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Chapter 567

Filled with arguments and discussions, the hall was as noisy as a grocery market .

Zeng San Qing smacked the table and interrupted everyone's discussions . "Enough, I have already made up my mind . She's just a girl, and it has been a century since anyone in our city got admitted into the University of Tianmu . Although that girl is outstanding, the weak Lu Family can never nurture her into a dragon!"

"By right, the Lu Family would not dare to challenge us; still, we will play safe . Zeng Zhi, you will bring a team with you tomorrow to visit the Lu Family . "

Zeng San Qing sighed as he thought about the weird events that happened that day .

"Yes . " Zeng Zhi nodded .

In reality, Zeng Zhi was not a biological son of Zeng San Qing . He was adopted into the Zeng Family, and given their surname due to his gifted nature . After marrying the daughter of a highly regarded elder in the family, he gained control of one family troop, becoming their general .

"That will be it . While we can't touch the girl now, once the exams are over, she'll be on our plate . Also, tighten our defense tonight just to be safe . Everyone except Li are dismissed," Zeng San Qing said .

Everyone except Zeng San Qing and Zeng Li left .

The two left the hall and proceeded to Zeng San Qing's study . On the way there, Zeng Li inquired, "Father, why must it be that girl from the Lu Family?"

It was not because he did not want the girl, but because he could feel there was a special reason behind his father's attitude towards the matter .

"Li, your mum was attacked when she was pregnant with you, affecting your skill foundation and health, which is why I have been searching for spirit herbs and physicians all these years . Clearly, congenital problems cannot be solved so easily, as proven by your inability to improve," Zeng San Qing answered, diverting from the question .

After hearing those words, Zeng Li was indignant, clasping his fists tightly and revealing bulging veins .

If Zeng Li had had a choice, he would not have fallen to this state . While the Zeng Family was the most powerful in San Chuan City, getting their hands on a peerless spirit herb was almost impossible . Knowing that he could never exceed the Hundred Year realm third layer without a miracle, Zeng Li lost hope .

Feeling apologetic to his wife, Zeng San Qing could not bear to discipline Zeng Li, and could only clear up his messes .

Zeng San Qing contemplated before speaking, "With me around, no one will dare to touch you . Though you have no chance of becoming the family head, I am still reluctant to pass it to other bloodlines of the family . Since the girl from the Lu Family is gifted, I will use a technique to transfer her good qualities to your child in order to ensure our bloodline continues to lead the Zeng Family in the future!"

"I understand Father's intentions . I will treat this matter seriously . Tomorrow, I will follow Zeng Zhi to Lu Manor, and if need be, I will bring Lu Buhui over by force," Zeng Li replied as a thought flashed across his mind . There would be nothing the woman could do if he got her family in his hands . Not even getting admitted into the University of Tianmu could help her then .

Looking deeply into his son's eyes, before turning to leave, Zeng San Qing advised, "Sigh, you need to restrain yourself a bit, for there are many people eyeing my position . Even though we are the most powerful in the city, there are always people more skilled outside the city . Tianmu Planet is so big, and if we ever offended someone more powerful than us, our entire family would be in trouble . "

Seeing Zeng San Qing's back view made Zeng Li realize how old his father had become .

The night passed quickly, and as the sun rose, a troop of 50-plus cultivators led by Zeng Li and Zeng Zhi stepped out of the Zeng Manor .

The cultivators looked deadly, and carried superior weapons . Even their eyes were red from adrenaline .

Every cultivator among them was in the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer level, and each had a long history of killings .

"What happened?"

"Looks like something big happened, that's why the most elite hunting team is utilized!"

Many people had gathered outside the Zeng Manor to see what was going on .

"Have you not heard? Their cultivators were killed last night, and their corpses were thrown into the Manor, so they are most probably going to kill those offenders," a young man whispered softly .

"I know even more details . My brother-in-law works in the Manor . I heard that the feud started when the Zeng Family wanted to take a girl from the Lu Family but was denied . Those killed were apparently informants sent to spy on the Lu Family," another added .

"No wonder businesses of the Lu Family have been mostly shut down . So, they have offended the Zeng Family…" a middle-aged bystander mumbled to himself . " But, do you think the Lu Family would dare to retaliate?"

"Haha, does it matter if it was done by the Lu Family or not? Since those informants died on duty, the Lu Family would be implicated no matter what . Maybe another enemy of the Lu Family took advantage of the situation and framed them . Who knows? Now that the Zeng Family has been given a slap in the face, it is inevitable that the Lu Family will get in trouble," someone remarked sarcastically as the discussion went on for some time .

That kind of event happened many times before, so it was just gossip to the public .

The Lu Family got busy early in the morning as Lu Liang and the rest could not sleep the entire night, fearing that the Zeng Family would attack them at night .

Unlike them, Bei Feng looked as calm as could be, practicing his fist moves in the courtyard .

Lu Bing, on the other hand, left with four guards to fetch Lu Buhui home from school .

San Chuan School—a school with a long history—had been established for over a thousand years, and was run by a principal stronger than a Thousand Year King . However, it was common for schools on Tianmu Planet to have a powerful principal .

A century had passed since a student from San Chuan School got admitted into University of Tianmu, which was a big worry for the teachers there .

Other than the glory one would bring to San Chuan School upon admission, the school would also receive much more resources from the government!

If more students got into the University of Tianmu, the school would receive still more resources from the government, benefiting the teachers too!