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Chapter 697: 697

Chapter 697: Don’t Let Me Down

Glancing at Enoch, who was still sleeping in bed, Xia Ning headed out with her phone in her hand .

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She went out to the balcony of the living room and dialed the number . But this time, she was the one who couldn’t get through . The person on the other end wouldn’t pick up .

Xia Ning looked at her phone with a frown, then raised an eyebrow . Was he trying to set her off?

She waited in silence for a while, then dialed the number again .

This time, the call was soon picked up .

“Su Jingcheng, what the hell do you want?!” Xia Ning growled .

“Ke, today is New Year’s Eve!”

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Xia Ning raised an eyebrow . “So what? Don’t you people have your own arrangements already?”

“You’re the eldest daughter of the Su family and you’re absent . Do you know how this will make other people think?”

“Isn’t that what you want? Stop pretending that you actually care about me . ” Xia Ning snorted . “You know perfectly well what you want . ”

“I see that you’re having a great time over there!” Su Jingcheng lowered his voice to a whisper . “Grandpa was very unhappy that you didn’t come back . ”

“Since when was he ever happy with me?” Xia Ning said sarcastically . “You, on the other hand, have always been his perfect, obedient heir!”

Su Jingcheng fell silent for a while on the other end, then said, “Ke, you have less than a year . ”

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“I don’t need you to remind me . ”

“Do you like that man that much?”

“That’s my own business!” said Xia Ning coldly .

“Ke, have you forgotten about our agreement? Although you still have a year, I don’t want you to be around that man anymore . Leave him now! Otherwise, I can’t promise what we’ll do . Don’t blame me when that happens!”

Xia Ning flared up at those words . “What else do you know apart from threatening me?! Let me tell you this . When the day comes when I gain control over everything, you’re the first one I’m going to kill! That promise will never expire!”

“I’m looking forward to that day, but before that, I need to remind you . I let you had things your way once, but it doesn’t mean that you can keep doing it . I won’t do anything to you, but that doesn’t extend to other people . ”

“Then you have my sincere gratitude!” Xia Ning smirked . “You make it sound as if he’s so easy to handle . ”

“Shengshi Group is indeed a giant, and it’ll be difficult to shake its foundation, but who told you that I was going to target his career?” Su Jingcheng almost sounded cruel over the phone . “You’re with him only because you have a child together . If…”

“Su Jingcheng, shut up!” Xia Ning looked frightened for a split second . Gritting her teeth, she said coldly . “You’re not touching my son!”

“I see that you have completely lost your mind,” said Su Jingcheng mildly . “You know what I’m capable of, which is more than enough to handle a baby, your child . ”

“Argh…” Xia Ning growled . Scratching her head, she looked ahead with widened eyes . “Touch him and I’ll kill you! I promise!”

“And I believe that,” said Su Jingcheng quietly . “But I’ll still do it . ”

“What the hell do you want?!” Xia Ning slowly couched down and leaned against the railing . She said between gritted teeth . “You’re not going to stop until I’m dead, are you?”

“Ke, I’m not the one who hurt you . I think you’ve forgotten about that . ” Su Jingcheng said calmly . “You have a month . Don’t disappoint me!” After that, he hung up!

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