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Chapter 156

After the festival, Jun Hua takes her time to visit Lin San . Lin San's marriage is set in a month, so she wants to help her preparing for things despite having no knowledge about it . Lin San laughed out so much seeing Jun Hua confused over the small matter .

"I can do it by myself . You can just accompany me for a walk," Lin San said with a smile .

Jun Hua nodded . It seems she had been making fun of herself . At least, it was fun and she learned about things she needs to prepare for marriage . On the side, Madam Xie is busy explaining things that woman would needs upon marriage .

Lin San prepare the tea for Jun Hua .

"You shouldn't prepare it yourself," Jun Hua said .

"It's alright . You're the princess now," Lin San answered . Her tone is light and her eyes are more tranquil than before . After staying in this residence for some time, she no longer feels the hardship she experienced in Lin family residence . Because of that, she feels peaceful .

"I'm sure that you will be a splendid princess," Jun Hua smiled .

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"Oh, that . Thank you very much to your brother for his effort . I was really surprised when I heard the emperor decree," Lin San is truly happy .

Jun Hua knows that Lin San wouldn't have any more trouble in the household of Ming Xiao . Ming Xiao doesn't have any concubine and Lin San will be the only mistress there . She won't experience the dread of fighting with other women again .

"The imperial family is not simple . You will have your own share of trouble on the palace . Just remember to be a dignified lady and follow the rules well . Stay within your compound and don't wander off too much . "

Ming Hui had told her a bit about the palace and how hard it is to pass of as woman there . There are a lot of people wanting to make a fool out of each other and their mouth is sharp with hidden blades . Jun Hua cannot talk like them, but she knows that even at small action would incite even more trouble ahead . That imperial family is not peaceful as they can kill without doing it by themselves .

Lin San smiled . She obviously knew about these things better than Jun Hua . From her childhood, she had seen her mother fighting with the people on the house and trying her best to win against them . The hidden meaning behind words, she may not be proficient in it, but she knows the basic and with her knowledge of their battle, she can fare better .

"You don't have to worry . I know my limitation and things that I need to do . I have lived between people who are fighting with their tongue too," Lin San said with a reassuring smile .

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Jun Hua nodded . "Take care of yourself . I can't help you more than this . "

With each of their plan coming into fruition, even she cannot be sure about the fate of the imperial family anymore . There will be changes happening in the future and many people will be dragged in it . Lin San probably would realize it too and at that time, she needs to act better and try to achieve her own happiness .

"Yes, it was already plenty," Lin San nodded .

After the chat the two of them eat together as they talked . They only talked about some light things and after some time, Jun Hua left the residence to live with her grandfather . She still doesn't like to live within the new residence as it is better to stay here .

Lin San watched them leave . She looks to the sky, the journey is not finished yet . In this turbulence time, she had to work hard to achieve what she wants .

"Miss, is it alright to leave her alone?" Xia asked .

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Jun Hua nodded . "The fight in the palace is not something I can touch upon . She is smart and capable, I'm sure she can handle it by herself . Besides, with Ming Xiao position is the lowest, there will be less people targeting her . "

The marriage for Lin San is a grand one, although the emperor doesn't favor Ming Xiao, he's still part of the imperial family . And the honor of imperial family is not to be slightest in any way . Lin San is being talked by the people on the street as the example of good woman coming from bad family, her story revolves on the street .

"They are saying that the two of them falls in love and Lin San is getting married because of Ming Xiao pleads?" Jun Hua found the stories to be ridiculous, but it's fun .

"There are others that I heard . "

Jun Hua is laughing after she hears the story that Xia told her . The people are making a lot of different versions of Lin San stories . In that story, Lin San is pictured as an innocent lady from Lin family who survived the abuse of her father then gets married into royal family .

"They are really creative, but their story is not even close with the truth," Jun Hua laughed . Lin San certainly is not that innocent lady, but a cunning and mature one .

Xia nodded . "Miss is correct . "

"But, let it be . She will get what she needs there . "

"Does Miss want to reveal the true story?" Xiao Yun asks curiously .

"Nope, I'm not that idle," Jun Hua laughed . "Let her be, I still need to concern myself with the movement of those families . How is the progress, Yasha?"

"It is smooth, Miss . By next week, everything should have ended . "

Jun Hua nodded . "I guess, it's time to meet with the others . We have been busy these past days with our own activities . "

The three of them hadn't got the chance to talk together again after Ming Hui moved . It's mainly because they are busy preparing for their plan which will happened soon . Besides, there is another trouble for Soujin because of his childhood friend .