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Free and Unfettered - Chapter 72

Published at 18th of April 2019 01:57:00 PM

Chapter 72

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Nocturne crept up as silently as he could when he spotted Nine sleeping with a book in his hands . He couldn't help but feel fond of the sight, feeling that Nine was unbearably cute with how serious he acted whenever he got his hands on a new book .

Carefully, without waking her up, he extracted the book from his husband's hands, draping a blanket over Nine . Although he couldn't do anything lovey dovey with Nine, he was still able to do little things like this without being noticed . Perhaps it was because Nine was used to Shade and Seyton doing this for her, or maybe it wasn't, but Nine never mentioned anything .

Being able to do the little things made him happy, which made him feel like he was rather pathetic when he thought about it in the silence of his room at night . It amazed him just how far he was willing to sink after falling in love .

Unseen by Nocturne, Nine's lips twitched when she realized that she had yet again fallen asleep in Nocturne's presence . It looked like her Vampiric body was working against her .

She circulated her magic within her body ten times before she moved and 'woke up' . She resolutely ignored the worshipful gaze of her 'wife' . Although she wouldn't speak of it, she still patted him on the head as she walked past him .

She was still angry that he had resorted to such means, but she wouldn't take it out on him after having already beaten him up so many times . More than a spouse, she just couldn't imagine herself with him . If anything, since he was her Vampiric childe, he was more like… a son? Something pinged at her, but she didn't know what it was .

Happy with her explanation on why she couldn't bear to treat him too harshly, she continued with her day as Nocturne trailed behind her faithfully .


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"Okay, we're heading towards Ascarium City, which is where Seyton is from," Nine said, eyeing how her students were dressed . "From now onwards, we won't be using teleportation . Take this chance to temper yourself before the darkness spreads . I estimate that we have roughly one year before they start to move . "

Her twenty students listened to her words seriously, committing them to heart . Even though it didn't quite feel real because there were little to no outward signs that the catastrophe was going to happen, they had the utmost faith in their Teacher .

Seyton and Shade stood behind Nine, looking like loyal retainers . Seyton had a faint feeling of hope that maybe they would be able to find his lover on their journey .

Nine noted with satisfaction that her students were all wearing practical outfits, that would be durable during the journey . Other than whatever weapons they preferred using, everything else was stored inside their interspatial rings .

"Nocturne," she said to the person standing next to her . "Are you coming along with us or will you stay here?" she questioned, giving him a chance to choose .

"I'm going wherever you go," Nocturne replied without hesitation .

A few of her students looked at him with admiration, thinking about how their Teacher's new wife was so valiant . She was willing to go into the wilderness where there were none of the luxuries that a noble were used to .

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Nine nodded, having already expected that answer .

Along the road, Lucien gradually managed to draw near to Nine without arousing anyone's suspicions . He hesitated, not sure whether or not to bring it up . In the end, he decided that whatever his Teacher decided, it was better to know the truth .

Deltan hooked an arm over Nocturne's shoulder, saying, "Hey, Nocturne . Let's walk together . "

Nocturne opened his mouth to refuse but was silenced by a single look from Nine . He reluctantly slowed his speed to match Deltan's pace .

"Teacher," Lucien said in a low tone, thinking that Nocturne was far enough that she couldn't hear . "Not to be rude, but are you aware about Nocturne's gender?"

Nine looked at her most outstanding student, blinking slowly . Finally, someone had brought up something that was glaringly obvious to her . She almost wondered whether or not she had to re-educate the lot of them and give them a little 'reminder' .

Eden, who had been walking behind alongside Aciel and Brooke, turned his head in shock at the question . Stunned, he turned to look at Nocturne, who was now walking beside him . A multitude of questions emerged in his head, numerous conspiracy theories making their way into his mind .

Now that he looked closely, he could tell that some of Nocturne's mannerisms were clearly from a male . As Nocturne was their Teacher's 'wife', he hadn't looked too closely at Nocturne's appearance lest their Teacher think that he was thinking unsavoury thoughts .

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Eden instantly fell into a daze, feeling like his entire worldview had shifted with a few sentences from Lucien .

Similarly, Aciel and Brooke had the same feelings of shock and disbelief .

Nine's lips quirked briefly at the nervous look on Lucien's face . "I am," she said shortly .

Lucien, just like the rest of their group, was sent into a daze at Nine's reply . He didn't know what to say now . Was their Teacher…gay? How could it be? Nine had never displayed any signs of this! Or had Nocturne disguised himself as a female just to be able to marry their Teacher?

Instantly, Lucien and the rest didn't know what to do with the new information . They patiently waited for his Teacher to explain, but there were no further explanations . On second thought, Deltan knew about this!

The group of four friends eyed the last member of their group, Deltan, with a look of disapproval . What a useless elder brother . He knew that Nocturne was male, but he still allowed for the wedding to go forward! By now, they were sure that Nocturne had forced his way into being Nine's wife .

They couldn't help but feel like their Teacher was losing out . No wonder they felt that Nine and Nocturne didn't behave as husband and wife whilst they were together while it was very clear that Nocturne was in love with Nine, there were no such actions on their Teacher's part . It was only while they were out in public that Nine acted somewhat according to script .

It all made sense now!

Nocturne's lips twitched, being able to hear every word exchanged . The way the group looked at him had also changed . If the gazes were neutral before, they were now outright hostile . Unfortunately, he couldn't refute it because it was true!

Although he regretted that he had taken such actions without Nine's consent, he didn't regret getting married to Nine . He was utterly sure that he would have lost his mind in rage and jealousy had Nine really married another . Just thinking about it sent a spike of jealousy through him .

He didn't know what he would do should jealousy overwhelm him, but he felt like he could even kill Nine's wife . Be it draining her dry or torturing her to death, he was certain that he could do all of it .

He didn't know if he would incur Nine's hatred by doing that, so he had to do something before it was too late . Just the thought of Nine hating him made him feel like he couldn't live on .

By the time the sun set, and they camped for the night, the news that Nocturne was really a male had already spread to all of Nine's students . It wasn't that the group of five friends had spread the word, but rather, the hearing of Fifth Tier mages was just too good!

Accordingly, the gazes that Nocturne received also had an upgrade .

Nocturne ignored the gazes, used to receiving such gazes, but back then it had been from males mostly, who thought that their girlfriends/wives were being stolen just by being in his presence . The experience of having both male and females glaring at him was rather refreshing .

Some of them thought that maybe it was their Teacher himself who was gay, but they were shot down by their friends . How could their perfect Teacher be the one who was gay?! Didn't they see the way Nocturne looked at their Teacher with eyes practically dripping with love?

Clearly, there was something else at play here! Was it a conspiracy? Was the Ashtria Empire conspiring against their Teacher? No matter what, they would figure it out and protect their Teacher! They couldn't allow him to be fooled like this!

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