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Chapter 568

In San Chuan School, a strong pressure persisted in the air as everyone was busy preparing for the entrance exams which would decide their future .

Occupying more than tens of thousands mu of land, San Chuan School housed a hotel and restaurant like a mini-city .

Inside one block gathered almost all the teachers of San Chuan School . They were listening attentively .

An elderly man with a long white beard sat on the main seat .

"This is our last chance, so all teachers must take it seriously . Every student's performance matters!"

Although the elderly man looked old, enormous amounts of energy hid beneath his skin . With a closer look one would be able to tell he was a strong Thousand Year King realm cultivator!

The old man was as serious as he could be, for nobody had been able to enter the University of Tianmu for the past century .

While the government had been providing San Chuan School with a considerable amount of resources for the past century due to past admissions, it was still pretty limited .

Since no student from San Chuan School managed to get in University of Tianmu during the past century, the supplied resources naturally went back to standard amounts .

If one San Chuan School student managed to get into the University of Tianmu that year, the school would receive triple the usual amount of resources!

"Principal, we have selected ten outstanding students over time; we feel only these ten have a chance to get into the University of Tianmu," the Head of Department said .

"Hmmph! Don't talk about outstanding students . Didn't the past selected candidates all fail to get into the University of Tianmu?! the elderly man criticized him unhappily .

"Our resources are limited now, so we can only nurture two to three students to increase their chances of getting into the University of Tianmu . Only then would we be able to grow stronger for the next hundred years!"

The Head of Department turned silent as the elderly man chided him .

"Your words make sense, Sir . As the saying goes, one bird in hand is better than ten birds in a forest; it is indeed better to focus on a few candidates . However the selection process might cause a few problems," a middle-aged woman said hesitantly .

"I think Zhen Cai Xuan is not bad, having attained Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer cultivation at such a young age . If we direct more resources to her, she would very likely get into the University of Tianmu!"

"I think Feng Yang is good too, he's humble and patient, and most importantly his ancestor was a Ten Thousand Year Supremacy . If we focus the resources on him, he might be able to awaken the powers of his bloodline . "

The teachers all rushed to recommend their students .

Where there were people, there would always be competition as the pugilistic world was harsh and practical . Every teacher tried to promote their student as they knew they'd be greatly rewarded once their student entered the University of Tianmu .

The elderly man kept quiet as though deep in thought .

"I think Lu Buhui has displayed great potential by reaching the peak of the Hundred Year realm third layer," one middle-aged woman voiced out .

Silence ensued after the woman spoke .

"Ms Tang, you're joking, right? Lu Buhui is indeed outstanding enough to be in the top ten list, but she is definitely not good enough for us to concentrate all our resources on her . "

"Exactly . The others are either at the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer level or like Shen Shi Dong and Bai Yu Han, who are at the Hundred Year realm peak level . "

Dispute continued as everyone tried to fight for their own students . After all, only three slots were available .

"Ms Tang, the others do make sense . If she has no other specialty, then it is right to say that she is not fit for the role," the elderly man said . Since the resources were not plenty to begin with, they needed to use them on the right person all the more . If not, the chance of any of their students entering the University of Tianmu would be even lower .

"Though Lu Buhui is only at the Hundred Year realm Third Layer level, her foundations are extremely strong . Even a Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer cultivator might not be her match . Moreover, she was able to attain such a result without much resources from her family . Imagine how fast she will improve when given enough resources!" Tang Li argued despite facing many disapproving faces .

It was common knowledge that one would get antibodies every time a spirit herb was taken, which would decrease the effect of the spirit herb . Lu Buhui, on the other hand, was never given such rare resources . Hence, it was highly possible for Lu Buhui to improve tremendously within a week if given those resources!

That was the reason why Tang Li sounded so confident . What would happen when Lu Buhui attained the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer if she could defeat Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer cultivators at the Third Layer level? Of course her skills would greatly increase!

Seems like she is a good candidate .

The elderly man did not say much, but had already made a decision in his heart .

Darn it, looks like the situation is not favorable for me . I cannot sit and watch .

An old man looked at the principal and sighed . An idea appeared in his mind, and he quickly said, "Sir, you must not . Even if the girl is as good as Ms Tang makes it to be, she would not be a match for Shen Shi Dong and Bai Yu Han even after attaining the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer . Furthermore, there are ongoing problems in the Zeng Family . "

"What? Mentor, what do you mean!?"

Tang Li's face darkened with dismay .

"No objections . Just stating the facts . San Chuan School's roots are here in San Chuan City . There is no need to make unnecessary enemies with the Zeng Family over one student . "

"Though we do not fear the Zeng Family, there is also no need to go against them . After all, going against them would only bring us trouble, so it is best not to direct our resources to her . Furthermore, there is only a week left before the exams . She won't be able to attain much in such a short period of time no matter what . "

"Currently, the resources are focused onto Feng Yang, and he has already attained the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer peak . Maybe he can break through and then successfully enter the University of Tianmu," the man slowly explained .

At first, the teachers thought the old mentor was being a coward for bringing up Lu Buhui and the Zeng Family's feud, but as he explained his reasoning, the teachers started to agree with him .

"I feel Mentor is right about this . It is true that Lu Buhui is not fit enough to access the resources now . After all, all we want is to have our student enter the University of Tianmu, so judging by the facts, Feng Yan would be a better choice . " One teacher supported the mentor's opinion .

"True… Feng Yang does seem to have more potential than Lu Buhui . "

Continuous support for the mentor's suggestion disappointed Tang Li, while the mentor looked on with delight .