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Chapter 72

Hidden Marriage

Chapter 72: You’re Completely Oppressed By Me
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Ning Xi was the first to come out after changing into costume .

She was neatly dressed like a young man in an outfit that alternated between red and white .  Her hair was tied back in a handsome high ponytail, her eyebrows were dark and arched, and she had a threatening heroic spirit . She looked exactly like a 16-year-old Meng Changge .

Even those people who had always been biased against Ning Xi couldn’t help but admit that she looked perfect for the role .
At first, Guo Qisheng had been worried that an extremely beautiful female actress like Ning Xi would only be able to act a particular type of role . He didn’t expect that she would actually be this malleable . He praised her with satisfaction and then warned her anxiously, “Ning Xi, in a moment, you need to let loose a little . Don’t be too concerned about your appearance, okay? For this scene, you need to act like a ruffian . The wilder the better!”

“Director, you can relax . I believe she can do it!” By this time, Jiang Muye had also finished changing into costume and had just walked out of the dressing room .


The moment Jiang Muye pushed aside the curtains and walked out, the set immediately burst out in gasps of astonishment, and even Ning Xi raised her eyebrows in surprise .

After getting into costume, Jiang Muye’s entire temperament had changed . Wearing a cyan robe with bamboo prints, his face was like jade and his eyebrows were warm and kind . It seemed as if he had walked out of an old painting .

Jiang Muye proudly shot a glance at the stunned Ning Xi . He whispered, “What do you think? Aren’t the heavens crying from my handsomeness??”

It was a pity the image was ruined the moment he opened his mouth…

Ning Xi maintained a modest expression, as if she was discussing the plot with Jiang Muye . She spoke three words,

“Submissive and weak . ”


“Me? What about me? I’m sorry to inform you, but in this story you’re completely . Oppressed . By . Me!

“Oh yeah? Then why do I recall a scene where I counterattack? It even seems to be a bed scene . Tsk tsk……”


Not far away, Jia Qingqing watched the two people who were sticking their heads close together and whispering into each other’s ears from time to time . She was so jealous she was about to lose her rational mind .

Ever since he had arrived, Jiang Muye had given all his attention to Ning Xi . He hadn’t even so much as glanced in her direction . She didn’t even have an opportunity to greet him .

By her side, Ning Xueluo was continuously ‘comforting’ her . “Qingqing, don’t get angry . Things have already become like this . After all, in the entertainment industry, luck is also a part of one’s strength . Ning Xi had the good luck to get Jiang Muye as her acting partner . I’m guessing that after this movie, she’ll be able to enter the ranks of second tier actors . There’s even a chance that she could get into the first tier…”

“Hah, even the first tier? She dared to steal my possessions, did you think I would let her have an easy time?” Jia Qingqing’s originally pretty face was now exceptionally twisted with malice .

“Qingqing, don’t be too impulsive . The company is preparing to invest a lot of effort into developing Ning Xi . If you tangle with her now, I’m afraid…”

“So what if I tangle with her? Don’t tell me you’re scared of a man-eating vixen like her!”

Upon hearing that the company was preparing to develop Ning Xi, Jia Qingqing was even more furious . After all, the type of movies she acted in were similar to Ning Xi’s . If the company elevated Ning Xi, there was a large likelihood that a portion of her own resources would be taken away .

Watching Jia Qingqing become completely fired up, Ning Xueluo secretly smiled .

With Jia Qingqing as a knife, she didn’t have to use her own hands at all . All she needed to do was sit back and enjoy the show .
However, Ning Xi’s luck did seem to be running a little too well recently . Some precautions needed to be taken…

“Where’s Xiao Cui? Have the props been prepared?” Guo Qisheng shouted .

“Coming, coming . Director, will this do?” The prop master brought a hemp rope over .

“Yes!” Guo Qisheng nodded and then called to Jiang Muye, “Muye, I’ll have to inconvenience you a bit!”

“It’s no inconvenience . This is necessary for filming the scene!” Jiang Muye looked dedicated to his work as he laid down on a large carved bed with ease, allowing the prop master to bind his arms and legs .

That’s right . As the director had mentioned, this scene was… very intense…

After Meng Changge’s confession to Sun Huanqing had been met with rejection, she had immediately kidnapped him and brought him home… .