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Chapter 564

Inside the country-style study, an aroma lingered in the air, refusing to disperse .

Upon hearing Bei Feng's order, the few who tried to persuade Bei Feng were all stunned .

"Grandpa! You can't do that!"

"Father, once we touch the informants, we would be asking for war . It would only give them a reason to attack us . "

Lu Qilin and Lu Liang anxiously tried to coax him .

Would the Lu Family not know about the informants the Zeng Family had planted? Of course not, especially when the informants did not even bother to cover their tracks .

With the Lu Family's abilities, was it really impossible to tackle a few informants? Of course not! Killing a few informants was as easy as killing a few ants for them .

The difficult part was how they should handle Zeng Family's retaliation after killing their informants!

Though the Lu Family felt very indignant about the informants, they still chose to tolerate them .

But with Bei Feng's instructions to kill the Zeng Family's informants and throw their bodies into Zeng Manor, wouldn't it be a slap to Zeng Family's face?

Wouldn't it put everyone except Lu Buhui in danger?

"I have decided, there's no need to dissuade me . Go, Lu Bu, teach the Zeng Family a lesson . We shall flatten the Zeng Family tomorrow morning at sunrise . "

Bei Feng looking unworried, completely disregarding the Zeng Family . With Bei Feng's upgraded skills, the Zeng Family was no longer a match for him .

So what if the city lord was from the Zeng Family? San Chuan City was only a small city where its lord was a mere Thousand Year King realm cultivator . Not to mention gangster rabbit Gu Qi, just Lu Bu alone could flatten the Zeng Family!


"Grandpa, the Zeng Family is too powerful . Our Lu Family is no match for them . If we blatantly offend them, they will not hold back anymore . " Lu Qilin tried to dissuade Bei Feng with a gloomy face .

"Exactly, Father, the admission exams are approaching, so nobody will dare to act . Once Buhui enters the University of Tianmu, everything would be fine," Lu Baiyu said, analyzing the situation .

"Our Lu Family is not one to be messed with . Also, prepare for a change in our businesses . I plan to move our base to Tianhuang City . "

Bei Feng threw another surprise for everyone in the Lu Family .

At that point, Lu Bu already walked out with two guards, ready to kill .

"Father, are you planning to sell our businesses and flee to Tianhuang City to seek refuge there? But the Zeng Family would never let it pass just like that…" a confused Lu Liang said as he imagined the repercussions killing the informants would bring .

"Father… our Lu Family's business has already dropped in scale, plus the whole city knows of the Zeng Family's intentions of bringing us down, so nobody would dare to buy our business . " Lu Hui who had changed much could not help but speak up .

"You guys don't have to worry about these matters . I will handle them . Where is Buhui?"

Bei Feng waved his hands at the group turning around to search for Buhui .

"Buhui has been in school all this time, trying to prepare for the exams . She is also scared to show up here," Lu Liang answered with a regretful tone .

Buhui could be considered a gifted cultivator as she was able to reach the Hundred Year realm Third Layer before the age of twenty . Once she broke through to the Fourth Layer, she would have a 50 percent chance of entering the University of Tianmu .

However, due to the ongoing issues, Lu Buhui could no longer receive help from the family, which would reduce her chances of breaking through significantly .

"Lu Bing, fetch Buhui home tomorrow morning," Bei Feng instructed as he knew Lu Buhui's talent was top-tier on Tianmu Planet, having attained the Hundred Year realm Third Layer, which differentiated her from the rest . It happened even when the family failed to provide help .

If there had been enough resources to train Lu Buhui since young, Bei Feng believed the current Lu Buhui might have reached the Thousand Year King realm by now .

Bei Feng did not want to be the only person who could hold the Lu Family together . Only with powerful new blood could the Lu Family gain better assistance .

"Yes . " Lu Bing nodded before becoming silent again .


Lu Baiyu and Lu Liang, who were dumbfounded, looked at each other and showed a surprised reaction .

It was only when Lu Bing spoke that the two realized she was here . It was funny how the two Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer cultivators failed to notice Lu Bing's presence . It must have been a habitual mistake .

When they finally noticed Lu Bing, they could sense a dangerous aura coming out of her as though she was a sword .

The two were more shocked when they saw the guards, almost shrieking out loud!

"How is this possible? Everyone has broken through to Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer!"

Lu Liang's face was full of astonishment as he could tell the cultivation level of the guards with just one look .

Lu Liang recalled that he had selected the ten guards himself, so he knew clearly of their cultivation level . However, those people had all managed to break through within such a short time!

"Go . "

Bei Feng signaled for Lu Liang to leave, and he left with the others doubtful and worried .

Lu Liang and the rest were walking across the yard when Lu Baiyu exclaimed, "I wonder what events took place that changed Father so much!"

"Indeed . I could feel a sense of force pressuring me whenever I talked to Father despite not being able to tell what it was . "

Lu Liang frowned upon the thought of not being able to tell his Father's cultivation level despite being Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer himself .

Lu Baiyu and Lu Hui finally caught up with Lu Liang's thinking, and looked each other in the eyes, knowing what each other was thinking about!

There was only one possibility, and it was that Bei Feng's cultivation had surpassed theirs! Only that explained why they could not tell his cultivation!

But how was that possible? Bei Feng had been only at the Hundred Year realm Second Layer a few months back . Plus, that should have been his limit . Yet, it was obvious that Bei Feng's cultivation had surpassed theirs!