Flying Sparks - Chapter 5

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:47 PM

Chapter 5

Walking back to the class sure got me a lot of attention, unwanted attention that is . Wearing the white cape was extremely the worst . Teachers even asked me if I was back with him . Which I had to agree since if I didn't, my whole history was going to be spilled . Opening the door with grace was the hardest thing . The urge to just slam the door was tempting . Even so, attention was on me once again .

"Did you really get back with him?" "You're so lucky, I wanted to be with him!" "I hope you two have an everlasting relationship!" I waved them all off as the teacher walked into class with a disoriented grunt .

"I know the news has spread around now but I need you guys to sit in your seats so we can start class . " And everybody went back to their seats once they sensed I wasn't going to deal with them . Class finally started and it was peace and quiet .

- Time skip till end of school -

Till the bell rang that is . Once I finished packing, I was surrounded by a mob of people . I covered my ears, wanting the noise to stop . My mind was about to explode till there was silence . I felt this presence right by the door and looked over . And it happened to be Raymond and the Council members .

"Sorry ladies and gentleman . I have a date with the Queen . Please excuse us . " He dragged me out of the class, with both our brooms in hand .

"What is it that you want Raymond . " He then stopped and held my chin again .

"To make you my Queen, a King must make sure the hatred is gone first . So I'm taking you on a date . " My face was of literal shock . He then started walking away without me .

"Wait up ugh! Don't take my broom! Also get your filthy hands off my family treasure . " I swiped my broom back from him and dusted off any contact on my broom . I hopped onto my broom as it activated . I followed him to the edge of the school as he hopped onto his own broom . He signalled for me to follow him which I did .

We reached my hometown and stopped by the cafe . But, I work there . Would he be able to see me work? Oh no, I don't want that . We went in and were greeted by the waiters who were wearing butler uniforms .

"Welcome back Master/Mistress . " They chorused . The staff then noticed me and asked me why I was there as a customer instead of a staff . I explained my situation and begged them to not tell my boss . They nodded and continued their own business .

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We sat down at a round table situated near the windows that was a seat for 2 . A waitress came by and handed us the menu before leaving .

"What do you want to eat?" My eyes scanned through the menu and found the item which I wanted, which was the strawberry cheesecake . I pointed the item and showed him and he nodded . We also ordered drinks which were the cafe's specialty .

But then, Julie, who was my boss, came along . She asked why wasn't I working and I couldn't use a better reason . Without waiting for my answer, she dragged me into the staff closet .

After a while, I came out all blushing . A white blouse with a black blazer and a red ribbon on top of it, along with black pants and small heels . My hands were covered with white gloves which suited my eyes . My hair was also carefully braided into a detailed braid .

My black but short heels made sounds as I walked across it . I walked to Raymond's side and waited for him to turn around . As he turned around, there was a visible blush .

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"Look here . I'm not doing this because I want to . I need to earn money to pay rent . Now if you'll excuse me . " My heels turned around and started helping out the cafe with the regulars . When it came to our table, I brought all the food and drinks to our table .

"Master, your order has arrived . " I placed the items on the table before walking back to the kitchen to place the tray down . When I got back, Raymond was smirking at me . He signalled for me to come closer which I did . He quickly pulled me to his lap and tipped my chin .

"My Queen is working part time isn't it? That's against school rules you know . " His hand slowly traces around my neck before stopping at my Adam's apple .

"Why not we make a deal little one? You become a full-time queen . You'll be able to get all the luxurious things that you wanted . Money, a good house even coffins . " I stood up and slapped him .

"I do not wish to fall into temptation . " My heels clicked against the floor as I walked back to the staff room . Once the door was closed, I quickly changed into my school-going clothes and got my broom . I casted the teleportation spell and teleported back home . The house was encased in a magic barrier that can be only unlocked by my family . I took a sigh and threw my bag at the floor . I laid on the couch and cried a bit .

Inside my bag was a flyer, a flyer for the tournament . I read it once and found an interesting exploit . The flyer said:

"For the grand prize, that person is able to ask a favour from the King or Queen . There's no limit on how the favour can be . "

My mind clicked as I thought of the favour when I win the tournament . I want to be killed . My eyes got a little shine as I think of ways to win the tournament .

As resentment for my parents .