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Chapter 138

Jun Min already knows some of the things that Fan Lanying mentioned to her when she visits her previously . Nevertheless, those things are not enough because Fan Lanying knowledge is overly limited . She won't be able to know as much as Ming Hui or the other guys .

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She cannot ask them when she is dressed as Jun Hua, but when she is dressed as Jun Min, there is nothing wrong with her asking many question about things unrelated to her family and minor matters that she missed .

"Do the other princes have started another round of recruiting people?" they recruited some people secretly when it comes to the test a few months before . Even if there are none of these events during these pasts few months, they must have a different way of recruiting people .

Ming Hui nodded his head, "They secretly poached several people to their side . But because they are not careful enough, they leave some traces, which the emperor found . Besides, with the two of them clashing continuously, they need to learn better how to poach people . "

"What about Yan?"

"No need to mention him . He could never participate in the fight," Ming Hui shrugged . With his brother's reputation, it would be a miracle if someone still thinks that he can ascend to the throne . Of course, the people they mention would exclude the people in this small circle .

Jun Min nodded her head . She suddenly thought about something as she looks towards Ming Hui again, "Does Lin Tang still hold the position as the prime minister?"

Ming Hui stopped his hand that holds the glass wine in front of him . He knows that Jun Min is Jun Hua's brother, but haven't the other party investigated this by himself? He stares at the other party with inquiring eyes as if he wonders whether Jun Min truly had vast amount of resources behind him .

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Jun Min could clearly see that Ming Hui's eyes are probing her, but what can she says? She had only managed to ingest the information that related directly to Jun Family residence because of her sudden illness . She knows that Lin Tang is still active, but she doesn't know the detail about him in the court since she doesn't have many people inside .

"Yes, he's still the prime minister . It seems, there is no one who can replace him yet," Ming Hui smiled indifferently .

Jun Min thought that he would lose that position during this time frame, but it seems he's still quite capable . She doesn't know how he manages to do it, but she knows that he is still someone important in Ming Kingdom . The downfall in his reputation previously hadn't deterred him in the slightest .

"Did you know what method he uses?"

"What else?" Ming Hui tone had a disdainful tone inside them, "He's even worse than third brother . "

Yan: "…" even when I'm not participating in the talk, you're still hitting me?

From that one clue, Jun Min instantly realizes what the other party means . She thought that he would think about other things to do, but he still does the exact same things he did to her mother . Jun Min's eyes flashed with coldness . She had previously let him go in regards for their blood connection, but seeing that Lin Tang is still the same as before, it seems the time has come for her to do something towards him .

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"Jun Min?" Yan said his name, completely breaking her train of thoughts .

"What is it, Yan?" Jun Min asks and looks towards Yan with confusion . Is there anything the other party needs from her?

"I forgot to mention to you that you have to be careful around my brothers . They have caught a wind of your achievement and might come forward to rope you into their scheme," Yan said suddenly .

Jun Min put a confused expression . They should know that the emperor had long hated the Jun Family for going against his strict order years before . Those two other princes shouldn't come forward and try to take him in, should they?

"You're a titled prince," Yan rolled his eyes, "Even if you don't have much difference with before, it was still certain that the emperor won't do anything excessive to you anymore . With the support of the people for you, you have become a target for them . "

After Yan explaining things that way, Jun Min narrowed her eyes . She knows very well that the reason the emperor bestowed them with the title of princes is because he wants to take the public opinion leaned to him . After all, he still doesn't really want to meet with her personally and didn't mention anything about cooperation . In his eyes, she would be no different than a chess piece he could use .

She sneered, "If they dare to come, why don't they try? I would show them the real meaning of despair the moment they try to do it . "

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Yan only wants to warn her, but seeing her sudden cold expression, he feels that there is no need for him to be so worried over her . With the other party capabilities, how can she be used by other people easily?

"They won't be easy to handle . People from imperial family are all bothersome and full of tricks," Soujin said in leisure tone, "Even if this person over here is like this, you should have known that he's more than that . "

"Of course," Yan said proudly, "I'm a great merchant!"

"He's just a big pervert and annoying man," Ming Hui added in mischievous tone .

"I'm not . Don't slander your third brother like that," Yan move his gaze to Fan Lanying for a second before smirking . "Who's the real pervert over here? I bet that you have taken advantages of her thinking that you're a woman . "

Ming Hui cannot retort back at that point . If he had to say, it would be a lie if he didn't take any advantages, but most of them are only him getting close with her . After all, he didn't dare to do anything more than that in case he needs to tell her about his real gender in the future . That girl strength already more or less the same with him and he doesn't want to die tragically .

As though he didn't hear his brother words, he silently takes out a cup and drinks the water in an elegant manner, evoking a snort from his third brother .

"You haven't told her yet?" Jun Min pointed her chin towards Fan Lanying . Her best friend is quite oblivious . She hadn't realized it even when they have been so close all these times .

Ming Hui shakes his head . "I still cannot do it yet . There are things I need to hurry and finished . "

"Oh right, the one you ask is ready, Ming Hui . You may want to leave the capital soon," Yan remembered something and added . Despite he would clash words with his brother occasionally, he would still tell the other party if there's something important he needs to know .

"I will go after the festival," Ming Hui answered calmly, forgetting their banter from a while before .

Festival? Jun Min is not in the capital for almost 2 months after celebrating the emperor birthday last year . She hadn't got the change to enjoy the festival . Maybe this year is a good time to try it .