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Chapter 49

"Xia… do I have to wear all of these?" Jun Hua's eyes twitched as she glared at the mountain of jewelries on top of the table .

Xia put on a wry smile . "The princess gave you additional jewelries . Added with the one you brought, there are a lot of them…"

Jun Hua felt a headache coming . There's no way she would want to wear all of them on her head . Did they think that her neck was made of steel? These jewelries made of gold were heavy and she didn't want to use them at all . If possible, she wouldn't even wear any of them .

"Just pick a few then…"

Xia acknowledged it and chose from the jewelries given by Princess Hui . She didn't dare to use a lot of pieces since Jun Hua never wanted to wear so much in the first place . Without accessories, her beauty was already unparalleled . With additional accessories, it was like she was going to snatch the whole world's attention .

Jun Hua only wore two hairpins . One was given by Princess Hui and the other one was what she bought when she was going out as Jun Min . There were some bracelets from the princess that she wore too . She picked an exquisite blue dress and let Xiao Yun do her hair .

Xiao Yun was used to this chore so she was able to make Jun Hua's looks even more dignified . When she was done, she looked at herself in the mirror . The blue dress fitted her perfectly and with her dolling herself more than usual, she looked really beautiful . The dress she chose was simple . While it was not standing out too much, it was also not appearing too mild .

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Xia sighed to herself . If Jun Hua were to dress up every day, no man would bear to look away . Even though Jun Hua was dressing so low-key, her exquisite stature and face would undoubtedly attract a lot of attentions . She silently hoped that the princess wouldn't accuse her Miss of stealing her spotlight .

Jun Hua was satisfied with the way she looked . Despite her hopes to appear low-key, that was quite an impossible with her having this kind of face and body . Jun Hua picked up her veil and wrapped it around her face . She wouldn't allow those guys to see her face so easily .

Finishing up with her appearance, Jun Hua went out to meet with Fan Lanying . Today, Fan Lanying also dressed exquisitely and appeared more beautiful than usual . She didn't wear a lot of hairpins but there were still a few of them . The color of her dress was yellow and it looked even grander than the one Jun Hua was wearing .

"You look very pretty," Jun Hua said with smile .

Fan Lanying sized up Jun Hua . "Even when you're trying to dress so simple, you still look very beautiful . I bet many girls will envy you . "

"It's not like I can choose how I look," Jun Hua shrugged .

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"Let's eat first . The party will only begin in an hour . "

Jun Hua and Fan Lanying both sneaked out some food to eat . Waiting for the party to begin was long and it would be better to do it with a full stomach . The two of them soon returned to the hall where countless guests have arrived and started their conversation .

The girls who have undergone the training became the spotlight before the princess showed up . They have become more elegant and refined . Many nobles were praising them, saying appreciative words left and right .

Jun Hua looked around and soon found Chun Maora . It seemed that for an occasion like this, Lin Tang could not let the world know that his wife had been grounded for three weeks . Chun Maora looked thinner, but she certainly won't allow others to see her looking weak . She stayed by Lin San's side and praised her daughter to the heaven .

Concubine Sie didn't come, but Lin Yuan had many friends she could talk with . Since this was Princess Hui's birthday party, they only invited the official wives and not the concubines . After all, Princess Hui was merely a lady and she didn't need to associate with the concubines .

"Lanying, there's your mother . "

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Fan Lanying's eyes lit up . She quickly strode to where her mother was and started to talk with her . Jun Hua watched the scene from the side without any intention of going over . Seeing that the place would soon crowd out, Jun Hua decided to sit down in one corner and looked towards the other side of the palace .

Men and women were divided in the hall . Princess Hui also invited males, but they could not easily get in so the other princes are 'accompanying' them in other place . Later on, Princess Hui would make an appearance, but not for a long time .

Jun Hua turned her gaze and found that Fan Lanying was already walking towards her with her mother . Fan Lanying's mother was elegant and noble, very much unlike her . The only similarity they had was their face .

"Jun Hua greets Madam Fan . "

Madam Fan, mother of Fan Lanying, sized up Jun Hua and smiled . "You are indeed as beautiful as the rumors said . Thank you for accompanying my daughter in her studies . "

"It should be me thanking you," Jun Hua smiled . "Lanying has helped me a lot . "

"What are you saying?" Fan Lanying laughed . "Of course I will help you, we are friends . "

Madam Fan seemed satisfied with what she saw from both of them . She had been worried that because of her daughter's tomboy behavior, she won't have any friends . But after a while, she found out that her daughter had gained a new friend .

At first, she was discouraged when she heard that the other party was Jun Hua . The whole capital knew about her 'uselessness' and how she could not even do simple embroidery, painting, and others . But looking at the girl now, Madam Fan realized that even with her uselessness, she was a good friend for Fan Lanying . As long as they could be friends, why should she care about other matters?

"You're still young, learn as much as you can from the academy," Madam Fan advised . She didn't want this girl to always bear the name of being useless . This girl was still so young and she had a lot of potential .

Jun Hua nodded . She could feel Madam Fan's sincere concern for her . Although she would definitely learn a lot, she still answered Madam Fan politely . Then they heard the eunuch's announcement .

"The imperial family has arrived!"