,” Yan Qingsi retorted .

“I’m not . ”

“Why is it any of your business?”

“I’m your boss, your boyfriend, and your future husband . It’s every bit of my business . ”