Flying Sparks - Chapter 16

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:36 PM

Chapter 16

"Milady . . . Milady please wake up . . School's ending . " I let out a yawn before stretching . Whilst stretching, I tilted too much on one side and fell . I quickly cast a levitation spell before my back hits the ground . I gently lowered myself in the soft grass . I pat myself to get rid of the things on me . I stood up and looked at them .

"Do you guys want to come by a cafe? My treat since you guys served me well . " They nodded and we all headed back to class to ger our bags . We made small chat along the route to the cafe and finally reached it . It was pretty simple, a big window with potted plants along with a warm and cozy atmosphere . The bell chimed as we went in .

"Julie, I'm coming around . You two get your seats first . I'll join you guys soon . They nodded and headed for their own seats . I headed for the staff room to meet Julie there . Once I put down my bag by the side, she tackled me to the ground . There comes her signature playful smile .

"You brought friends? So have you found your love?" I pushed her off weakly, remaining the stoic face .

"No such thing Julie . " I stood up and went to the locker with my uniform in it . I put it on and did some adjustments to my hair . I tied my hair into a tight bun and left the room . Taking the menu in hand, I went up to the two .

"May I take your order?" The two were shocked as they saw me .

"Milady? Is that you? You look so different . " I let out a chuckle .

"Yes but you shall call me Ray whenever I'm in this . " I opened the menu to show them our items .

"I recommend our signature strawberry cake and hot chocolate . If you're willing to try out something new, we do provide things like the matcha waffles along with the blue beach . " They nodded as they listened onto my recommendation for them and decided to go with the strawberry shortcake for Lara and the Blue Beach for Walton . I bowed down before taking my leave . When I reached the counter, Niles was there smirking .

"You know, don't you ever wish you were born as a boy? You attract our customers so well . " I gently smacked his head with the menu and sighed .

"You would attract them too if you stopped slacking and did something . Anyways, I will go take in the other customers . " I went towards the door and greeted the ladies there .

"Welcome to Flowers . A table of 3 I presume?" They nodded, some even blushing too . I led them to their table and took their order .

"Thank you for stopping by here . What makes you come here?"

"Of course you Ray~ Who wouldn't want to see a hard-working boy at work? Also Ray is fairly handsome too . " One of the ladies said with a gentle smile .

"Thank you for your praise, I will go send your orders to the kitchen now . Please do excuse me . " I bowed down and sent the order to the kitchen .

"Yo, here's the cake and beach . I'll send the other one so you get to spend some time . I included a flower in there for you . " He places a pink coloured drink on the tray and passes the tray to me . I took the tray to where Walton and Lara were sitting and sat down with them . The beautifully decorated items were set on the table before I sent the tray back to the kitchen .

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"The blue beach is a refreshing drink where you can taste the breeze of the beach . Our signature strawberry is a sponge cake layered with strawberries from the Asian regions . Have a good taste~" I sat down and saw their reactions as they tasted it .

Their faces exploded with facial expressions . I chuckled as they wolfed down their meal .

"Calm down, it isn't going to go anywhere . " They nodded and calmed down . Though once they did, both of them started singing endless praises about how good it tastes . I took a sip of mine, memories coming back in a flood . I shook my head, not waiting to cry in front of them and to enjoy this time spent . I paid the bills for them even though they insisted that they paid for their own items .

"I said I would treat you guys didn't I? Don't take this for granted . " Walton and Lara both nodded as they watched me pay for it .

"Milady! Today I had fun today, thank you for treating me and Walton a meal! I hope to come back soon!" With her bubbly appearance now, the shy and timid girl was gone . She was like a sunflower, shining and standing brightly like the sun .

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"I'm glad you like it, don't tell the others in school though . They don't need to know about this . " They nodded snd both headed off in their own directions . I went inside to meet with Julie and Niles . Julie once tackled me to the ground and laughed .

"You did great today Ray . You can have the day off tomorrow to rest . " I thanked her as I pushed her off and changed back into my school uniform .

"You should try wearing the female uniform sometime Ray . You would look stunning in it . "

"Not interested . The male uniform is so much easier to move in and more functional than the female one . And Ray was built on a male character . I can't suddenly change my character Julie . " Julie came over and gave me a pat . She hugged me and my tears flowed . It was tough holding up a front, not wanting to cry in front of people .

"Thank you Julie . I will take my leave now . " She nodded and gave me the signal to teleport back home .