From Fish to Dragon - Chapter 49

Published at 20th of July 2019 03:00:04 AM
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Chapter 49: 49

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The movie then started playing for 2 and a half hours . During that time frame, the sounds of sniffling and sobbing could be heard from all around . The movie is a sad but romantic movie about two childhood friends who slowly develop feelings for one another . As they hung around each other, neither of the two ever confessed to the other

Eventually they started becoming further and further apart until they hardly saw each other . It wasn't until the end where many thought it would end on a sad note when the two finally meet up again but with their backs leaned against a single door . The two leaning against the door they were so familiar with could hear the heartbeat of the other until one of them finally mustered the courage to confess

The movie ended with both parties confessing at the same time whilst still behind that door, when they both moved back and the door slowly opened, tears could be seen forming on the girl's face as she dashed into his the male's arms where they shared a passionate kiss thus ending the movie

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Watching the credits of the movie, Ye Qin thought "I can see why this director is famous . Though the story didn't seem that interesting, the way he portrayed the feelings of the characters using various angles and techniques, it brought out the best in the movie like no other could . "

He turned around to see teardrops around Li Yutong's eyes in which he grabbed her chin and slowly wiped the tears away from both her eyes causing her face to become flustered though Ye Qin couldn't see this since it was still somewhat dark . When the lights turned back on, Ye Qin said "Let's go, the credits are over . "

Li Yutong nodded as she followed behind Ye Qin who held onto the empty bucket of popcorn whilst having the empty drink containers inside the bucket to save space . After throwing away the food in the trash, the two went to wash their hands . Naturally Ye Qin finished first since he's a male, in fact he even had time to take a quick p*ss . As he waited for Li Yutong, he checked his smartwatch for any notifications

Click* Click*

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Checking his messages, Ye Qin noticed a few messages from Wang Tao which he replied to as Li Yutong left the female toilet . Ye Qin then brought her along to various places whether it was for food or to buy accessories or arcades, he brought her to them all . Li Yutong herself had a plan to do the same things which surprised her as she smiled sweetly since Ye Qin had put some thought into their date . Though throughout the day, the two only walked closely together but didn't hold hands since they weren't actually dating

Ye Qin bought various types of confectionery including chocolates, candy canes, hard candy and others to bring home . As for himself he only bought a giant lollipop which barely fit in one side of his mouth causing his face to look as if it were swelling making Li Yutong giggle a few times

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Eventually it became time for dinner, during his time with Mo Qiu, he had reserved a place in a restaurant just 20 minutes away by car . When they arrived, Ye Qin showed them his reservation and entered along with Li Yutong who followed closely behind him

The waiter who had brought the two along and showed them their seats bowed as he left and did other things . Taking a look at the menu, Ye Qin ordered unreservedly as Li Yutong too made her choice

"Ye Qin, you ordered quite a bit can you really eat it all? You even reserved a place at this famous restaurant that normally requires a week of reservation in advance!" Li Yutong said

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"Huh well… I have my ways . . If we don't finish it all, I can always ask for takeaway . It's not my thing to waste food . " he replied

As the two enjoyed their dinner, a band played soothing music in the background as everyone enjoyed their time . As the two were eating, a butler brought along a bottle of red wine and poured the two a cup then bowed and walked away after saying "Enjoy"

Taking one of the cups in his hands, Ye Qin looked forward and brought his cup forward "Class rep, actually it should be Li Yutong, let us celebrate by having a drink . " Li Yutong nodded as she picked up her cup with two fingers at the back and her thumb in front then brought her glass forward as the two glasses made contact . The two then slowly drunk from the glass and enjoyed the soothing taste of the exquisite wine

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