Flying Sparks - Chapter 9

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:43 PM

Chapter 9

The door slammed opened to reveal the student council . Raymond standing in the middle of the group . He walked over to my side and gave me a disgusting smile .

"I heard my Queen has taken a servant in . Why didn't you tell me sooner? I could have picked the best choice for you . You deserve only the best . " He kept talking on and on about how I needed to have the best of best . My patience bar was running low . I had it . It was enough . I slammed the table with a force that almost broke it .

"What do you know about me? Stop saying I needed the best without any back up! You have no a single idea what I am going through and you don't deserve to know! Now shut up! I'm quitting . " I took my white cape off and stormed out . My tears threatening to spill as I walked further and further from the class . Casting the spell of teleportation, I teleported myself back to the tree before .

I gently caressed the tree, feeling each of its fibers . I climbed the tree and settled myself into one of its creases . I looked around and I see the old building . Students and teachers running around with muffled sounds shouting that the Queen has quit . Pathetic isn't it? I was forced into this position, nothing else . Anyone could be replacement .

I let out a laugh so hard that my tears of sadness came dripping down . My laugh slowly stopped as it is being replaced by small cries for help . My tears flowing uncontrollably by now, everything was in pain . Now that I have quit being the Queen, my contract with Walton would end and a new Queen would be found . I just hope, at least a shred of sunlight would come .

The soft sound of the trees rustling against the wind and a soft sound woke me up . I managed to sleep through my pain? I looked at the source of the sound and it happened from below . Walton was standing there, waving at me as I woke . He let out a smile, which made my heart and legs weaken . Foolishly of me, I let my tears flow again .

I cried so hard that my shriek could be heard from the bottom of the tree . Through my blurred eyes, I saw Walton's face and a small glimpse of the Alphonse symbol still on the hand . Walton immediately climbed the tree and hugged me . His comforting scent made me relax and slowly but surely, I fell asleep .

I woke up once again, but this time to something or someone playing with my hair . My hand barely lifted itself as it rubbed my eyes, my sight starting to become much clearer . What came to my sight was a mop of black hair and sky blue eyes staring at me .

"Good morning Milady . How was your nap?" It took my brain a while before it processed the information . Once it was done, I let out a uncharacteristic scream and moved to the other side .

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"A-as your master, you're not to tell anyone about this . Get it?" He nodded before letting out a small laugh .

"But Milady was cute when you were sleeping . Your snores were cute and I even made a flower crown for you . " He points to the small flower crown on my head .

It was a delicate thing really . Small but flexible branches were weaved together with small but beautiful yellow flowers and green leaves . It was placed on my head with the utmost grace as nothing has fallen apart yet . I figured, maybe life wasn't so bad after all . I gave him a small smile before activating my broom and hopping onto it .

I snapped my fingers again, appeared a black cape with a red and blue line across it . I have accepted that I don't wish to be Queen . I moved my head, signalling he should come . without a word, he followed my lead and we went back to the school building .

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Once we walked through the school entrance, my eyes met Raymond's . His chocolate brown eyes widened as he saw me and immediately went towards me . He cupped both of my hands in his tight grip, making me unable to get away .

"My dearest Queen, please rethink your choice . The whole school is in chaos because of you quitting your post . Please return by my side and I promise to not do such thing ever again . " His voice strained as he went for a really long apology .

Walton forcefully separated our hands and all I felt was the warmth in his hands .

"Please do not casually touch Milady . She is not worthy of your touch . " Raymond's eyes widened again . I could see his face about to blow but I gave him a dark stare . The stare I gave was so chilling even the nearby people felt it .

"Touch or berate my servant, and I will make sure you don't see the living daylight . " I continued staring at him as small little droplets began to seep through and flow down . He let out another cough and said .

"I will then take my leave . See you soon lady . " He bowed down and I let out a face of disgust . It was highly disgusting as his fake face shows through every inch, but I guess not to everyone .

"Milady are you alright? Are you hurt?" Walton loosened his grip on my hands and checked for any bruises . Before he could see my scars, I quickly took back my hands snd shook my head, saying I was fine . I pulled my sweater longer and his everything till only a bit of my fingers were seen .

"I'm tired . Walton, can you bring me home? I wish to rest . " Walton nodded and I hopped over to his back from my broom . I took a silent but deep inhale of his comforting scent, remembering my parents . I let out another few tears before sleeping on his wide and warm back .