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Chapter 1005: 1005

Chapter 1005: Eight-Star Dao Pattern

For the subsequent days, Mo Yao’er was more obedient and became a virtuous daughter . She never lost her temper and was even courteous to Mo Qi and company . Mo Qi and Mo Fu were not used to this change . They started to look at Jiang Yi differently, too .

There was always one thing to conquer another .

That Jiang Yi was able to tame this demon girl even a bunch of elders and Mo Shen couldn’t control, made all the elders look at Jiang Yi in a different light . They couldn’t deny the feat that he had accomplished . They started to be more respectful to him . From the looks of Mo Yao’er, she had been utterly subdued by Jiang Yi . It seemed like Jiang Yi would not be able to escape being the son-in-law of Mo Shen . Even if Mo Shen would not agree to the marriage, Mo Yao’er would probably elope with Jiang Yi .

While Jiang Yi’s attitude towards Mo Yao’er improved, it was not because he had fallen for her .

In fact, his feelings of affection towards Mo Yao’er did not increase by much . He was just biding his time, waiting for the day of the Dwarf Race’s destruction . That would be the day when he would leave the Heaven Devil Race . He did not have the time for fleeting moments and dallying with women .

The journey was very safe . Although the group met martial artists from other races occasionally, the latter immediately avoided the group after sensing the presence of so many formidable warriors . Furthermore, four commanders were scouting the perimeter . They would report if anything cropped up .

From time to time, Jiang Yi chatted with Mo Yao’er . As he was no longer as cold as before, Mo Yao’er was overjoyed . She was just like a young lady experiencing her first taste of romance . After all, she was a young, spoiled princess at best . How could she match up to Jiang Yi regarding the matters of the heart?

Throughout the journey—when night fell, all would make camp . After eating and drinking, the elders—not wanting to play gooseberry[1]—would retreat into their tents to practice . As Jiang Yi picked his teeth and walked boldly into his tent, Mo Yao’er happily followed him .

Jiang Yi laid on his bed cross-legged . With a wave of his hand, Mo Yao’er willingly went over and massaged his thigh . If that group of elders was to see this scene, they would be so shocked .

This is a miserable wretch!

Jiang Yi looked at Mo Yao’er indifferently . She was just smiling and sitting down obediently . It felt so unreal . He remembered vividly the first time he met Mo Yao’er, how high, mighty and arrogant she looked and acted . At that time, he had thought of tearing off her clothes and suspending her in the air for a day . Yet now, the tide had turned . She was now serving him .

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“Chief, do you want to eat a white snake fruit?”

After massaging for a while, Mo Yao’er knelt by Jiang Yi’s side and asked gently . Jiang Yi tilted his eyes and glanced at Mo Yao’er . He smiled and said, “I want to eat white rabbit fruits . ”

Mo Yao’er stared . She asked hesitantly, “What is white rabbit fruit? Why have I not heard of it before? Chief, is this available in the Snow region?”


Jiang Yi chuckled and looked down towards Mo Yao’er’s bosom . Eyes glistening, he said, “Every woman has two of it . ”


Mo Yao’er finally understood . She shuddered, and her body went limp and numb . Her face was a deep red . With both hands turned into fists, she punched Jiang Yi’s chest incessantly . Acting in a spoiled manner, she said, “I’m not going to come anymore . Chief is making fun of me again . You’re too playful!”


Jiang Yi laughed and replied . “If men are not playful, women would not fall in love with them . I think you women are b****** . You women only like the playful boys . No one likes the gentlemen . ”

“That’s right! I’m cheap!”

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Mo Yao’er curled her lips, rolled her eyes, and said, “If I was not cheap, how could I have fallen for a big bad person like you? Why would I serve you? I have not served anyone before . Even if King Father asked me to massage his back, I would not listen to him . ”

Jiang Yi turned around, laid down, and opened his blanket . He said, “Ok, I’m about to sleep . Come and warm the bed for me!”

“I would never . ”

Mo Yao’er jumped up quickly . She shook her head and said, “Queen Mother said that girls should not be too easy . A girl should only give her body to her husband after marriage . Mo Xing, you should hurry up and reach the peak of the Heaven Monarch Realm! At that time, you could ask King Father for my hand in marriage . King Father will definitely agree! He really dotes on you . ”

“I will never ask him that!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes widened . “When did I say I wanted to marry you? Let’s wait for a period of time . At least until your violent temper has been changed . ”


Mo Yao’er was about to fly off the handle . However, she managed to calm herself down . Teary-eyed and feeling wronged, she said, “Haven’t I been much better behaved recently? Mo Xing, do not be too demanding . ”

Jiang Yi looked at Mo Yao’er coldly for a period of time . Seeing that she did not dare to meet his eyes, he said lightly, “It’s been passable . Now, listen to me and go to bed . We will reach Tiger Subdue Sect in a few days . We might encounter the Dwarf Race or other races . We should preserve our energy and be ready for battle . ”


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Having gotten Jiang Yi’s affirmation, Mo Yao’er smiled sweetly . Looking at Jiang Yi affectionately, Mo Yao’er turned and left .

However, Jiang Yi could not sleep . Over this period of time, he had discovered that Mo Yao’er was not as bad as he had imagined . She was just a spoiled little princess . If she was the enemy, he could kill her without mercy . However, at this moment, he was deceiving her and using her . This weighed on his conscience heavily .

While Mo Yao’er fell deeper and deeper in love with him, he could still stall until the day the Dwarf Race was destroyed . Once that day came and when he had left, he wasn’t sure if Mo Yao’er would go crazy or even kill herself .

“Since things are already as there are, there is no point overthinking . I’ll cross the bridge when I get to it . Let’s see what happens then . ”

Jiang Yi muttered to himself, closed his eyes, and slept . As there were elders all around him, he didn’t dare to practice . Having been hard at work for eight months, he wanted to have a good rest . This period of time was perfect for him to catch up on sleep .

The journey continued after the sun rose . As they got closer to Tiger Subdue Mountain, the surroundings became much livelier . Jiang Yi encountered three troops on the way . Mo Qi explained that they were envoys from two major races in the Snow Region . They were obviously here to congratulate Sect Patriarch Cao as well .

Cao Peiwan was 150 years old this year . He became famous 80 years ago . Under his leadership these 70 years, the Tiger Subdue Sect had maintained its position as second among the Snow Region Ten Sects .

Cao Peiwan was also the second strongest in the Snow Region . Only the Heaven Hidden Sect’s Patriarch was above him . It was rumored that he had mastered an incredibly powerful dao pattern—the eight-star dao pattern, the Shield of the Earth .

Based on the power of this dao pattern, Cao Peiwan’s defensive ability was incredible . Besides the Patriarch of the Heaven Hidden Sect—even if the remaining Demigods of the Snow Region combined forces, no one would be able to kill him even if he did not lift a finger .

Furthermore, Cao Peiwan’s offensive ability was not weak either . Under the present circumstances—with Heaven Hidden Sect not interested in joining the conflict happening in the Snow Region, Cao Peiwan became the de facto King of the Snow Region . It was to be expected that the near-1000 races in the Snow Region would all send members to congratulate Cao Peiwan .

“Eight-star dao pattern, the Shield of the Earth!”

Jiang Yi listened to Mo Qi’s explanation with a face full of bewilderment . His five-star dao pattern could freeze enemies within a 1000-mile radius . Lei Banxian’s seven-star dao pattern could reverse the flow of time . Imagine just how strong this eight-star dao pattern could be . Not forgetting the nine-star dao pattern and the legendary ultimate dao pattern, Jiang Yi could not fathom how powerful they could be .

“Chief! We have arrived at Tiger Subdue Mountain . Please try to control your temper . We do not want to offend people from the Tiger Subdue Sect!”

Mo Yao’er’s voice rang out, pulling Jiang Yi back to reality: “The young clan head of the Tiger Subdue Sect has been chasing me for many years . Once we are at Tiger Subdue Mountain, let’s try not to be too affectionate towards each other . That might cause unnecessary trouble . Don’t worry, Chief! I only have you in my heart . ”


Jiang Yi raised his eyebrows and looked more serious . It seemed like this trip to Tiger Subdue Mountain would not be that peaceful after all .

[1] Playing gooseberry means standing chaperon towards a couple .

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