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Chapter 292: Icy Frost Fruit!
Everyone's faces turned pale as they looked at the red spot in the water .

Xiantian Lords were exceptionally rare and lofty beings in the outside world . They were all esteemed characters who were either elders or clan leaders of some large powers . But here, a Xiantian Lord's life was as frail as a blade of grass!

Within the span of a few short days, more than a hundred Xiantian Lords had already perished or were heavily injured . If news of this spread outside, it would definitely cause a great commotion in the world!

Someone stepped forward at this point and placed a piece of Demonic Beast meat in the water from afar . After that, he immediately fished the piece of meat up again .

Numerous tiny silver fishes could be seen squirming about on the piece of meat . Quickly surging forward, everyone requested for a fish to examine .

These tiny silver fishes' bodies were as tough as steel . It was a mystery how their tough bodies were able to move at such frightening speeds without any external aid .

"These little fishes actually have the ability to counter the restraints of Xiantian level Qi! The protective Qi we wrap around our bodies won't be able to stop these things at all!" a middle-aged man exclaimed in shock as he conducted a few experiments . The protective Qi around him was completely nonexistent to the fish at all, and could be easily bitten through without any problems!

There were many people who wanted to form a protective layer around their body with their inner Qi to resist these fishes . However, who would have thought that these fishes actually had such unique abilities!

Bei Feng also grabbed one of the fishes and examined it closely . There really were all kinds of marvelous things in the world!

"Ding! Grade 1 treasure obtained, Broken Star Fish! (This fish's body is as small and slender as a needle . It can move at extremely fast speeds, and has an incomparably tough body . Able to ignore the protective Qi of all under the Transcendent realm, and can weaken the protective Qi of Transcendent realm and above by a third! This fish's main diet is Broken Star Ore, and it has weak amounts of Broken Star energy in its body . Can be refined!)"

Bei Feng raised his eyebrows with interest as he went through the System's message again . This little fellow was actually a Grade 1 treasure?

'Then what grade of treasure is the Broken Star Ore?' Bei Feng wondered silently .

He kept this information in his mind and walked towards the mossy cliff .

"Ai, there should be no one among Xiantian who could scale this cliff . Let's look for another path . "

An old man sighed aloud . Although Xiantian Lords were powerful, they could not jump a hundred meters vertically in one shot . It was impossible to reach the top of the waterfall without borrowing a foothold to launch themselves upwards midway . However, that would incur the attention of those ferocious silver fishes!

But as they looked at the terrain around them, the group of Xiantian Lords could not help but feel their scalps aching . If they could not go up directly from this point, the only other way was to slowly dig a way through from the side .

"Look! Someone is going to attempt to go up from here again!"

A shrill female voice sounded out, causing everyone to turn around .

A young man dressed in snow-white robes and hair flowing to his waist was standing at the bottom of the cliff, looking upwards .

"Ai, another life is going to be wasted here . "

The old man sighed . However, no one went forward to stop the young man . Firstly, they were neither kith nor kin, so they had no reason to interfere . Secondly, everyone knew that to be able to break through to the Xiantian realm, one must surely have had a powerful confidence in themselves . As long as they decided on something, it was almost impossible to change their minds!

"Hur hur, unless this person can fly, he will definitely end up as a meal for these fishes . "

A pork-faced middle-aged man sneered disdainfully as he looked at Bei Feng . He knew that he could not get to the top of the waterfall, and thus could not bear to see others succeed and take away the treasures .

At this time, Bei Feng had roused his blood and Qi, and his sleeves were fluttering wildly as a towering aura of blood and Qi surged from his body, forming a canopy above him!

"What a powerful blood and Qi! This person must be a Fleshly Body Xiantian Lord!"

Another elderly man gasped aloud after recovering from his shock .

Bei Feng was not finished . A menacing figure suddenly manifested behind him, roaring to the sky!


An extremely domineering and arrogant roar sounded out in everyone's ears!

Bei Feng mustered his strength and revolved his blood and Qi to the maximum . His body was as hot as a furnace as he bent his knees . Then taking in a deep breath, he kicked off with all his might!


Beneath Bei Feng, the ground three meters around him directly sank in . Bei Feng's body soared upwards, disappearing behind the cliff .

"He really jumped over?!"

Those experts who were waiting to watch a joke went slack jawed in shock, their smiles frozen on their faces .

"Is that the capability of a body refining Xiantian Lord?"

A young man looked upwards with heated gaze . But upon thinking about how hard it was to achieve a breakthrough with the fleshly body to the Xiantian realm, he felt like a cold bucket of water had been poured over him . The fire in his eyes quickly disappeared .

Bei Feng stood atop the cliff calmly as he oriented himself to the place . A few sets of footprints could be seen in the mud . "I didn't think anyone else could have made it up here . "

Casting his gaze into the distance, he could make out a black palace far away . Looking forward resolutely, he began to set off in that direction .

It was unknown what material the palace was constructed with, but it was incomparably tough . The temperature inside the palace was even below freezing point!

The doors to many of the rooms here were open, and the insides were a mess . Bei Feng took one look and immediately knew that it must have been recently rummaged through .

Not hesitating any further, he hurried deeper into the palace!

"Qin Wufa! Hand over the Icy Frost Fruit and I can still leave you a path to survival!"

Bei Feng who was quite a distance away suddenly heard the sound of conflict . In that instant, he quickened his footsteps and hurried towards the source of noise .

Surprisingly, there was actually a herb garden in the middle of the palace . Most of the herbs there were withered, and only a few was still alive .

Within the herb garden, Qin Wufa could be seen leaning against a pillar, gasping laboriously for breath . Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth .

Four men had surrounded him, leaving him no paths to escape . Despite his predicament, he was still grasping an ice blue fruit which was emanating a steady stream of frost in his hands .

"Aren't you afraid of the disaster you will be bringing to your clans?!" Qin Wufa growled lowly .

"So what! For the sake of this Icy Frost Fruit, there's nothing to regret even if we go to war against your Qin Clan!"

Another person smiled lightly and continued, "We only want the Icy Frost Fruit, so you don't need to try to talk your way out of this . You are the strongest among the five of us, and if we don't join hands and oust you first, none of us would have a chance at any treasures . "

For the sake of a divine item like the Icy Frost Fruit which could aid a person to break through to the Controlled Dan realm, there was nothing to regret even if they went to war!

These four people were not afraid of Qin Wufa's revenge at all . They too had Controlled Dan Heavenly Experts in their clans . The Qin Clan could only swallow their shattered teeth and accept the situation .

"Haha, your ideas are not bad! But what if I destroyed this Icy Frost Fruit?"

Qin Wufa laughed aloud as he observed the expressions on these people's faces .

"You dare! If you hand the Icy Frost Fruit to us, we can still spare your life . But if you really dare to destroy it, we will definitely slay you on the spot!"

A old man from the Lan Clan narrowed his eyes dangerously .

This Icy Frost Fruit concerned the cultivation path for all the people present here . To block another's martial path was akin to killing one's parents, forming irreconcilable hate!

"Ta, ta!"

Bei Feng walked into the herb garden, just in time to witness this scene .

"Eh? Someone managed to come up so quickly!"

Everyone turned to look at the youth together . In that instant, they exchanged a glance and instantly understood each other's intentions .

They had no impression of this person, which meant that he did not come from the four great superpowers . There was also only one Icy Frost Fruit, and everyone was still having a headache thinking about what to do with it . But the moment a new person appeared, all of them came to an agreement in an instant to oust this person from competing with them!

Since this youth was not someone from the four superpowers, there was no need to show any reservations . They could simply kill him directly!