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Chapter 563

Bei Feng and the gang stayed mainly inside the rooms in order to make full use of their time to cultivate . Soon, ten days passed, and the ship docked on the side of a humongous altar .

Bei Feng and the gang alighted from the battleship, and walked towards the huge altar, which housed thousands of people .

There were Hundred Year realm cultivators and Thousand Year King realm cultivators, all wearing a smile across their faces .

"Silence!" An aged voice could be heard, instantly silencing the whispers . Levitating in midair, an old man pressed both palms together, and sent a palm imprint flying towards the top of the altar .

On normal days, the altar looked ordinary, but after the palm imprint landed on it, silver light shot out from the altar towards the sky and tore through the clouds!

Bei Feng could feel the power from the light as he looked up at the sky .


The sky was torn apart by the powerful silver ray of light, revealing the darkness underneath .

Then, in a split second, a huge suction force came from above, causing everyone to plunge into pitch-black space .

After Bei Feng came out of it, flashes appeared in his eyes . Regaining full consciousness, Bei Feng realized he was in the Heaven Connecting Tower .

The mark on his hand had disappeared, along with some HCD .


Bei Feng's communication device beeped as many unread messages appeared on its screen .

"Zeng Family, are you seeking death?" Bei Feng's eyes lit up as he read the messages .

"Family Head, I am willing to take down the city for you!" Lu Bu and the gang said, all equally angry . The current Lu Family was not a family that Zeng Family could compare with .

"Let's go back and talk . "

Without saying much, Bei Feng led the rest onto the battleship heading for San Chuan City .

Three days later, Bei Feng reached San Chuan City . Revealing a cold smile, he said, "Zeng Family, what audacity! Let's go home first, then we'll take care of the Zeng Family . "

"Yes . "

Lu Bu and the rest smiled too . After all, humans being social animals would naturally be more comfortable in civilized places . Not to mention, some members of the guard already had big families .

"Lu Bu, Lu Bing, why are you all back? Didn't I tell you to leave with Family Head? If you two are back, then where is Family Head?" Ringing the bell at Lu Family's door, an old man hurriedly opened the door and scolded Lu Bu and the rest .

"Household Head Xue, Family Head is back too . "

Lu Bu and the rest bowed to the old man respectfully even though their cultivation was higher than the old man's . It was because the old man held an important place in their hearts .

Household Head Xue had single-handedly brought up Lu Bu and the rest, which made him half a father to them .

"Family Head is back?" Xue He asked doubtfully .

Xue He stared at Bei Feng, not sure if he recognized the right person . Though the person looked familiar to Xue He, he was unsure if that was Bei Feng . After all those years, Bei Feng looked a lot different than before . "Master?!"

"Household Head Xue, I am back . " Bei Feng walked up to Xue He and greeted him with a smile .

"So it's really Master . But Master, your looks have changed quite a lot?!"

Upon hearing Bei Feng's voice, Xue He could confirm that the person before him was indeed Bei Feng . Bei Feng had left with the appearance of someone in his mid-forties when he broke through Hundred Year realm, but he returned looking like he was in his twenties .

"With cultivation, looks will become more youthful . Call Lu Liang and the two here," Bei Feng explained, and entered the Manor with Lu Bu and the rest following behind .

"Judging by Master's youthful looks, Master must have attained a much higher cultivation level . But why must Master return now when the Lu Family is embroiled in issues? Sigh, I hope the three young masters can convince Master . "

As Bei Feng and the rest left, Xue He could feel the energy waves coming from Bei Feng and the rest .

Being at only Hundred Year realm second layer, Xue He could sense that Lu Bu and the rest had become stronger, but could not tell how much exactly . So, Xue He felt that Lu Bu and the rest were no match for the Zeng Family .

Bei Feng and the rest reached the top level, and entered Bei Feng's study . Inside the study was plenty of books without a trace of dust, proving how well taken care of the room was .

Not saying a single word, Lu Bu and the rest stood behind Bei Feng as the room was filled with silence . Only the sound of Bei Feng tapping his desk could be heard .

Shortly after, footsteps could be heard outside the door as Lu Liang, Lu Baiyu, Lu Hui, and a few young lads of the Lu Family hurried over .



Lu Liang and the rest sat opposite Bei Feng eyes wide with surprise . Although Household Head Xue had mentioned Family Head's change in looks, they had not expected him to look so much younger!

"You are here, tell me about the issues regarding Zeng Family," Bei Feng said calmly .

"Father, you should not have returned at this timing . Zeng Family has risen in power, I'm afraid we are under their surveillance . Since your looks have changed so much, I believe the informants of Zeng Family won't recognize you," Lu Liang said half-jokingly .

"Exactly, Father . It is never too late to seek revenge . Most of our assets are gone, and now even our funds have been frozen by Zeng Family," Lu Baiyu added worriedly .

They were hoping that the issue would be resolved on its own with Lu Buhui's admission into the University of Tianmu .

However, if Lu Buhui failed to get in, the Zeng Family would definitely tear the Lu Family apart like a hungry dog!

During Lu Buhui's preparation for the admission exams, nothing was to happen to her . If anyone dared to lay a finger on a prepping student, the government would hunt the attacker down and kill him!

If not for the government's protection, the daring members of the Zeng Family would have long since abducted Lu Buhui .

Bei Feng turned his head to Lu Bing, and instructed lightly, "Lu Bing, bring a few men to kill all the spying informants, and throw the bodies back into the Zeng Manor . "