Flying Sparks - Chapter 2

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:50 PM

Chapter 2

Darkness was around me . My eyes were blind as a bat . My surroundings were of emptiness . I couldn't feel or see anything . Everything around me was just plain darkness .

Looking down at my arms full of scars, I had to fake them as scratches . But who knows, someone might know I was suicidal . The world was magic in my eyes . Everybody being happy with their soulmate . God made this world for us to be happy and not depressed . But then why am I like this? It is quite pathetic isn't it?

Midnight darkness was the time where I actually got to be normal . Laughing with internet friends, smiling at my computer screen . But the next thing, everything was gone . The clock showed the time, 4am . School was to happen the next day . Grabbing a pillow, my mind started to doze off and I eventually fell asleep .

My alarm sounded throughout the peace of the room . Using magic, I casted a spell which destroyed the alarm clock . My weak arms raised me up, wobbling from the lack of sleep still . Rubbing my eyes, I finally got to see the destruction of my alarm clock . Bits and pieces scattered all over the floor like a thousand glass pieces . A sigh came out from my mouth . I took a broom and dust pan and sweeped up the mess I made .

My mind then went to the black uniform hanging by the door . Black blazer, black skirt, black shoes and black socks . Perfect . Wearing the uniform made me feel stuffy . I unbuttoned the top button of my blouse and proceeded to pack my bag . Packing my things were no hassle . I threw my favourite sweater and shorts into my bag along with the few books . Doing my hair into a small braid at least made my presentation a bit better . My footsteps sounded throughout the emptiness of the house . Opening the door allowed warm rays of sun to come in . Rubbing my eyes once again, I finally opened them to see my neighbourhood . Quiet and peaceful . Snapping my fingers, my broom activated on its own . I hopped onto it, sitting on the mahogany part . I gave it another snap of fingers had it take me to school .

Rivergale school was kind of the school for the gifted . People gifted with the power of magic . People all across the country come to be awarded the best magician title . I was no exception of course, except for the fact that I was forced here . Heritage led me to this school to be the best and bring my family honor . The sky was cloudless with many people of the same uniform flying towards the main building . The school was made out of stone and mahogany wood . Many people were crowding around the huge board situated at the footstep of the door . Stirring my broom, I headed to the board . There was an old piece of paper on the board, with it's title being 'The Annual Magic Tournament' .

I looked for my name on the board and found it . I took a sigh as I gently smacked my forehead and headed to class . I snapped my fingers again to set my broom to turn it off . I held it in my hand tightly as I walked to my class . Upon reaching the class, all I heard was:

"Isn't she creepy?" "I heard she killed humans . " "That's super creepy . . . "

I slammed opened the door and the attention was on me . Their eyes became glossy as they saw me, about to praise me for being such a powerful magician . With a cold tone, I gave them a cold stare and said .

"Do you know how to stop being fake? It's annoying . " My words sliced them through like a hot knife through butter . Everybody was shocked as they took a step back, giving me space to walk to my desk . I set my broom by the side and hung my bag . The teacher came in and ordered everyone back into their seats .

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- Time skip till end of class -

I hate this . I didn't want anything like this . Words sounded throughout my head as spells were being casted one over another . Feeling lethargic from the lesson, I asked if I could get free air and got permission to . Hugging my sweater, I walked up to the rooftop . The rooftop was the best place . As the school was on a piece of land that levitates, many things could be seen . Clouds, buildings and even humans . I stood by the edge of the ledge of the school building and casted a small spell . A white flame with black swirls came out of my hand . I threw the flame at the door, blocking anyone from coming in . The ledge provided a sweet existence I was looking forward to, death itself .

"Mother . . . Father . . . I will come see you soon . " Memories of that fateful night came back to me .

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† Blood splattered everywhere, hands stained full of blood, the horrid on my parents' faces, knowing that their daughter killed them . Even so, they still forgave me and smiled before passing on . †

Tears came down my face as there was a huge crowd at the foot of the school . Telling me to not die, pathetic isn't it? Everyone is dying some time anyways . There's nothing wrong with ending my life early . Facing the burning door, I let go . Feeling the nice and cool wind, I closed my eyes . Darkness enveloped me and I was helpless .

But this was fine isn't it? I don't have to be worried about anymore . I wouldn't be cared about anymore . Everyone would just have a weight lifted off their shoulders . I'm coming to see you Mama and Papa . . . I shall return to your side once again .