From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 140

Published at 26th of October 2020 02:20:05 PM

Chapter 140: 140

Cheng Yi smiled and replied, “Hello . ”

Jian Shuxing continued to speak, “In the next few days, my son is going to move into the ward of your institution . I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your staff’s hard work . ”

“Your son?” Wouldn’t that refer to Yiling’s brother then?

“Yep, he’s at the door right now . ” Jian Shuxing replied .

Cheng Yi looked at the door . Jian Yunnao was standing there . His eyes gleamed with hope .

All of a sudden, Cheng Yi seemed to realize something . He smiled before saying:

“Today, Sister En and I didn’t come here for work . Young Master Yunnao’s matters will be followed up by relevant staff in our institution . We are merely here to visit our friend . ”

And their friend was Jian Yiling .

Once again, Cheng Yi mentioned why they came here today . And the reason for that was Jian Yiling .

Once again, everyone’s eyes were focused on Jian Yiling .

There was not a lot of expression on Jian Yiling’s face . In fact, she looked calmer than everyone else in the room .

Her face was pale and young . From her eyes, one could tell that she was in poor health . Luo Xiuen had shoved a mint-flavored lollipop into Jian Yiling’s mouth .

“Yiling, how do you know Dr . Luo and Dr . Cheng?”

The person who asked this question was Jian Shuxing . He was rather curious and excited about the situation .

“From- Online . ”

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Jian Yiling answered the question truthfully . However, she was rather quiet . The reason for this was because it was rather hard for her to speak as the inflammation in her throat had not subsided .

It was true that Jian Yiling had contacted them on the Internet .

After communicating with Cheng Yi for a long period of time, the two of them had finally had their first in-person meeting .


Was it possible to get in touch with the institution’s researchers on the Internet?

None of them knew a direct way to contact the researchers . The website of the Huiling Medical Research Institution only allowed them to submit applications .

“Ahem . The situation is like this . We met Yiling when we were playing a game . ”

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Cheng Yi explained . He tried to help Jian Yiling hide her identity .

Cheng Yi knew a bit about Jian Yiling’s situation . He knew that she had been hiding her relationship with the institution from her family .

Cheng Yi’s answer had been quite unexpected . However, it seemed that it was quite reasonable .

Nowadays, it was normal for young people to meet new people by playing games .

However, none of them would have expected Jian Yiling to have met two talented researchers in such a way! Usually, no one had the ability to get in touch with them .

They had to admit that her luck was quite good . Often, there was a danger that the people that someone met online were scammers .

However, she hadn’t met any of those people . Rather, she met two of the most talented researchers out there .

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When the Jian family heard such an answer, they had a feeling in their stomach that they could not explain . Jian Yunnao felt this feeling the most .

When Hong Baizhang heard this answer, he felt quite crushed . Usually, it would take him a lot of effort to contact the people at the institution .

However, this young girl only had to play a game . And she had met two of them!

Cheng Yi smiled before he continued to speak in a gentle voice, “By the way, Yiling is not only acquainted with the two of us . She also knows the doctor who is going to perform the operation on Young Master Yunnao . ”

As soon as those words were said, everyone looked at Jian Yiling differently .

Jian Yiling actually knew the person who was going to operate on Jian Yunnao?


Back then, no one could convince the mysterious surgeon to accept the surgery . Even Mr . Qiu, who was renowned in the industry, could not manage . And it turned out that person was acquainted with Jian Yiling?!

This undoubtedly gave everyone the biggest shock .