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Flash Marriage - Chapter 20.2

Published at 27th of January 2016 10:15:42 PM

Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2

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The Emotional side of Jiang Li (2)

Wang Kai chuckled a bit and was about to say something but I interrupted him again: “When the two men are together then also they can only talk about bed, right?”

Wang Kai with his eyes, wide-opened with fear, looked at me; trembling like a little bird he put ‘his’ peeled shrimp in my bowl.  

Now I was burning with humiliation, oh mother, oh grandmother, what the heck did I just say?………ah, ah, aah, under Jiang Li’s influence my opinion about the world had also become perverted!

I was thinking about what to say in order to restore my image, inadvertently I glanced at the cafeteria’s entrance and saw a glimpse of a familiar figure. I became speechless from shock.

Wang Kai waved his hand in front of my face: “Xiao Yan, Idiot.”

I regained my spirit: “That, I wanted to ask you, are outsiders like employee’s family members, friends or relatives also allowed to come and eat in this cafeteria?” he was not an employee of this company so how could such kind of coincidence happen?

Wang Kai shook his head: “I don’t know for sure, perhaps not…why?”

I wordlessly stared at that slender silhouette in the distance, momentarily completely forgot Wang Kai.

Noticing my lack of reaction, Wang Kai also started looking in the same direction as me. Probably, he also saw that man. He chuckled darkly and said: “So, the red apricot tree is leaning over the garden wall* It’s not apricot tree’s problem but wall’s problem.”

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*the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall or hóng xìng chū qiáng is a Chinese Idiom which means a wife having an illicit lover

I looked back at him: “What do you mean?”

Wang Kai smiled understandingly and said: “Do not even dream about it, you don’t stand a chance.”

I heard him but did not understand him.

Wang Kai turned around and motioned me to see that person in the distance: “you don’t match his taste. A petite and fragile man like him cannot devour a sturdy person like you; if you wish then you can annihilate me as much as you want.”

 I shook my head: “you are mistaken.”



hope you remember xiao yan's rival in love




Just then absentmindedly I saw that slender silhouette, that beautiful man, Jiang Li’s boyfriend (presumably he was). I had the privilege of meeting this pretty man some time ago. I met him on the evening of the day we registered our marriage, he was with Jiang Li. Now he was present here, was he here for an interview? I suddenly remembered when I told Jiang Li the name of my company, he said it sounded familiar. So this beautiful man wanted to work in this company, no wonder, Jiang Li found the name of the company familiar.

I was still lost in my thoughts. Seemingly, that beautiful man must have felt that someone was watching him so he glanced towards our side. Briefly, I forgot to take my eyes off him.  He quickly crossed the sea of people in the cafeteria and then unexpectedly, he walked towards us.

Instantly, I became alert. What did he want to do? To provoke me? To create a scene in public?

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Very quickly I came to know why this beauty approached me. The cause was very simple, his eyesight was not very good. When he was almost in front of my face, only then he was able to recognize me. Then the expressions on his face changed from doubt to…..disdain? disgust? Jealous? Anger?....In short very complicated, very tangled but one thing was clear that this beauty was certainly very distressed.

So I looked at him and smiled weakly. According to the eye witness, Wang Kai my so called ‘weak smile’ was more like an ugly cry, a very unsightly expression. It was unavoidable, after all, I was his boyfriend’s wife, yikes, even this sentence was very erratic.

The beauty ignored my goodwill, sneered and walked away.

I could only continue eating my lunch. Anyways, that beautiful guy truly despised me so I had to get accustomed to it.

Wang Kai excitedly asked: “What happened? Earlier, it appeared that you two knew each other.”

I unhesitantly started uttering nonsense: “You did not see. I was trying to lure him but that innocent beauty obviously did not find me up to his standard.” I was crying inside my heart, not only I was scorned by others but now I had to contempt myself with my own mouth…..

Wang Kai smiled proudly and said: “I told you, you really don’t stand a chance.”

I raised my head and stared at his face: “How do you know? Do you know him?”

Wang Kai nodded and said: “he is the youngest son of the second largest shareholder of the southern star group, just graduated from the university; his father had thrown him here for the training.”

It looked like that the rich people’s children, beautiful or not, also had it tough. They also had responsibilities but seemingly heavier.

Considering there was a second so there must be a first too. Thus like any other normal person I also got curious about it and asked: “So who is the biggest shareholder?”

Wang Kai’s hand came towards my bowl to pick back ‘his’ peeled shrimp and casually replied: “He is my father.”

Through Wang Kai I came to know that the beauty was called Feng Xue Yun. I felt that Wang Kai knew Feng Xue Yun was gay but he did not want to reveal other people’s private matters and so was faltering to talk about it. I audaciously told him that I had seen that beauty’s eyes, hence I knew he was gay……Since then Wang Kai was firmly convinced that I was a rotten woman because I could not gather the courage to explain him the whole situation clearly. Anyways, things had come to this level, so even if I had tried to elucidate he would not have believed it. That I was really, truly not a rotten woman*

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*For those who are still not clear about this “rotten woman’ thing it’s another name for Fujoshi. “Fujoshi” is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.


In the evening, after dinner I decided to talk to Jiang Li about his little snobby beauty, Feng Xue Yun. Why was this fellow so hostile towards me? He surely must have known that there was nothing between Jiang Li and me, right?

So once Jiang Li’s mood elevated after filling his stomach to the brim, I asked: “Ah, Jiang Li, do you know whom did I meet at work today?”

Jiang Li who was working on his laptop at this moment with his eyes glued to the screen, asked: “who?”

Me: “Your boyfriend, Feng Xue Yun.”

Jiang Li in a neither loud nor light tone said: “hmm.”

I waited for a long time but not a single useful word came out of his mouth. This was really too much. Did I prepare for such a long time just to exchange a single useless word with him? So I protested and said: “Can you define your perspective clearly?”

Jiang Li finally looked away from his laptop, turned to look at me and said: “You want me to say something?”

I wanted him to say something? What kind of attitude was this!

So rather than indirectly, I bluntly asked him: “he was very hostile towards me. Did you not tell him about the thing between us clearly?”

Jiang Li replied: “I told him that I wanted to marry you.”

I found it a little hard to believe: “Only that?’

Jiang Li nodded his head in acquiesce.

I sighed, rubbed my forehead and said: “That man is in love with you; this succinct explanation of yours is not enough! Don’t just tell him about our marriage certificate, tell him about our relationship distinctly otherwise he will misunderstand and your feelings will be broken!!” Key point was that earlier that beauty was throwing daggers at me with his eyes, who could tolerate that?

Jiang Li frowned: “He did not ask about you.”

I slowly realized that there were some matters which black-bellied Jiang Li failed to understand, so I patiently told him: “He did not ask does not means he knows, there are certain things that must be made clear.”

Jiang Li: “I don’t think men think about such nuisances as well.”

“Nonsense, how can romance be a nuisance? Tomorrow you must go and explain everything to him. In fact, I think you should not waste time, go right now and clear all the misunderstandings quickly.”
Jiang Li shook his head: “You go and tell him the whole story.”

I started sweating: “He hates me, so whatever I will tell him, he will not believe it. Think yourself, in his eyes, I am the woman standing between you and him, why would he believe me?”

Jiang Li thought for a bit and probably realized that the position of ‘Boyfriend’s wife’ was really tricky, still he just shook his head and said: “No, he will understand.”

Me: “No! You have not seen him today. He was looking at me as if he was looking at heinous criminal as if I was a devil reincarnation. Furthermore we work in the same company and are colleague. If this knot of hatred remains unresolved in his heart, then someday he may murder me! Anyway, both u and I need to work together to resolve this matter…….”



“Okay, okay.” Jiang Li massaged his temple, no longer able to stand my long-windedness: “I just want to say that if women are troubles then men are also troubles.”

I thought in my heart, so now you could go find yourself a hog to love. Since pigs would not be so troublesome!!!!!

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