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From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 285

Published at 7th of January 2021 02:35:06 AM

Chapter 285: 285

Chapter 285: Can’t Help But Be Envious

However, in Zhai Yunsheng’s eyes, the amount of sleep that Jian Yiling received was still substandard .

A person who was still growing needed more than six to seven hours of sleep a day .

How would she grow taller if she didn’t get at least eight hours of sleep?

In the end, Jian Yiling gave in . In order to grow taller, she decided to nap on the small bed in the corner of the office .

Zhai Yunsheng sat down at the desk . He was busy with his own work . Occasionally, he glanced at Jian Yiling . Jian Yiling was curled up in a ball as she slept .

She was incredibly small already . Now that she curled up under the blanket, she appeared to be a small ball on the bed .

Why was someone so small so incredibly stubborn? Why did keep insisting on doing things on her own?

Jian Yiling ended up napping for half an hour .

After she woke up, Zhai Yunsheng brought her some desserts .

She did not refuse Zhai Yunsheng’s kindness when it came to food . She had already gotten used to eating food that Zhai Yunsheng bought her .

As she left the office, Zhai Yunsheng said to Jian Yiling, “Stop knitting those mitten, scarves, and beanies in your spare time . ”


When Jian Yiling’s results were announced, it wasn’t just Wang Xiangchong who reacted . Nor was it just the students in Jian Yiling’s class .

Jian Yiling’s entire grade was surprised .

In fact, even students in other grades paid attention to this matter . This was because Jian Yiling’s name was quite well-known in the school .

She had suddenly jumped from the bottom of the class to the top of the grade! This was something that most mediocre students could never achieve in their lives!

The students in the Class of High Achievers in the Final Year of Senior High had also heard the news . This was Jian Yunnao and Mo Shiyun’s classroom .

As soon as the students heard the news, they had rushed up to Jian Yunnao to compliment his sister:

“Jian Yunnao! Your sister is amazing! Before the last chemistry competition, she was still a mediocre student! However, now she’s something completely different!”

“Yeah! When your sister first entered high school, she did quite poorly in her monthly exams . I thought she was an anomaly in your family! However, it turns out that she’s actually a genius!”

As Jian Yunnao heard his classmate’s praise towards Jian Yiling, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in his heart .

Just as he was about to reply, the image of Jian Yiling appeared in his mind . He remembered her cold and detached actions towards him . It was as though cold water had been poured on him .

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All of a sudden, he couldn’t be happy anymore . He responded to his classmates in a low tone:

“Yeah, my sister used to be very smart . She loved to spend time in the laboratory with my second brother . ”

“Oh, so your sister is actually a genius!”

“Of course,” Jian Yunnao replied without the slightest hesitation .

“Ahh, it’s in the genetics . We can’t help but be envious . ”

As Mo Shiyun looked at Jian Yiling’s name on the ranking published on the school’s official website, she didn’t know how she felt .

The mid-term exams for their grade had been held at the same time as Jian Yiling’s grade . And thus, the results were also announced at the same time .

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Jian Yiling had ranked first in her grade whilst Mo Shiyun had ranked third .

As she was top ten of Shenghua High School, she was almost guaranteed to get into the top two universities in the country .

Previously, Mo Shiyun would have been incredibly satisfied with this result .

After all, Rank One and Rank Two were top students . Their results were incredibly difficult to surpass .

However, Mo Shiyun didn’t feel happy for some reason .

She couldn’t tell what kind of feeling she was feeling .

She knew that Jian Yiling’s grades and ranking would not affect her . They were in different cohorts .

However, it was as if Jian Yiling’s actions were making a sarcastic comment on her efforts .