Flying Sparks - Chapter 11

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:41 PM

Chapter 11

What I saw was a stunning sight . Black locks of hair flying against the wind, yellow eyes shining . It looked like the person I bumped into a while ago . She turned her head around, as if looking for someone and stopping once I was in her sights . She walked towards me and I could feel my throat jumping out .

"Hello, I would like to thank you for helping my sister earlier . She told me so many great things about you in such a short span of time and I figured I would meet you . My name is Layla . " She held her hand out and I shook it .

"After you left the position, the student council was busy looking for a new replacement . The requirements of the Queen was to be the predicted winner of the tournament . The student council found me training with my sister and chose me instead . Honestly, they should have chose her . She has so much magic power despite being ranked low . I really want to pass it onto my sister but she refused because she's shy and all . In the end, I'm doing this for both her and myself . "

I nodded as I listened to the story, feeling a bit nervous . I waved for Walton to come over and borrowed his blazer, hugging it .

"If it is too much to ask, can you take my sister under your wing? I won't ask her to be your servant and all but please do teach her to have more confidence . " Layla placed both her hands in the praying position and pleaded me . I looked at Walton and he answered with a silent nod . Her yellow eyes shined once again once I agreed .

We met up with her sister and she was indeed a carbon copy of her sister . Timid, shy and an introvert . Braided twintails done as per normal, yellow eyes flickering with tiny light . From her fidgeting hands and nervous stance, I could tell she was nervous and eager .

"Walton, from today, you'll be in charge of her . Please do teach her the things I have taught you . " Walton nodded and proceeded to teach after dragging her away from me .

"Thank you so much for teaching my sister . Do you have a name I could call you?" The thought never processed through my mind because I never really given anyone my name .

"You don't have to call me . I accept any nickname you give me . " She nodded and placed her hand on her chin, thinking of a name .

"Then I shall call you Lily! Thank you Lily for your help!" My eyes widened at the name, it's what my parents used as my nickname . I nodded and quickly left the place, nor wanting to hear that name anymore . I am not the white lily that my parents wanted me to be, I am now a bloodied lily, with no ways of purifying myself .

Pushing the thought aside, I walked around, waiting for time to pass before going back to class . Then I saw Walton and the girl . I should have asked for her name before leaving . She looked like she was practicing the basic of spell casting from him and was doing good . I wonder why did her sister make her come under my wing if she was that good . Walton even had a confused face because he doesn't know what to teach her .

I jumped down from the top floor, snapping my fingers to activate my broom . I hopped onto it while midair and flown towards their place . The two pointed their heads towards me with the jaws dropped as if they didn't see a person jumping off before . Oh right, they didn't . Anyways, I managed to reach down before Walton dashing to me and asking me questions again .

"Milady are you hurt? Why did you jump?" I swatted his hand and said I'm fine .

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"Anyways, what is your name? And why did you come under my wing if you're this good, you have no need for training as you would only need to work on confidence . " The girl named Lara said that that was what she wanted . To overcome her sister with confidence . I sighed and stayed next to them while they trained .

"Lara, practice the levitation spell . Levitation is easy but walking while on it is not easy . If you can master walking on stairs while in air, you're good for confidence . " I gave them a demo of me walking on air and presumably going higher and higher, as if I'm walking on stairs . Lara tried the levitation spell, but only went higher and higher . I clapped to get her attention and Walton caught her . Though it was small, I could see she blushed .

"Keep practicing that and you'll get the hang of it . I will practice my magic . " I walked to a spot where it was relatively empty and casted a spell . I took my wand in my right hand and placed magic into my left .

"Equipment magic . Heed my call . " I raised my left hand towards the front of me and drew a circle which appeared small daggers . I feel beads of sweat rolling down as I tried making more daggers . When I couldn't handle anymore, I yelled and everything shot off in a weird direction . The daggers eventually faded into magic particles . Once everything has faded, my knees gave up and knelt on the ground .

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Now, sweat was rolling down waves after waves, just one try was making me tired . Walton quickly came to my help and put me to rest under a shade of the tree .

"Don't overwork yourself Milady . " I shook my head, in denial that I was not tired . I took my wand out again and casted the same spell . This time, more daggers with pointed edges appeared . With a malicious intent, I yelled fire . The daggers went more steady this time, and much faster too . However, my malicious intent was sensed by the daggers and they aimed to attack at the two .

"Lara!" Walton shouted as he took a hit from the dagger, protecting Lara . The other daggers didn't hit him fortunately . I saw what happened and was shocked . I didn't mean to hit him . I didn't mean to have a malicious intent . Tears gathering once again, I ran the furthest I could .