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Chapter 929

This terrifying feeling was just too familiar . . .

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Something in Jiang Muye prompted him to turn around and looked towards Ke Mingyu, where the chills were coming from .

Then, he saw Ke Mingyu something shocking .

The man raised his hand to pinch the space between his brows . . .

That was a small habit that his uncle did when he was trying to suppress his emotions! The same action done by a different person felt entirely distinct, yet Ke Mingyu was acting precisely the same as Lu Tingxiao . Furthermore, Ke Mingyu was currently not in front of the camera lens!

Whoa! Could Ke Mingyu really be his uncle in disguise?

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Were Ning Xiao Xi's instincts so scarily accurate?

Jiang Muye was bewildered and uncertain whether to rush over to tell Ning Xi . However, at that moment, the other guy seemed to have noticed his line of sight and a merciless chill was suddenly emitted from that pair of eyes, intimidatingly locking him down to the spot .

That was a warning!

Jiang Muye's spine instantly turned rigid and he stood frozen, his survival skills reflexively making him clam his mouth .

Uncle, Uncle! I did not see anything! I won't say anything!

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Some time passed . . . a moment later, when the man was certain he would not be a big mouth, the terrifying warning from his eyes had washed away, he closed his eyes to recuperate .

Jiang Mye was so frightened that his entire back had been layered with cold sweat . . .


It was true that with Ning Xiao Xi, all sorts of magical things could happen!

This was too exciting!

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At the same time, on the set, Ning Xi was happily chatting to Zhuang Keer, oblivious to everyone else . . . no one knew that Jiang Muye had just experienced shock and was currently in his new lease of life!

"Whoa! Miss Zhuang is actually here for that punk! See! You were just saying how good your Senior was but she's got less integrity than all of us combined! I'm so annoyed! Why would this Miss Zhuang be so close to her? She must be deceived by all her smooth-talking!"

Zhuang Keer was obviously a noble and cool mature woman but before Ning Xi, she had turned into a softy . This was incredibly illogical!

Ji Yumeng stared straight at the two of them, then kicked Qi Fang . "Shut up! Senior is a woman, alright?!"

Qi Fang laughed, "Oh, oh, oh, you still remember she's a woman? Then, why are you so angry and jealous for?"

"Shut up!" Ji Yumeng answered him with a kick to his shins again .

Among the crew, Ning Xi was the gentlest and closest to her, so she always thought that she was the most special . Alas, now a woman of noble standing had suddenly popped up to be intimate with Ning Xi! How in the world could she be happy about this?

After Zhuang Keer arrived, Ning Xi immediately put aside everything temporarily and pulled her aside to have a seat on the chair .

"I'm sorry, Xiao Xi, I wanted to come earlier but I had to watch my brother . . . " Zhuang Keer said helplessly .

"How's your brother now?" Ning Xi asked .

"He slept as soon as he came back last night and he stayed at home today too . He seemed like he was in a bad mood but he did become much more docile," answered Zhuang Keer .

Because of the latest ruckus, Zhuang Keer's grandfather almost had a fatal heart attack and her father had lost control again . Their mother was busy with work and was rarely home . Now, she had to put everything aside to take care of her brother . She also ordered the servants to inform her about everything first, especially disallowing anyone to call their grandfather . Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable if any trouble arose again . Until now, she still had lingering fears when she thought about the last time her brother had caused trouble .