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Chapter 93

Kuina almost cannot believe what she had just seen . The little boy in front of her has power even more than her general . Although she was the one against the war, she would never expect that the enemies would have a general this young and capable .

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"Is it still far?"

"Oh? No, you only need to pass through this door to reach the throne room . "

"Let's get in, then . "

Jun Min opened the door and what greeted them is the scene of a few officials standing there with gleeful faces . They're currently talking and on the throne chair, another man is sitting there calmly and watches the performance below .

Kuina almost cannot believe her eyes . The person sitting on the throne is the other prime minister . Both of them had surprisingly betrayed the kingdom and covet the throne . She wants to cry, but most of all, she wants to beat them up .

"Prime Minister Pao, what do you think you're doing up there?"

The sound of a woman makes the officials all feels their back feels cold . Chill creeps out to their skin and they cannot help, but turn towards the door towards the secret passage . The appearance of a girl before them makes them scared because they know who was guarding that passage .

"Princess Kuina… you're alive?" Prime Minister Pao said with trembling voice .

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Kuina closes her eyes . She remembers this man was one of the men her father trusted . To think that they would turn their back and killed her father! With red eyes, Kuina stared at the man on the throne . Gathering her resolve, she is determined to bring this man down .

"General Jun, may I ask for your assistance to eliminate all of them?"

Jun Min nodded . "Sure . Wait here . "

The soldiers want to help, but they soon are aware that it's not needed . With his skill alone, Jun Min could finish up the whole officials inside of this room in a matter of minutes . Their role has finished the moment General Cao was defeated .

Kuina turn towards the soldiers . "You clean up this room . General Jun, please follow me to meet with General Hen . And bring up that person head . "

Jun Min nodded . He noticed that the princess had undergone a transformation . She becomes even more resolute than before . For him, this is a good thing because a leader needs to be decisive and can lead the people well .

Walking outside, they soon reached the place where General Hen created the diversion . The appearance of Princess Kuina with the person besides her bringing a long staff with the tip of it is their leader head, caused the soldiers to stop their movement .

"Princess, you did it," General Hen is truly happy .

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Kuina nodded . It's time to end this all .

"You're going again? Don't you need to wait for your wound to heal?" Kuina asks Jun Min with strange gaze . It's only yesterday that they manage to clean up the whole palace and now the boy is going to leave? How quick!

Jun Min feels that the night he had spent is enough . The battle in the northeast is going to start anytime and he wants to offer his assistance .

"The battle is not over yet . At least, not for Ming Kingdom," Jun Min answered .

Kuina remembers that Ming Kingdom is under attack 4 big kingdoms with Mountain Kingdom being one of them previously . Since they're attacking them, it's already a miracle that Jun Min wants to help them . But with the reward of half of the kingdom, Kuina is sure that even Jun Min would be tempted since his relationship with the emperor of Ming Kingdom has deteriorated .

"What about the part of the promise?"

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"You can discuss it with my uncle . He will come here with General Tou in a few days," Jun Min is not interested in governing a kingdom . He would have more prefer to have idle days with some fight on occasion . As for governing kingdom, it's better to leave it towards his uncle .

Kuina nodded . "If you want to go, I will ask them to prepare the horses . "

"Thank you very much," Jun Min smiled . "And I think I would need a map . "

"Sure . "

Although a map is considered confidential, given that they're going to split the kingdom into two, there is no harm in giving one to Jun Min . Besides, Kuina has gone through the report once more and realize that the kingdom is not for Ming Kingdom, but for the Jun family . Considering the relationship between the emperor and Jun family is worsening, maybe Jun family has been preparing to leave with this opportunity arise .

Jun Min is looking towards the map with seriousness . He needs to go towards the northeast border as quickly as possible, so he started to look towards the way there . There are several roads going towards the Ming east border, but he might be stopped halfway before reaching it .

"How can I go through the way unimpeded?" Jun Min asks .

"Here," Kuina handed him an emblem . The emblem is only at the size of a palm with a mountain engraved on it . Jun Min scrutinizes the emblem with confusion .

"What is this?"

"This is the royal seal, with this seal, you can go anywhere on Mountain Kingdom without anyone blocking or even asking it . "

"That great?"

"Doesn't your country have one?"

Jun Min honestly doesn't know . He had never seen this kind of seal before, but maybe Yan have one . He will ask him that when she meets him in the future, if he remembers .

"Are you sure that I can have this?"

Kuina nodded . "Without you, I wouldn't get the throne back and eliminate those who are disloyal to the kingdom . Just see this as one of my way of saying thanks . "

"Then, thank you very much Princess Kuina . "

Kuina nodded and leaves Jun Min who's busy preparing to leave . The boy soon leaves the capital and goes on his journey .