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Flash Marriage - Chapter 16.1

Published at 27th of January 2016 10:13:28 PM

Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16: Eating like a polar bear (1)

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After living like an ape in Maldives for ten days, I eventually returned to my motherland.

Through this trip to Maldives, I tearfully discovered the two best things in the world, first China followed by Chinese food…..

After returning home, I dragged Jiang Li, around the supermarket. Jiang Li helped me in carrying the big heap of cooking ingredients that I bought. What? Are you thinking how could I force Jiang Li to do anything? Joke or no joke, I just put one condition in front of him that if he really did not want to eat rice any more than he need not cooperate!

Then I cooked various sumptuous Chinese cuisines, a big table full of cuisines….

Then I started eating....

Then I ate more………

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Because I had too much in dinner I started looking like a pregnant woman and had to even struggle a little while moving around.

I lay in the bed and stroked my belly. On one hand I had a satisfying burp while on the other hand I was trying hard to not whine about my stomach’s current predicament.

Jiang Li gave me a scornful glance and said: “You are really a very over-indulgent person.”

The expressions on Jiang Li’s face really terrified me so I did not bother him, with some difficulty got up from the bed and took out the bottle containing digestive tablets from the drawer, put one pill in my mouth and drank some water.

As I was drinking, Jiang Li sat sown beside me on the bed and took the bottle from my hand, while flipping it he absently inquired: “It seems you over-eat frequently? It really is an eye-opener.”

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Annoyed, I replied: “how, my lifestyle is very healthy.”

Jiang Li looked at the bottle again then suddenly narrowed his eyes, smiled and said: “Yeah, it’s really healthy….you did not use this drug for the last three years, right?"

Me: "?"

Jiang Li shook the bottle in his hand and very calmly broke the news that made my heart bitter: “This medicine has already expired.”

I was shocked, immediately snatched the bottle from him to check and oh Holy God it really was expired. As if leaking roof was not enough, had to encounter endless rain too, so what to do now? Should I go to a hospital with this protruding belly and tell doctor that it’s because of over-eating first and that to treat that problem I took an expired medicine? It’s too embarrassing!

I hesitated a bit then asked Jiang Li: “Say, do I need to go to hospital?”

Jiang Li mulled over for a minute and then said: “No need to, right?”

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I immediately nodded my head in agreement: “Yes, yes, yes, I think so too!”

Then Jiang Li added: “As long as you throw up everything it’s going to be fine.”

No need to go to hospital, just vomit out everything I ate, that’s it-what the heck!

I felt that Jiang Li was rejoicing at the situation so I couldn’t care less about him, rolled over to lie on the bed. I would just sleep or something, a full night’s time would be enough to digest everything.

Pop, Jiang Li hit my head with a pillow; apparently he really did not want to let me sleep. He said: “I don’t want to accompany you to the hospital tomorrow.”

I laboriously rolled over and impatiently said: “Don’t bother me!”

Jiang Li had no intention of sparing me: “Last time when you fainted because of insufficient sleep, I had to carry you in my arms and take you down by the stairs, do you know how much you weigh? Heavier than pigs!”

Jiang Li’s last sentence completely infuriated me. He said who, who, just who was heavier than pigs, huh?

I suddenly stood up from the bed, threw the blanket over Jiang Li’s head, he kicked his leg and was about to charge towards me but I did not wait for his reaction, I quickly got up from the bed and ran out, did not even care to wear slippers.

I went to the bathroom, kneeled in front of toilet and retched for a long time but still could not vomit. So I used the classic method, put my index finger in my mouth and tried to gag over it, not only it did not work but it made me look like a slobbering toddler biting his finger…

I was still struggling, suddenly someone came from behind and grabbed my shoulder, I was frightened and almost choked to death over my own saliva….

I withdrew my fingers from my mouth and wiped the saliva from the corners of my lips. Jiang Li was still bending over like earlier, I said: “You stay away, this scene is very violent.”

Jiang Li did not budge at all in fact he quipped from behind: “So that you can keep doing it dollishly?”

I was going to argue with him that this had nothing to do with intelligence; it’s purely a matter of experience but then Jiang Li brought his hand forward towards my neck……he, he, he, what was he going to do?

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