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Chapter 164

Thankfully for Jun Hua, the banquet didn't last long and she could get home after that . She feels that she is drained from energy just by going there .

"How is it, Hua'er?" Jun Zhenxian asked .

"It's tiring… I don't want to go to any banquet anymore . By the way, when is uncle wedding?"

"Next month . By that time, you need to finish everything here . "

"I understand, how about the soldiers?"

"I have moved most of them over . Their families too had been moved and only a handful of soldiers were still in this place . "

Jun Hua nodded . It means, only her plan hadn't finished yet .

Jun Zhenxian looks towards her . "You still hadn't told me what you want to do . "

"It's a secret Grandpa . If you know then you won't be able to act like its real," Jun Hua refused to tell him . No matter how many times Jun Zhenxian asked her, Jun Hua doesn't wish to tell him anything at all .

She returned back to her room to rest . Looking towards the somewhat small room, Jun Hua fixed her eyes on her table where she put some of her books . Picking one up, she traced her finger on the page with a wry smile . There's a paper from her men she put in the middle of the book, but the content is not something she wish to see right now .

"It seems I can't delay any longer for the plan . I'm sorry, Grandpa," Jun Hua muttered out . This plan would surely make her grandfather worry, but this is the plan she had chosen .

"And… the others too . "

The next day, Jun Hua went out again while dressed as Jun Min . Jun Zhenxian could only shake his head and let her go despite feeling worried for her . From the little lady expression when she got out from the house, he knows that she is up to something again .

Jun Hua walks towards Restaurant Han Yan . This is not Saturday, but she wants to meet with them for a while . Walking in, she found out that Yan is there, but Soujin is not .

"What are you doing in my restaurant? It's still not Saturday, right?"

Jun Hua laughed . "I come to inform you that Jun family will be going from Ming Kingdom . "

Yan stopped his action of taking the wine glass . This little boy is really annoying to announce such things in broad daylight . He looks towards Jun Hua . "Do you know the consequences of doing that? You will be declaring war against Ming Kingdom on your own?"

"I'm not alone and I'm not afraid of Ming Kingdom . Besides, there are things beyond what you can expect, Prince Yan . "

"I don't understand what you're thinking, but are you sure on making us your enemy?" Yan stared at the boy in front of him . To separate theirselves from Ming Kingdom, that plan is more outrageous compared to what he had .

"Even if I don't want to, I can't . "

Looking at that smile on Jun Hua face, Yan cannot bring himself to say anything anymore . Indeed, staying in Ming Kingdom won't make the Jun family thrive . They need to hang on another place or instead stand by themselves . The emperor would never allow them to grow fully in this kingdom .

With them being on another place, the Jun family will rise again . This time there will be no one hindering them from above, but from outside . But compared with internal struggle, it will be better for them to face the enemies from outside .

Their friendship only lasted for short time and even Yan feels reluctant to fight them, but if that was how it should be, then he will let it go .

"I understand, will this be the last time we meet in peace?" Yan forced a smile . If he had to be his own friend's enemy, he would definitely feel reluctant . That meeting the year before should have never happened, so he would not need to experience this feeling .

"I don't know," Jun Hua smiled .

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"In the end, you're still a kid . I can't even propose a toast for you," Yan sighed .

Jun Hua laughed . They are talking for some time before Soujin comes . That man seems to notice that Jun Min is here, so he comes .

"This is not Saturday, yet you have gathered here . "

"Well, Jun Min is going away . I still want to talk more with that young man . "

"Rather than calling him young, you better call him a kid . "


The three of them ended the gathering by bantering, but this time the target is Jun Min and not Yan . Despite they know that they are going to be enemies in the future, they are still laughing with each other and make fun . They want their parting to end in good note, that's why they don't talk about it and only joke around .

Their atmosphere is not one like parting, but just like the usual . Shu, Yan's guard, feels heavy when he heard that Jun Min is going to leave them . Hiding in the shadow, he knows that for Yan it will be even harder . To find a really good friend in this time is not easy .

Soujin guard, Lou already knows about it for some time . Still, looking at the three of them continue to behave like usual, he feels ashamed of himself . If they can laugh here and there, why should he worry? But still, he cannot help to not have that heavy feeling .

"It's already afternoon, let's stroll around the city . "

The three of them walked outside . The citizens are busy doing this and that, but they still noticed when these three young men walked . The three of them ignored them as they strolled around and talked .

Soujin stretched his hand, "Be careful when you're taking your permit . That person would pay close attention to your family after he returned . "

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"I know," Jun Hua smiled . As expected from Nanglong Family, Soujin certainly know about the news earlier than her .

"Who?" Yan asked in a curious tone .

"Someone you didn't know," Jun Hua smiled .

Soujin changed the conversation, "I bet that Lan Ping would be eager to hunt you down later . "

"Let him come . He won't be able to do anything," Jun Hua grinned .

"You sure are confident . Well, you can be considered as one of the best generals out there . The showdown between you and Soujin are going to be interesting . "

Soujin shakes his head . "I won't chase him . "

"What if the emperor told you to do that?"

"Let him be . I have my own ways of dealing with things," Soujin answered confidently . From the way he spoke, Yan is sure that his best friend already prepare a good way in order to avoid fighting with Jun Family in the future . Still, he's curious as to what it might be .

"Won't you tell your best friend what your thought is?"

Soujin looked towards Yan, "Why should I tell someone who can't even hold his liquor and being a blabbermouth?"

Yan glared at this man . Why does he need to give him a strike whenever he could? From the way the other party speaks, just who among them is the real member of the imperial family? Him or Soujin?

Jun Hua shook her head at these two banters . Even when she is telling them such news, they are still going on and on to banter with each other . She smiled slightly . She knew that she would surely miss this scene in the future .

Soujin looked towards Jun Hua . It has been some time since they gathered together today and it won't do them any good to stay together any longer .

"Jun Min, take care of yourself . "

Jun Hua nodded, "You two as well . "

She separated herself from them as she walks on the street . Soujin watched as Jun Hua's figure disappear on from his view . Yan stretched out his body and peered towards his best friend confusingly .

"Why did you keep on looking at him? It's not like the Jun Family would pack out their belongings and get out from Ming Kingdom this instant . "

Soujin retracted his gaze, "You still owe me money, so accompany me to buy some food . "

"I'm not your servant!"

While Yan shouted at Soujin, the man gaze is looking towards the space before him . Although there is nothing there, the man looked serious . Somehow, he just had the feeling that he won't be able to meet with Jun Min again . Shaking his head to erase that thought, he walked down the street with Yan on the side still lashing out to him .

Jun Hua walked down the street towards her home . She walked slowly and enjoyed the view of the streets in the capital . The view on this day is really good . She looks around until she noticed a familiar figure arguing with her cousin .

Lan Gao Ya .