Flying Sparks - Chapter 6

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:46 PM

Chapter 6

Nightmares crowded my mind as I stirred around the bed . One nightmare after another, making me unable to sleep . Till it stopped at one . My body was floating as the place was surrounded by red hellish flames . A being stood before me . He had the same blood red eyes and the black claws . My hand cupped my mouth in shocked as I saw him himself .

"Little one, nice to see you here after calling you billions of times . "

"What is it that you want, you monster . You made me kill my parents, possessing me and burning down everything that I loved . What else do you want . " He gave a laughter which sounded like it was mocking me .

"You're a pawn in getting more power of course . Why else would I possess you and take your power?" My tears threatened to flow out as I desperately bit my lips, causing blood to flow .

"As the only daughter of the Alphonse Family and the last standing one, you have a lot of power inside of you . Though sadly, you weren't wanted . Your parents wanted a boy that will continue the family . What I did was to give that thing you wanted . "

I didn't ask for that! My parents loved me despite being a girl! They wouldn't lie to me! Papa . . . Mama . . . What is the truth that you want me to seek? Why do you want me to suffer like this? I loved you guys dearly . . .

"We will meet again little one . And the next time, I will be breaking that seal . " Everything turned black and I was presumed to be falling .

My eyes spread wide open as I took deep breaths from that nightmare . I quickly touched my ankle to see the woolen bracelet was there . I took a sigh of relief and headed to the shower to prepare for school .

After a while, I came out fresh from the shower . Hair smelling like lavender and still dripping . I looked at myself in the mirror and boy do I look horrible . Eye bags visible, my face looks so sullen . I rummaged through my drawers and found the things I was looking for . Foundation, concealer and mascara .

Putting little blobs of foundation on my skin, I took a makeup brush that was clean and gently spread the foundation with even strokes . Then I used a bit of concealer under my eyes and used a beauty blender to dab the concealer around . I took my mascara and brushed it over my eyelashes, making it look nice . I made a small braid by the side before clipping it with a hair clip .

I put on my uniform and looked at myself in the mirror . I was definitely shocked at the power of makeup . I looked like an entirely different person then . I made sure that everything was packed before going to school .

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Reaching school got me a lot more attention I'm used to . I got stares from many people, especially the boys .

"Who's that? A new transfer student?" "You idiot! You can't tell from her cape? She's the Queen!" "She looks so different!" I continued walking till I was at the student council room . I made my cape vanish as I knocked on the door . Raymond came out and asked .

"What do you want Milady? Is there something I can help you with?" My inner self took a deep breath and told myself that I was going to pretend that I changed .

"I only want to talk to you Raymond . " I said as I made my cape appear once again . Raymond's shocked face could be seen as he knew there was only one person who has the white cape . He then started giving me compliments which I accepted well .

"I couldn't give you a bad image can I? So I dressed up this morning . " He laughed as he placed a kiss on my forehead . Mental note to not wipe it off later or my makeup will come off .

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"Shall I escort you to class my Queen?" I nodded as he activated his own broom for me to sit on . I held my broom and bag as he brought me to class . Upon reaching my class door, he took my hand and kissed it .

"See you later my Queen . " He takes a bow before leaving . Though, there was more commotion about what happened right outside the door . The teacher came in once again and hushed us back to our seats before starting class .

- Time skip till end of the class -

"My Queen, I have come to pick you up for lunch" Raymond came through the door and all I heard was screams of the girls . I waved the boys goodbye too before leaving with Raymond . Once the door was closed, there was an overpowering scream from the boys .

We reached the cafeteria and we both got our meals and sat at the table meant for 2 . We both put our meals down before him pulling my chair out and sitting me in . He then kisses my hand and goes to his own seat . We both started our meal in silence till he broke it .

"Why did you become like this? Didn't you not want to be my Queen? What's wrong?" I sighed and spoke up .

"I decided weighing my options out between being a depressed Queen or a happy Queen . I rather choose the latter so here I am . And not to mention, I think you'll like this more . " He then let's out a chuckle and agreed with my statement . We finished our meals soon enough and went back to class after it .

- Time skip till school ends -

School finally ended and he came to pick me up once again . I rode on my broom as we walked to the edge of the floating island . He trace my jawbone once again and tipped my chin .

"Glad to see that you're being obedient . See you tomorrow my Queen . " He places a kiss on my cheek before I went home, dashing through the clouds . Grip tightening on the wood, I quickly raced home to wash every contact off . I never wanted to get close to him ever .