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Chapter 565

Everyone was confused with how Bei Feng was able to break his limit of Hundred Year realm Second Layer and attain a level so high they could not tell which it was .

Even hidden potential would not help one achieve that . Many people had to spend decades, or even a whole lifetime, to achieve what Bei feng had achieved in a few months .

The group of people threw looks at each other as they made their guesses .

"Judging by Father's firm attitude towards the Zeng Family, he must be confident in winning . "

Everyone agreed .

They realized they had too little faith in Bei Feng's decisions . After all, he was the support of the Lu Family . A person like him would never make a decision carelessly .

Thoughts like that assured everyone, helping them not to worry . The Zeng Family had been a worrying pain in the a*s for everyone for some time now, and it looked like Bei Feng was going to settle it once and for all .

Just then, outside the Lu Manor, ten informants were spying on the Lu Family lazily .

"Isn't His Lordship exaggerating? This Lu Family is so easy to eliminate, why bother to spy on them," one cultivator said casually .

"Don't implicate us if you want to die . His Lordship surely has his reasons . Who are we to doubt him?" another said coldly .

"The Lu Family is certainly no big deal, but there's one talented member who might get admitted to the University of Tianmu!" the leader of the informants replied in a deep tone .

"No way, we haven't had anyone in the city gaining admission into the University of Tianmu for over a century now!" an informant exclaimed .

The University of Tianmu was the most prestigious of universities, and even the least skilled lecturers there were Thousand Year King realm cultivators!

"If that person really enters the University of Tianmu one day, then aren't we seeking trouble by going against them?" another informant said as a shudder went down his spine .

It was the University of Tianmu they were talking about! Those who could enter it were definitely gifted cultivators . The informant knew that once Lu Family girl got in, others would definitely try to gain her favor by offering to kill them!

"You think it is so easy to enter the University of Tianmu? She merely has a chance . But, Lu Buhui is within the top ten ranks of San Chuan City, gaining the attention of San Chuan City School as entering the University of Tianmu would bring glory to the city school . If not for this, the Lu Family would have long perished," the team leader argued .

If entering the University of Tianmu was that easy, then there would have been several admissions within the past hundred years .

Though Master is just fooling around, Family Head is serious about this matter . Even if she fails to get into the University of Tianmu, Lu Buhui, that talented girl, can still help our family by producing a talented offspring! the team leader thought to himself .

"Stay alert . When desperate, even a rabbit can bite," the team leader said in a serious tone .

"Haha, leader, aren't you exaggerating? How could the Lu Family have such guts?"

One guy laughed, disregarding a bunch of angered cultivators outside of the Lu Manor .

Seeing that the cultivators were angry, the informant chided, "What are you looking at? The Lu Family is falling apart . If you're smart, go persuade Miss Buhui to marry our master . "

"I don't know if Miss Buhui will marry your master, but I know you all are going to die . "

A cold harsh voice could be heard from behind the walls as three shadows started to stretch under the moonlight .

The surprised informant demanded, "Who is talking!?"


Three cultivators approached them as one raised his arm . With a sway of his arm, the informant got slashed and thrown onto the ground . As the informant's eyes darkened, a look of shock remained in them as though he had never expected the attacker to make such a clear-cut move .

"How dare you?! Who are you?!" the team of informants shouted as they readied their weapons, ready to fight the three approaching opponents .

Lu Bu's figure appeared out of the shadows, and announced, "Lu Bu of the Lu Family!"

"Fellow Daoist, please don't misunderstand . If you don't mind, I can bring you to see our master," the team leader responded in fear as he met eyes with the intimidating Lu Bu .

"But, Leader! He's just killed Zhou Bai!"

The other informants grunted in disbelief . Earlier on, their leader had spoken of unity and duty, yet under intimidation, he offered to betray his master!

"Shut your mouth!" the team leader ordered . He could not figure out what kind of person Lu Bu was, but could feel his temples twitching non-stop as if telling him to run away from this dangerous man .

"This person really wants to kill us!" an informant standing in the center shouted as he sensed the strong killing intent in Lu Bu's cold gaze .

Although everyone could not understand their leader's actions, they still obeyed, and just stood there glaring at Lu Bu .

"I see, I'm not interested . You guys can die now, remember to be smarter in your next life . "

Baring his white teeth, Lu Bu looked especially fearsome and wicked .

"Quickly, run! Fellow Daoist, are you sure that you want to be enemies with the Zeng Family?!" the team leader shouted in a loud voice as he retreated quickly while still using the Zeng Family's name to threaten Lu Bu .


Lu Bu did not hesitate at all, and immediately swung a fist at the bunch of informants .


"Our master will not let you off!"

Though Lu Bu managed to kill Zhou Bai, the rest did not expect his moves to be all so swift and effective . His attacks landed on the informants so fast that they could not even react in time!

A large fist imprint went crashing down on them as they became paralyzed as if turned into stone by Medusa's glare, and could only watch the fist getting closer!

Ignoring the informants' threats, Lu Bu laughed coldly before crushing them . A dent ten meters wide appeared on the ground instantly!

What was more scary was when the imprint disappeared . Ten corpses lay on the ground, looking intact and normal, but in fact, their internal organs had all been crushed!

Lu Bu calmed down, and instructed, "Carry these corpses and follow me to the Zeng Manor . "

As Lu Bu's cultivation neared the Thousand Year King realm, he no longer cared about Hundred Year realm cultivators . Hence, he appeared to be rather disinterested .

"Yes . "

The two following guards nodded, and with an air grab, the ten corpses were lifted off the ground, and floated behind Lu Bu into the dark alleys .