FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

“Our homeland, Elfheim, is slowly heading towards ruin . Regretfully, the current Elf King is closing his eyes and ears and still underestimates the humans . Eternal life is a blessing and at the same time a curse . The moment you let down your guard, you won’t be able to even realize your own time has frozen, after all . ”

“I see you have a lot on your plate . ”

“Dear me! I have disgraced myself before Hero-nim . It seems I have drunk too much in my excitement . ”

“It’s fine . Haha!”

I found this Elf prince increasingly to my liking .

Level, looks, ability, insight, philosophy, manners… there wasn’t a single fault in him to be found . He was such a gentleman that I could believe him to be possessed by a reincarnated modern man of Earth .

The current Elf King was definitely a narrow-minded one .

The reason why Prince Nasus had caused a rebellion was related to the line of succession—the Elf King had put aside the first prince to instead appoint his youngest daughter as heir to the throne .

Was Sylvia queen material?

Absolutely not .

She hadn’t studied governance at all, which was the virtue of a ruler, and she was always going out of the country as she was inclined to having fun . Her Level was outclassed by middle-rank demons at the time she was appointed as the heir, and her personality was that of a cruel narcissist who would burn alive humans who approached her saying, ‘Hey pretty, have some fun with us’ .

And look what end that had lead her to .

“I told Sylvia so many times not to underestimate humans, but she would always snort at my words . Although I expected a day like this to come one day, it is saddening that it has come true . ”


Mr . Nasus . Your status shows you’re ‘satisfied’ though?

The current Elf King had regarded his youngest daughter Sylvia as the apple of his eyes as she was similar to himself, harboring a borderline psychotic loathing towards humans; it was to the point she had stolen the right of succession from the excellent eldest son . The king had brought trouble upon himself .

“You must be deeply heartbroken . ”

“I merely fear that child’s death will become the future of Elfheim . I ask for Hero-nim to provide us with much help . We will also not spare any support in order for Hero-nim to slay Demon King Fedornar . This is my cherished sword, Endymion . It is one of the three great hidden treasures of our country, so please return it to us after you obtain the Holy Sword . ”

Nasus passed over the precious sword which hung by his hip, a weighty bastard sword which didn’t suit frail-bodied Elves . I appealed to me more than the Holy Sword which was unnecessarily light .

“… I won’t forget your sincerity . ”

I really won’t!

One of the three great hidden treasures of Elfheim, Elemental Sword Endymion . It was a masterpiece which I didn’t manage to get even after helping Princess Sylvia defeat Prince Nasus and putting her on the throne in the 1st Playthrough—yet to think I’d obtain it this easily!

The caliber of a true king was indeed different .

But that was why I felt a little sorry, because I had no intention of returning Endymion . I didn’t mean to break the trust and friendship between us, however . While Prince Nasus had asked me to return Endymion upon obtaining the Holy Sword, I had no plans of doing so until I gave the Demon King a thrashing .

This sword here was enough to dice up that Demon King .

“It’s a relief that Hero-nim likes it . ”

“Very much so . ”


I carefully unsheathed Elemental Sword Endymion from its high-quality scabbard made from the leather of an Azure Dragon . The refined aura of an elemental washed over me like the fragrance of flowers . Although I more preferred Demon Swords because of their exciting buck-wild nature, I didn’t dislike this kind of pure type; I could slowly shape its nature to my liking .

I had a strong feeling that we would become a good team together . Right?


Elemental Sword Endymion shook as if in agreement . How adorable .

“In any case, it seems Hero-nim has amazing strength . I thought you would have trouble lifting Endymion as a Level 4 . ”

“… I’ve always been a bit strong, you see . ”

“I would expect no less of the Hero-nim, haha!”


I realized it in that moment—Prince Nasus had roughly gauged my Level . He might have even guessed that the human who killed his little sister, Princess Sylvia, was the Hero . Had he handed over his country’s treasure in order to test this speculation? He would be a truly frightening individual if that was the case . And how had he known I was weak to worldly desires…?

The envoy group set out on their return journey home right after our chat ended . Although there were some faint-hearted Elves who went beside themselves at the sight of the Elf princess’ pretty head halved down the middle, the retrieval of her remains went without a hitch under Prince Nasus’ excellent leadership .

It was a greatly satisfying trade . I had started over with nothing yet struck it rich within three days:

Abundant travel funds .

Level 204 .

Elemental Sword Endymion .

And a luggage-carrier plus archaeologist as a bonus .

The brilliant Hero and extra company swiftly finished preparations for their journey by wringing the king dry and set out on an exciting adventure!

To the village where the ‘great being’ resided in .


The journey was smooth-sailing .

Although we were briefly delayed right before we set off due to Alex opposing us going, saying it was dangerous, we came to an agreement to hold that joyful ‘orientation’ which he so eagerly anticipated ten days later .

The distance to our destination was so great as to take a year to cover on foot, but the mind-blowing transportation method called the spatial transfer magic circle drastically shorten that time—that one year was cut to a single second . This technology was so convenient to the point of making me want to introduce it to Earth no matter what .

Just like how there were many terminals at an airport, spatial transfer magic circles were placed in public facilities called ‘tower of a magician’ and could be used for a fee . Abbreviated, they were called Magus Towers .

But why were they placed in towers?

My 1st Playthrough companion, ‘Sage’, had answered as follows .

Being a magician was an occupation which required a lot of research funds and rare materials, since no matter how much of a genius you were, there was a limit to how far you could go with theory alone . You couldn’t move on to the next stage if it wasn’t proven through experiments .

Therefore, a magician needed to receive many sponsorships, and had no choice but to either live in a land that had plenty of material supplies or belong under a country receiving a high wage . But this was where the problem began .

Magicians and cities were like oil and water . That reason being—

1) It’s dangerous when magic explodes .
2) Can’t concentrate because it’s noisy outside .
3) The industrial smoke covers the stars .
4) Have to watch out for thieves .
5) The purity and density of magic power decreases .

There were more aside from the things mentioned above, but these were the five major points . But because research itself was impossible without full backing, the magicians of old racked their brains in order for them to live in cities—and the solution to that was a high tower . It could perhaps be said to have the advantage of a high-rise apartment building . All of the problems were solved in one go .

Even in large cities, the buildings in Fantasia didn’t go higher than three-storeys . If a ten-storey tower was built smack dab in the middle of a city, its peak would be an exclusive private space of a magician, isolated from the outside, and behold: the completion of a shut-in .

“And because they lose any chance to meet women, they inevitably become virgin Archmages…”

“Thank you for visiting our Magus Tower~