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Chapter 111

When she hung up, Xia Ning looked at her phone and paused for a second . She thought of something as her mouth curled up with sarcasm .

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How can he ask her to remarry him so easily? Did he think she was a fool that could be played around with?

Sometimes, she had to doubt his intentions for marrying her in the first place . Was it out of responsibility or did he just want the child? But one thing she was sure of – there was no ‘her’ in his intentions .

In conclusion, that slap was still too light!

Wen Jing walked over and said to Xia Ning, “Sister Xia Ning, Sister Qing said she is coming over tomorrow and asked us to stay put . ”

Xia Ning returned to herself and nodded at her . “I see . You’ve been busy all day long . You should also go rest . ”

“Sister Xia Ning, are you okay?” Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning with some worry . She was worried about leaving her alone in a room with such a big matter .

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The people on the Internet were very extreme . They called Sister Xia Ning a murderer and asked her to die .

Were they crazy? Was Li Shanshan dead? Plus, her getting hurt had nothing to do with Sister Xia Ning . It was just her .

Xia Ning said helplessly, “If I had to care about what people say on the Internet, I could have committed suicide a long time ago . Do you think this was their first time throwing mud at me? Be good and go rest . ”

Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning’s soft eyes and her body shook unconsciously . Why did she feel as if Sister Xia Ning was like a mother? Her tone was treating her like a kid . Would someone around the same age say be good to the other one?

Seeing Wen Jing closing the door and leaving, the smile on Xia Ning’s face turned even more real . Maybe it was because she received very little genuine care from people, it seemed very precious at the moment .

Just at this moment, her phone rang again .

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Seeing the screen, the center of Xia Ning’s eyebrows twitched . Did he already know?


“Xiao Ke, did you get hurt? Hide first and don’t go out . I will come back for you immediately . ” A worried voice of a man sounded .

Xia Ning rubbed her eyebrows and said somewhat helplessly, “Jin Yan, I’m fine . Don’t worry . ”

“What do you mean by you’re fine? It’s all over the Internet . In the past year, you should have seen how crazy the fans can get . ” The man’s voice became even more anxious .

“I know . But I didn’t do anything . Even if someone calls the police, you think they can get me arrested? Don’t underestimate me . ” Xia Ning walked to the couch and sat down . She said with a smile, “You should not come back . I can take care of little things like this . You do a good job at filming and show everyone in the world that, you, Jin Yan, can not only sing well but also act well . ”

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“You… are becoming less and less cute . ”

Xia Ning chuckled . “That’s why no one loves me . ”

“What about me?”

“Go away . If you fall in love with me, your fans will skin me alive . ”

On the other side, in the luxury suite on the top floor of the hotel, Qiao Yu used Chen Hong’s phone to make a dozen calls . But each time, he heard, “The number you are dialing is busy . Please call back later . ”

He held the phone and frowned . What time was it now and she was still chatting happily with someone?!

“Boss, more and more people are throwing mud at Miss Xia . What should we do?”

Qiao Yu threw the phone to him and said coldly, “Isn’t she very capable? No need to worry about her . ” As he spoke, he turned around and walked to the desk on the side .

Chen Hong’s eyebrows twitched . Why did he feel Boss was in a fit of pique?

That night when Boss came back, there was some mark of a slap on his face . He guessed it was related to Miss Xia . He had to admire her for having the nerve to slap Boss . But he was curious what Boss did to get slapped . He turned around and planned to leave .

“Go investigate who’s behind this . ” The man’s voice sounded suddenly .

Chen Hong tilted his head to shoot a look at the man who was working in front of the desk, his eyes filled with shock . Boss was really patient with this Miss Xia .