Forbidden Forest - Chapter 39

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:51:48 AM

Chapter 39

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Lea walks on the stage and stood next to Ezra . Lea knew that it was Nolan making her an ambassador . She smiles and thought to herself self ''He still trying to get my favor'' Everyone Clapped .

"Now we're going to split everyone up into teams each team will receive a color-coded band and clothing . Each team will have a different assignment to complete within one year . Once that team completes the assignment they will receive their reward . ''Ezra said,

"If the team did not complete their assignment on time they will receive nothing . ''Ezra said,

''Now I will announce the teams and their assignment . ''Ezra said,

Red Team

Supervisor: Koto, Voss

Assignment: Dig moated, prepare the foundation to lay the bricks . Help build the wall and town

Blue Team

Supervisor: Eros, Leela

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Assignment: Help clean up the other city of goblins body clean and, skin the goblin body, take the skin to the blacksmith . Help build the wall and town

Green Team

Supervisor: Kiles, Maui

Assignment: Help build the wall and town and make bricks

Yellow Team

Supervisor: Ezra, Willis

Assignment: Help make bricks, help build the wall

Ezra divides the people into groups She also gave the equipment The supervisor Went to meet their team . Ezra instructed those who wanted to join the army to go to the base area . Most of the people went to the base including the woman the supervisor got to know their team members .

After getting to know Their team Eros and Maui went to the base to talk to the soldiers there was a lot more women than men standing at the base area . Maui and Eros did a little test to see what members they were going to pick . Everyone line up and said their name one by one they were to fight .

Most of the man was experienced fighters but some of the women were just ordinary housewife with no Experience but they wanted to join to provide a better future for the kids .

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The woman had no chance to win but they didn't give up most of the new generation of werewolf had no experience with fighting because they were in captivity .

Maui and Eros had a Clipboard in their hand to write the name that they wanted on their team .

Maui and Eros were both seatings on a tree stool watching the people fight Maui had in his mind to pick the best of the experienced fighters .

Maui was curious about who Eros was going to pick so he lean over and peak at Eros clipboard and saw that he was just drawing something . Maui became angry with Eros process of picking his soldiers .

He thought to himself'' He not even taking this serious'' Maui when it came time to pick the soldier .

Maui asked Eros'' Do you want to go first''

But Eros Replied ''No you can go first''

Maui pick the expensive fighters that won their fight only one was left was the loser There was a mixture of men and women . Maui Smiles to himself thinking ''Surely I have the better team'' He waiting for Eros to ask for the better fighters .

Eros stood up and asked Maui'' Are you happy with your picks . "He said,

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''Yes Very happy Maui stood up beside him

''Thank you for all your hard work My army will have the west end of the base and Eros army will have the south there are already bed and food waiting at the base please enjoy yourself . "Maui said,

The soldiers shouted in victory at this point The loser knew that it was no chance for them to join the Eros army . Maui Men started walking to their base the loser walked the opposite way .

''Where are you going I didn't dismiss you yet . "Eros said to the loser

Everyone was startled including Maui and his men . The loser team quickly got back in line then Eros said

''I decide to make you my army there no rest for the weak''

''We will start training now your base is far from here your task is to get there before Me . ''Eros said,

Then he disappears right before their eyes the group ran to reach the south base . They rush over to the base some people were pushing one another . They soon reach the south base but Eros was already there standing in an open field . Maui already had his team base set up with tents and food and they were expecting the same .

The soldiers face Expression showed disappointment and frustration was in the air .

''Your late, You want a hot bath, a warm tent and good food you will have to earn it . ''He said,

Behind me is a few large trees cut them down and make your camp . "Eros said,

'Eros gave the team tools such as nails and other things to build a tent . The trees were tall and thick .

It was going to take a long time to cut down . Everyone gathers together and discussed a plan of how to get the trees down .

The men planned to take the three largest trees to make a camp but some of the men couldn't agree they keep arguing with one other .

So the woman suggest take the smallest tree and make a camp out of it but some of the men said,

''Why should we listen to a weak woman'' .
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So the woman soldier said ''Fine don't listen to us we will go with our plan and you do yours . ''

''Fine we don't need you anyway all the men said,''

The woman went to look for some of the smaller trees that were strong to find and chop down . They found a lot in the back of the wood So they chop them down and took them back to the camp . Faith drew a line in the ground separate the men's side from the woman's side .