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Chapter 84
A large bowl of Variant Giant Salamander meat was personally brought over and served by Bei Feng .

"Enjoy . "
Although the bowl was large, one could clearly see that there was only about 5 jin of meat inside--the rest was all soup . Bei Feng set the bowl down and turned to leave .
"That's it?" Huang Lin asked in astonishment as he looked at the departing Bei Feng .
"That's it . Just one dish . That's the standard practice of my restaurant," Bei Feng light voice floated over as he disappeared from the room .
'What a character on such a young man!'
Huang Lin shook his head as he looked at the bowl of soup on the table .
With that one look, he shook his head even harder . The presentation of the dish was beyond terrible . The color and luster were extremely lacking as well . Because no extra ingredients were added, the lone piece of brown meat floating in the white soup looked extremely ugly . It made one suspect that the dish was simply prepared by throwing a piece of meat into water and boiling it without adding anything . There wasn't any sauce either, and the plainness of the dish looked like somebody's business in the public toilet bowl . It looked extremely unappetizing .

However, as the irresistible fragrance continued to funnel into his nose, Huang Lin could not help but dip his spoon into the bowl of soup .
As an expert gourmet, he didn't go for the meat directly, and instead lightly blew on the spoonful of soup to cool it down before bringing it to his mouth .
"Nice! This is amazing!"
Huang Lin pounded the table and jumped to his feet, shock written all over his face .
The moment the soup entered his mouth, a myriad of flavors was revealed to his tongue, completely different than the bland and sour taste he was expecting from this plain soup .
As the various flavors burst forth in layers, one would feel their tongue dropping to the lowest point for a brief moment before the multitude of tastes combined again to burst forth with an even stronger flavor, assaulting their taste buds! When that passed, like putting the finishing touches to the painting of a dragon, one would feel a light and refreshing aftertaste like that of clear grass and trees, bringing the experience to a perfect whole!
'This is really good!'
Even Zhang Bao Jun was finally forced to temporarily forget all his thoughts about the medicine cauldron as he tasted the soup .
'As expected, the quality of energy in the meat this time is also extraordinary!'
Liu Ziyun gasped in shock . He was naturally subdued by the taste of the meat, but the thing he cared about more was the medicinal strength in the meat!
In that moment, the four completely set aside their individual motives and focused on enjoying the rare delicacy before them .
Although the food tasted amazing, the trio Wang Jian, Huang Lin and Zhang Bao Jun still held their contemporaries in regard, refraining from gorging on the food like savage beasts . Rather, the three elected to eat slowly and unhurriedly enjoy the food .
As for Liu Ziyun, he was unable to endure the slow-paced and polite setting . In the end, he hurriedly ran off, mumbling something about going to the washroom .
As expected, when he reached the living room, he saw Bei Feng and the rest sitting in a circle and crazily gorging on another, larger bowl of meat .
"The hell do you want?"
Mystic One and Mystic Two clicked their tongues in annoyance as they turned to look at Liu Ziyun who had barged in with a flustered look .
"What else can I be doing here? Of course it's to cadge a meal . It's really too unbearable to eat quietly with the three old men . Boss, do you mind?"

Liu Ziyun had a cheeky smile on his face as he grabbed a stool, set it beside the table and sat down with the rest . His eyes lit up in delight as he looked at the large bowl of soup on the table .
"I do mind . . . "
Bei Feng said faintly, but did not move to chase him away .
Very quickly, the group resumed their original business of stuffing food into their mouths like reincarnated hungry ghosts together with their new member .
'Oh! I'm so full! Eh? What the f*ck?!'
Liu Ziyun was in the middle of a contented sigh when he turned around and saw Bai Xiang and Bei Feng still shoving food down their throats .
'These two are really not ordinary . Strange, it's fine if this big fellow has a large appetite . Upon closer observation, it's still possible to see that he's very strong . But this little boss is the really mind-boggling one . '
Liu Ziyun looked at Bei Feng with trepidation in his heart as he observed him stuffing piece after piece of meat into his mouth without a change in expression . 'The massive amount of energy in all this meat is so high that even he would not be able to digest it all in one sitting . However, this little boss doesn't even seem to be affected much by it! He's definitely a powerful expert!'
It would be a colossal joke if someone who could take out such high energy ingredients on a whim was not a formidable person .
On the other table, Huang Lin and the rest had also finished eating . There was only at most 3 jin of meat left in the bowl, but the three were so stuffed that they could not eat a single bite more .
"No more! I can't eat anymore!" Huang Lin leaned back heavily against the chair . "It's been a long time since I've eaten such a good meal!" He murmured to himself .
"Alright, now that we've eaten, let's talk about the official stuff . Chairman Huang, what do you think about the cooperation between our company?" Wang Jian asked directly, not wishing to drag the matter further .

"There's no need to talk about it anymore . We'll just go with whatever you propose," Huang Lin replied lazily as he reclined against the chair . As the years piled on, he felt increasingly sleepy after meals . Right now, he was shrouded in a warm and fuzzy feeling, causing him to be on the verge of sleep .
"Eh? Ok!"
Wang Jian originally felt a terrible chill in his heart when he heard Huang Lin say that 'there's no need to talk about it anymore . ' Who would have expected such a drastic twist to the sentence?!
Although he didn't know why the old fellow was so cordial this time, Wang Jian did not hesitate to agree . It was as if he was afraid that Huang Lin would suddenly go back on his words!
"By the way, is President Wang very familiar with the boss of this restaurant?" Zhang Bao Jun who was sitting silently to the side suddenly asked .
"I guess we're somewhat close . What's wrong?" Wang Jian asked in surprise .
"It's like this: I wish to purchase that large soup pot in the yard . "
That large soup pot?! Even Zhang Bao Jun felt his old face going red and cringey as he said the words .
At the same time, he couldn't help but to curse Bei Feng in his mind once again for misusing a heavenly item! Regardless of whether the cauldron was real or not, it remained a piece of rare artistic artifact! To use such an item to brew soup . . . what the hell was wrong with his head?!
"Hm? This . . . alright, I'll help you to ask him about it," Wang Jian hesitated for a moment . He still had to give the old man a bit of face . After all, since he had came together with Huang Lin, he must possess an extraordinary status as well .
'Oh? This old fellow is not one to come out if there are no benefits . Looks like that cauldron is really not an ordinary item,' Huang Lin looked at Zhang Bao Jun with interest, but did not say anything .
After lunch, the three remained seated, chatting casually before getting up to leave .
"Ah, Xiao Feng! Your cooking is really getting better and better!" Wang Jian complemented with a heartfelt sigh . He felt the corner of his mouth twitch as he observed Liu Ziyun walking out with Bei Feng . It was obvious that this guy had run off to eat with Bei Feng after feeling constrained at the side of himself and the two old fellows .
"That's right, this old man had traveled far and wide in search of delicacies, but this is the first time I've tasted something as delicious as this! Although the presentation is a little lacking, it doesn't affect me much . How about this, you can come and be my personal chef, and I'll give you 100,000 yuan a month!"
Huang Lin immediately proposed what he felt was a sky-high salary the moment he saw Bei Feng .
"Not interested," Bei Feng scanned Huang Lin briefly with eyes and immediately replied, emotionlessly .
"Chairman Huang, you can save your breath . . . if he could be hired for 100,000 yuan a month, you wouldn't be coming all the way out here to eat today, and would instead be enjoying this food in the comfort of my mansion right now," seeing the stubborn look on Huang Lin's face, Wang Jian hurriedly interjected .
"Ai, that's a pity . . . "
Huang Lin felt rather disappointed . But in any case, this place was not that far anyway . He could simply fly on a helicopter like Wang Jian if he wanted to eat the food here .
"En . What's your account number? I'll deposit 1 million for you now!"
Huang Lin declared arrogantly .
"Who's paying this time?" Bei Feng asked with disinterest .
"It's my treat, so it's naturally me who's paying," Wang Jian laughed aloud .
"Oh, well then, take it as my treat this time . I'll take your money the next time you come . "
Upon seeing that Wang Jian was going to pay, Bei Feng shook his head . This was how he was . If others treated him sincerely, he would, as much as possible, repay the favor manifold .
"Don't worry, you don't have to consider the two of us together . I'll pay for my share . Here, this is also money for my next visit," Huang Lin explained .