From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 137

Published at 26th of October 2020 02:20:09 PM

Chapter 137

After he finished speaking, Jian Yumin began to hum a song .

Jian Yumin had a beautiful voice . It sounded even better when he sang .

Typically, Jian Yumin sang songs that expressed a lot of emotions . The vibe that was given off as he sang was gentle and affectionate .

Although Jian Yiling didn’t have an ear for music, she still recognized that the song was incredibly beautiful . It felt like a warm stream of sunshine that flowed into one’s heart .

After he finished singing a song, Jian Yumin smiled and asked Jian Yiling: “Was it nice? Was it good enough to charge you?”

Jian Yiling nodded before asking, “How much?”

Jian Yumin paused for a moment . He had said it as a joke . He hadn’t expected Jian Yiling to actually pay him .

If it did come down to money, it cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to ask Jian Yumin to sing at a concert .

Jian Yumin smiled and said, “I’ll give you a discount as you’re my sister . $8 . 88, what do you think? It’s quite an auspicious number and a fair price as well . ”

Jian Yiling nodded before she reached out her hand to ask Jian Yumin to pass over her phone .

“Don’t use your phone when you’re lying down . If you drop it, it’ll hit your face . ”


After Jian Yumin finished speaking, he took a look at Jian Yiling’s face . In less than a second, he gave in .

The housekeeper had brought over everything that Jian Yiling typically used on a daily basis . Of course, this included her mobile phone .

After she got her phone, Jian Yiling added Jian Yumin as a friend . Then, she sent him a red envelope .

Jian Yumin opened the red envelope . It was $8 . 88 . Not a penny more, not a penny less .

He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the red envelope .

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“How about this, I’ll sing a few more songs for you . Then, I technically can earn quite a bit of money for this morning . ”

“Mhmm . ” Jian Yiling replied . She agreed to the suggestion .

Jian Yumin continued to sing for Jian Yiling .

After every song, Jian Yiling sent him a red envelope that enclosed $8 . 88 .

By the time Grandma Jian and the housekeeper returned, Jian Yumin had already received 5 red envelopes from Jian Yiling .

His earnings came to a grand total of $44 . 40 .

Grandma Jian and the housekeeper had brought over a ton of food . There was indeed plain congee, however, there were also a lot of other foods .

“Do you want congee or do you want millet porridge?” Jian Yumin asked Jian Yiling .

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As of now, Jian Yiling could only eat light foods . As a result, she could only choose between congee and millet porridge . She could only eat the rest of the foods when she got a bit better .

“Millet porridge . ”

After Jian Yiling made a decision, Jian Yumin raised Jian Yiling’s hospital bed . Then, he scooped a spoonful of porridge next to Jian Yiling’s mouth .

Jian Yiling felt rather awkward . “I can do it myself . ”

She had never experienced being fed by anyone else before .

“What if you can’t hold the spoon properly? It’ll be more troublesome if you spill it . It’s better for me to feed you . ”

Jian Yumin insisted that he would feed Jian Yiling .

Jian Yiling had no choice but to listen . She took a small bite of the spoonful of porridge that was brought to her mouth .

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As Jian Yuming was feeding her, Jian Shuxing, Wen Nuan, Jian Yuncheng, and Jian Yunnao arrived .

It was Grandma Jian who had contacted them .

Wen Nuan immediately walked over to Jian Yiling’s side . She looked at the pale face of her daughter and felt inexplicably saddened before asking: “Yiling, are you feeling better?”

Her voice trembled as she spoke . Tears flowed out of her eyes unconsciously .

Jian Shuxing and Jian Yuncheng stood near the doorway . Both of them were frowning as they watched the scene in front of them .

Jian Yunnao didn’t enter the hospital room . He had been requested to wait outside .

As he stood outside the door, he felt quite upset . He could only glance at the situation inside the room from a distance .

The words of his elder brother rang in his ears .

His mother’s tears, his father’s depression, and…

Jian Yunnao’s eyes swept across the room . They didn’t stop on Jian Yiling, however, his eyes still saw her small and pale face