Flying Sparks - Chapter 7

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:45 PM

Chapter 7

Darkness soon enveloped me once again . Nightmares came about once again . This time, it felt so real .

My parents hugged me and told me they loved me . The hug felt so warm that I could feel it . This is what love is isn't it? But then, everything was sucked into a black hole . Everything I treasured, everything I loved, all gone in an instant . The next thing I saw was my parents, sewn together with a spider body . My whole entire body shivered as I saw it . The creature called me names .

"You useless filth! You killed both of us! You shouldn't be allowed to live!" Tears came dripping down one by one, staining my porcelain face .

"My dear, come with us . We will spend our lives together once again . " Mother's voice rang out . I wiped my tears and saw that familiar hand . My hand stretched out and held that hand . The familiar warmness flowing through me .

I allowed myself to be surrounded the darkness that wrapped me . The familiar presence of my parents was there . Everything I loved and treasured was there . Nothing could go wrong right? But no, everything was melting . It was like wax, slowly melting .

"Papa! Mama! Please don't go!" I cried out . Tears came in full force, streaming down my face like a river . The monster let out a hideous scream but I could hear my parents .

"Our dear daughter . . . Don't give in . . . " I couldn't make out anything else as it let out one last hideous scream, saying it will be back . Something picked me up and threw me into another black hole . The emptiness felt so nice, I wouldn't think to move .

Being enveloped by the deep darkness, my voice not being able to scream, the feeling of being constantly pulled . It was terrifying and scary at the same time . Not being able to call out to someone, was nice . Nobody would have to care about me . Being constantly pulled back reminds me of being the outcast . I slowly closed my eyes, waiting to die of the lack of oxygen .

I opened my eyes once again to see the bright daylight . I quickly covered my eyes with my pillow and rolled around . I got into a ball position and grabbed the box cutter that was on my bedside table . The blade gleamed as the sunlight shone on it . I traced it gently around the older cuts before applying pressure .

Blood trickled down, little by little . My smile slowly regained as this was just repayment for killing them . The pain felt comforting as more blood came oozing out .

Papa . . . Mama . . . Sorry for being a disappointment . You wanted me to live like a happy girl don't you? I can't bear the guilt anymore . Everyday it feels like death . Repeating the same thing over and over again . I'm sorry . . .

My eyes closed as I fell into another deep sleep once again .

However, my precious sleep was disrupted by someone at the door . I looked at the clock, 4pm it showed . I slowly waddled over to the door and opened it . And Raymond happened to show up at the door . He was smiling at me, showing a worried face too . My mind finally processed what was happening and slammed the door without a second thought .

"G-get away from my house Raymond!" I shouted at the door and was replied with a simple chuckle . I could imagine his face smiling as he chuckled . Disgusting .

"But my dear! The school asked me to do a request! They asked me to pass you the work and asked how you were doing . " Thinking for a few moments, I shouted back .

"Stay there and wait 5 minutes!" I ran off before I could get a reply . I quickly brushed my teeth, did my hair and wore a sweater to hide my scars . I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I looked presentable at least . I went back to the door and still see him standing at the door . I sighed and finally let him in .

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"Sit over the couch there and I will prepare tea . " I directed him to my living room before going into the kitchen to prepare tea . The whole entire house was so silent that you could even hear a pin drop . Till he broke the silence .

"Are you feeling well my dear?" He asked as he looked around the walls of the house . All of the walls were decorated with a picture of my family and family heritage .

"I'm fine . And don't ask about those . " He clearly got my idea and kept his mouth shut . The tea was finally finished as a brought a glass pot and cups over . I poured the tea into the cups and brought them over to my coffee table .

Surprisingly, we managed to hold a normal conversation and I managed to feel better for once . The time dlew by as it was time for dinner time and I sent him off before slamming the door once again, chanting disgusting over and over again . I could see him being fake and it was disgusting .

I took a sigh and went up to my room . I combed my fringe to the back, making it seem like I had bed hair . Just the way I liked it . In my room, there was this small room for prayer . There was a picture of a happy family and incense . I kneeled down, put my hands together and started praying .

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Papa . . . Mama . . . I hope you can hear me . Why was I born with these powers . . . ? I didn't ask for any of this . I'm sure you wanted me to live life as a normal girl, but I'm also sure that I can't . Everyday felt dreadful . I kept punishing myself for the sins I've done . I don't deserve to live . . .

As the last words were said, I gently touched the frame . Tear drops appeared on the frame . I didn't bother with the tears that were staining my eyes .

All I wanted was to have love and comfort . Just to have someone piece me back together . . .