Flying Sparks - Chapter 14

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:38 PM

Chapter 14

"Today, you guys shall be fighting a practice match against a monster . "

The reactions were mixed . Some were happy that they get to show off, some were scared for their lives . Though, I couldn't care less .

"This will get you ready for the competition . This will also be a graded test . You students will be facing against a monster I created so you guys don't have to worry . Naturally, the one who does the final kill will get the highest grade . So let us get to the courtyard now . "

Multiple clicks were then heard as everybody changed into their attire . A white cotton shirt with mid-thigh black shorts . Some even still have their cape on as it can contain weapons . By the time we reached there, the teacher was standing at one end of the courtyard . He shouted .

"Now, you will be facing this monster!" He snapped his fingers as a blue magic circle appeared on the ground . A screech coming piercing everyone's ears as the monster appeared . Slowly, the monster rose from the ground . What came out made me scared .

It was the same monster in my dream, a white spider-like creature with human hands for legs and a human body . For a second, I could see the horror flash before my very eyes . I could see my parents soul merged together as it let's out a hideous scream . Then I heard a voice .

"I said I will be back little one~" The tone of the voice was very high pitched and it spoke to at random intervals . It sent chills down my spine as it looked at me and screeched .

"Now, the test will begin!" As that was said, spells of many elements were casted . The creature with one of its legs were raised and swiped all the spells, as if it was nothing and efficiently blocking it . More soells were cast, but little to no damage was done .

"Hint for all of you! This is a made up monster, what binds the two together?" However, it seems like it wasn't of any help as many people kept aiming the wrong spot . I took time to analyse as people kept hitting . There were only two groups: The Aggressors and The Waiters .

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The Aggressors were the one constantly lowering the monster's health while The Waiters were the one waiting to strike, aiming for the final strike . Another hideous scream rang throughout the whole field accompanied with screams of humans . Wait, humans?

I snapped out of my analysis state to see the monster hitting the students and flinging them outside out of the courtyard . I looked at the instructor and what I saw was terrifying . An evil smile before pretending to think of a way to retract the monster . The Waiters were now scared and Walton was hiding behind .

I sighed and made myself appear in it's view . It looked at me before rushing at me with it's legs . I summoned a ring of fireballs, aiming for the monster's head . Being the most logical and illogical answer, there was no burn marks . I then channeled my energy into fire sparks . The sparks were brilliantly bright and blinding for anyone . I aimed the sparks towards the connection where the top and body were fused together . One of the stitches fell due to it being burnt .

That's when it clicked . Aim for the stiches that binded them . With that, I sent out more burning sparks towards it, hopefully removing the other stitches which worked as many fell . But now the problem is, how to end it . Aiming for the head of the top and the body would be it . But the monster was rampaging, trapping me and it in a dust vortex . It flung me towards the top of the vortex .

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I felt pain coursing through my whole body as I saw my life flashed before my very eyes . Precious memories I wish to keep, unwanted memories I wish to forget . I closed my eyes and from the top of my lungs, I yelled .

"EQUIPMENT MAGIC DAGGER . HEED MY CALL . " Magic dust surrounded my right hand, then appeared a silver dagger with a sharp blade . I only had one chance to do this right . I placed the dagger in front of me, blade facing outwards . With my left hand over my right, I aimed towards the head .

I first impaled the head, black coloured blood came spilling out, staining my clothes and hands . Moving my body, I then impaled the body, hands reaching in the head to get more leverage . I closed my eyes and let the black blood stain me . I felt the monster deflate as I felt the magic dusts flow to my face . Then I heard a motherly voice talking .

"Thank you my dearest . For ending my misery . " I opened my eyes to see the top take a form of a woman . The woman flashed a warm smile before fading off into nothing . The dust vortex settling down as my dagger faded off too .

Everyone was now sitting up, watching in awe as the student in the middle was covered with blood . I knelt down, panting from both pain and exhaustion . At the corner of my eye, I saw Walton screaming for me and running towards me . Blanketed by tiredness, I closed my eyes and embraced the darkness .

I woke up to people crying by my side . People were crying over my pathetic life? Making my finger twitch, there were surprised gasps .

"She's awake!" That voice sounded familiar . With my barely working vocal chords, I croaked .

"W-Walton . . . ?"