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Chapter 841

Chapter 841: Uncle is so Fierce that I Do Not Dare to Provoke Him

You Xi gulped . Holy sh*t . It was the seventh floor . The seventh floor—and he went straight down without any harnesses .

Was he really a man in his forties? If he really wanted to, with this ability of his, he could murder him under a minute . Thank goodness he spewed everything out before . Otherwise, he definitely would not be standing here in one piece .

You Xi closed the window, trembling .

‘God, please appease my uncle somehow so that he will not kill me . ’

You Yi snuck back into the You family estate after he left the hospital .

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His sister-in-law had given the necklace to You Xi, which meant that the necklace had belonged to the Xia family . The Xia family… it was a mountain that no one dared to move in the entire country .

If his sister-in-law had not had the Xias behind her back, she would not be so highly regarded in the You family today, and You Xi would definitely not have been placed on such a high pedestal . In the end, he turned out to be nothing but a useless human being .

If Nie Qiuping really was affiliated with his sister-in-law, and by extension, the Xia family, then he would be able to find a lead through his sister-in-law .

You Yi could not hastily investigate the Xia family though . He might cause a ruckus before he could clarify anything otherwise .

You Yi knew the You family very well . The members often slept early, and everyone would be as dead as a log in the middle of the night . No one noticed when he infiltrated the area .

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His sister-in-law’s high position in the You family meant that she had her own private office . Aside from the maids who cleaned the room, not many people were allowed inside .

You Yi entered through the window and scoured through the study . He found a photo album of his sister-in-law that contained old photographs, mostly of her life in the Xia family before she married…

You Yi flipped through the photos one by one . Then he finally found a monochrome photo that was yellowing, two young girls with pigtails smiling adorably at him . One was about eight or nine, and the other was only about four or five!

The hand that held the photo quivered . You Yi vaguely made out the features of a grownup Nie Qiuping from the younger girl; she even looked extremely similar to Yan Qingsi . As for the older girl beside her, that could only be his sister-in-law .

How on earth were these two related? He has never heard his sister-in-law mentioning of a sister . He only knows that she had a brother .

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You Yi’s eyes were pinned onto the young girl’s face . If this was really… really Nie Qiuping’s younger self in the photograph, then how did she leave the Xia family and become a regular country girl? What happened during this period?

You Yi did not want to speculate too much though, not before he had not gotten enough evidence . He just needed to find out the truth quickly . She would never be able to rest in peace if her death remained a mystery for all these years, and the false accusations upon were never dissipated .

Now, You Yi needed to find Yan Qingsi and verify that the girl in the photograph was Nie Qiuping . He took out his phone and took photos of that photograph .

He noted that there were a few more group photos of his sister-in-law and some other people . He pondered his actions for a moment, then took a few more photos . Suddenly, the door clicked, as if someone was wrenching the doorknob open . You Yi was shocked . He placed the photos back in their original space in a flash .

The door was pushed open . Flick! The lights turned on . The person scanned every corner of the study .

Mrs . You was wearing a white sleeping gown woven out of real silk . She flicked her eyes over the study and paced one round around the room . Her eyes finally rested on the curtains, which were gently billowing about .

She walked over and stretched an arm, immediately pulling the curtains open with a jerk .

There was no one behind the curtains . The wind blew in because of a small crack left open when the window was not shut properly, stirring the curtains into a dance .