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Chapter 124

Jun Qing leads Jun Saya to their carriages . Jun Hua picks up her things that only consist of a small bag and a wood rod that's too big for her body size . Jun Saya also picks up her things which amounted very little and didn't even look at this place anymore when they leave .

"Um… Uncle, can we stop in Guo Village for a minute? I need to meet with someone first," Jun Hua pull Jun Qing clothes .

"Okay," he agreed . When they reached Guo Village, Jun Hua ran off for a while before returning, the two of them didn't ask what she did because they thought that she was saying goodbye to her friends .

The carriage continues towards the capital . During that journey, Jun Qing told Jun Saya briefly about what had happened in the time she left . Jun Saya keeps on shaking her heads and holds her tears back . Those kinds of things are truly cruel in her eyes .

When they finally arrived, Jun Saya looks outside and she sees the scorn on the people eyes when they see the carriages . She knows that Jun family condition has gone to the worst . The previously hailed family is now nothing in their eyes and the commoners could even scorn them so blatantly . Jun Saya feels really sad .

"Mother?" Jun Hua is really sensitive . She could detect every time Jun Saya emotion changed and the little girl eyes would be filled with worry . She looks at her mother who is smiling warmly at her and strokes her head .

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"Hua'er, there will be times when you will understands why your mother is sad . But, you don't have to worry . Mother is fine . "

Jun Qing knows that the little girl sense is really sensitive, but he would never think that the girl is actually a naturally gifted fighter . It's only later did he come to realize that Jun Hua is blessed with good talents . But, at this moment, he just feels sad at the sight of such little girl had to bear the hardship because of them .

When Jun Saya looks at the condition of their house, her eyes reddened . She's sad to see that the gorgeous house she used to live in is now in tattered condition . There are so many broken things and the messy ground is totally unsuitable to walk .

"The number of people attacking the Jun family has increased," Jun Qing said . "We have our hands tied up dealing with them all this time . "

"It's alright," Jun Saya said . She knows that their Jun family is done for . The emperor didn't give them any edict to finish them off because of the past . The Jun family once helped the emperor to build Ming Kingdom thus granted the two of them good relation . He would lose the public opinion if he act against the Jun Family so blatantly . But, who would have thought that the new emperor would set his eyes on them to make an example and possibly destroyed them .

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No matter how much they don't want to believe it, it's all true . The emperor wouldn't stay out from this matter if they didn't do anything on the back . He still stays quiet because he's waiting for the Jun family to fall apart on their own .

Jun Saya stepped outside and stand before the door . She gathered her courage and walk inside . The mess on the hall is even more awful compared to the ones outside . She looks around before her gaze locked onto the familiar face and tears streamed out of her face again .


"Saya, father is sorry," looking at his daughter, Jun Zhenxian is feeling guilty . It is his fault for sending his daughter off to marry such a hideous man . He should have known that behind that façade is a man who's lusty of women and power, that kind of man is not worthy of his daughter .

"I never blame you father," Jun Saya run to her father embraces and hugs him tightly . She missed him so much . This last decade has caused her to grow older and lost her previous childish nature . She is no longer the previous Jun Saya .

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Jun Zhenxian hugs his daughter as tears starting to pour out of his eyes . He had disappointed his daughter by choosing such a husband for her . He regrets it so much, but he cannot change the past and he can only let the matter passed .

Jun Hua steps inside and she looks towards the two of them . Her big eyes are looking around curiously . She doesn't understand anything, but she knows that this is their house from now on .

Jun Saya wiped her tears and releases her hugs . She signaled for Jun Hua to come closer to them .

"Father, this is my daughter, Jun Hua," Jun Saya said . "And Jun Hua, this is your grandfather . "

"Jun Hua greets grandfather," Jun Hua curtsied . Her movement is a bit awkward because she didn't wear dress, but rather a boy clothes .

Jun Zhenxian looks towards the doll-like Jun Hua and his heart ached once again . He couldn't bear to see this adorable little kid to suffer . He moved forwards and with trembling hands, he hugs Jun Hua who looks confused .

"How come Lin Tang allowed you to take his daughter?" Jun Qing finally asked the question that has been bugging him . Despite Jun Hua comes from Jun family, she was still Lin Tang daughter and normally Lin Tang wouldn't want to let his own flesh and blood go .

Jun Saya revealed a tired face . "It's because he believed that Jun Hua is not his daughter . The story is long, Qing'er . You wouldn't want to hear it . "

Jun Qing noticed Jun Saya face that is tinged with sadness and he chooses to shut his mouth . Regardless, this girl is still Jun Saya daughter, his niece . This time, he vowed that he would protect the little girl .