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Chapter 41.1

Chapter 41 . 1: 

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The lips of Yan Ru Yu are thin, but they are unexpectedly warm . Lan Ning’s eye widened in surprise and she forgot to breath .

Yan Ru Yu’s lips touched her lips and after a long pause, she slowly took a step back . Lan Ning collapsed, her whole person slipping down the door and sat on the ground .

Yan Ru Yu looked at her as if her sould have been pumped away . He felt funny . He knelt down before her and looked at her saying: ‘Don’t tell me that this is your first kiss . I remember you have an ex-boyfriend before . Did never kissed him?’

‘Must you mention him this time!’ Lan Ning’s brow furrowed and she looked at him .

Yan Ru Yu stared at her, his dark blind eyes locked into her eyes: ‘Is it because of his betrayal that you no longer believe in men?’

Lan Ning gave him a slight glimpsed . She kept silence for a while before saying: ‘I spent two and a half years with him . Out of it, one and a half year, he was dating me and then he was also dating another girl . For every word he said to me, he can also turn around and say to the other person in the blink of an eye . Do you men have true feelings?’

Although she no longer feels anything for Mu Yuan, but the hurt he brought to her was strong . She did not want to map out all men to be the same but she is really scared inside . She can still live well alone . Why does she need love? If one does not fall in love, one will not get hurt again .

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In the past few years, she has always been like this . Although, she occasionally saw others showing their love, she would feel envious but she never moved by any man . However, it was terrible when things were bad . She found that she does seem to like Yan Ru Yu .

Therefore, she could not even concentrate at work because of his confession . So, she would not want him to know that she was having dinner with other men . So, she rushed over after the lie was revealed by him . She apologized… . .

But what is the use of this? It’s enough to be betrayed once in a lifetime . If if happen again, she may never be able to pick herself up again .

After listening to her words, Yan Ru Yu eyebrows raised and a look of dissatisfied came: ‘Do not put your mistakes on me . You didn’t see clearly your ex-boyfriend, it was your problem . Why do I have to be placed on the same boat? Why do I have to bear the consequences? To say bluntly, putting me on par with him, is an insult to me . ’

Lan Ning: ‘……’

These words were uttered! Lan Ning took a sigh before yelling at him: ‘How much do you think that you are better than him? Didn’t you so casually kiss someone? You guys whom are engaged in creative writing are all scum . ’

Her work has always been in contact with this circle . She cannot remember how many times she heard about it . The male author who are married sleeping with his female reader . The most terribe thing is that many of these male writers, regards with this affair, are very proud of it .

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Yan Ru Yu’s frown deepen . He stared directly at Lan Ning with in intent look . ‘First, I never just simply kissed someone else . I only kiss you . Second, this circle I have also heard about it but I don’t think you can use circle judgement on a me just because there are scums . Third, I reiterate that you do not confuse me with others . I am me . ’

‘A different color of fireworks?’ Lan Ning smiled lightly .

Yan Ru Yu: ‘… . . ’

He stood up and looked down at Lan Ning who was still sitting on the ground: ‘Once beaten by the snake, will be afraid of the rope for ten years . ’

Lan Ning: ‘… . . ’

Teacher is really not the same . Everyone is so literary .

She licked her lips and looked at him unconvincingly . ‘What about you? Haven’t you been biased against all women because of your mother’s case?’

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‘I said before . I am not biased towards women . ’

‘Then, I didn’t trust me either . ’

Yan Ru Yu mouth moved . He breathed a sigh of relief: ‘Okay, let’s stop our talk here today . You can go now . ’

‘Ha’ Lan Ning couldn’t keep up with his rhythm .

Yan Ru Yu looked at her and bent over to join her . His lips hooked up . ‘Or do you want to continue to communicate with me more deeply?’

Lan Ning: ‘… . . ’

‘Go away!’ She pushed him away and stood up from the ground .

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Yan Ru Yu took a step back and smiled while looking at Lan Ning . ‘I will let you find back your confidence in men from me . After all, my birthday wish is to get married this year . ’

Lan Ning: ‘… . . ’

You tell me why are you so confident!

She turned and quickly opened the door and rushed out .

Yan Ru Yu closed the door . He titled his mouth and walked back toward the sofa to sit down . Next to the sofa was a ‘Goddess Raiders Handbook . ’ He picked up the book and stopped on the page with the bookmark .

‘Article 19, if you want to speed up, you must give her enough space . Otherwise, it will be counterproductive . Having a degree of relaxation is the key to success . ’

Yan Ru Yu raised his eyebrows: ‘This write make sense . ’ Otherwise he would contact the author and gave him a piece of his mind .

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