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Chapter 1006: 1006

Chapter 1006: A Bunch of Fools

This trip to Tiger Subdue Mountain was indeed going to be eventful . Even before reaching the mountain, something happened .


One of the commanders sped toward the group, yelling as he came . “Sacred Lady! Elders! Members of the Dwarf Race are obstructing the way! It’s Qiu Bai!”

“Qiu Bai?”

Mo Yao’er, Mo Qi, and company tensed up . They all knew that Qiu Bai was Qiu Ming’s younger brother . With Qiu Ming dead, Qiu Bai became the next young clan head . Blocking the way up to Tiger Subdue Mountain, he was definitely up to no good .

Mo Yao’er’s whip appeared in her hand . Her brows raised, and she asked coldly, “How many men did Qiu Bai bring? How far away are they?”

The commander replied, “Not that many! Maybe 40-50 men, possibly all formidable martial artists . However, many people are watching from the sidelines . The young clan head of the Mammoth Race is also present . ”

Mo Qi, afraid that Mo Yao’er would instigate a fight, quickly asked, “Couldn’t we go around them?”

“Why should we do that?”

Mo Yao’er waved her hand rudely . “So many people are watching . If we took a detour, how can we still retain our footing in the Snow Region? Does it mean that whenever the Dwarf Race appears, we would have to take another road? Let’s go! At most, we will fight them . If Qiu Bai is not afraid of dying, let him go and join his brother . ”

Mo Qi and the rest did not have anything to say to that . Mo Yao’er was right . If they took a detour now, would they have to do so every time they saw someone from the Dwarf Race from now on? Mo Qi glanced at Jiang Yi and saw his relaxed and calm face . He relaxed a little, waved his hand, and said, “Let’s go and meet Qiu Bai then! Sacred Lady, please don’t be too reckless though . ”

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After Mo Qi cautioned her against recklessness, Mo Yao’er stared . She looked at Jiang Yi and was afraid he would be mad . However, Jiang Yi did not seem to care . He waved a hand and said, “What must be, must be . Let’s go!”


As if she had received an imperial edict, Mo Yao’er became ecstatic . She guided her Fei Lian Beast to advance swiftly, leaving Mo Qi and company rushing to keep up with her .

After traveling for 100 miles, dozens of people appeared in front of them . Jiang Yi’s divine senses had also detected the presence of many others in the surrounding small mountains . A few dozen people from the Mammoth Race and a couple of hundred people from other unique races were present . Although they were not many, they were all powerful martial artists . At this moment, they were looking towards the group excitedly, waiting for the show to begin .

“Hehe . Mo Yao’er, you still dare to show yourself?”

On top of the mountain, a young man surrounded by a group of people from the Dwarf Race started to speak . He wore elegant battle armor and looked pretty decent . However, he had a small physique that made him appear… comical . He said coldly, “For killing my big brother, I—Qiu Bai—swore that your Heaven Devil Race will have to pay for this blood debt . ”

Never one to remain silent while being scolded, Mo Yao’er stopped her Fei Lian Beast in mid-air . She retorted . “You dwarf . Your big brother laid a trap to kill me and ended up getting killed by me . You can only blame the ineptness of the Dwarf Race . You want to kill me? Your big brother couldn’t, and you can’t either!”

Qiu Bai and Qiu Ming actually looked alike . Jiang Yi could also sense that Qiu Bai’s powers were decent . He would probably be a match for a Three- or Four-Star martial artist . The iron hammer that Qiu Bai was holding was also in no way ordinary . From the dark-blue mystical glow it emitted, it was most probably an ancient artifact .


Qiu Bai coldly snorted a few times and raised both his iron hammers . He was raring to go . He looked at Mo Yao’er and said, “Mo Yao’er, if you are so strong, do you dare to fight me one on one? If I lose, I will be at your disposal . If you lose, you would have to be my slave for a month . What say you? Do you have as much balls as your King Father? I forgot—you’re a woman; how could you have balls? Hahaha!”

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Tsk! Tsk!

Mo Yao’er’s whip started to glow . With her face full of rage, she was about to order Fei Lian Beast to fly forward to accept the duel . Mo Qi hurriedly tried to stop Mo Yao’er . He looked at Jiang Yi pleadingly for help .

Cough, cough!

Jiang Yi coughed twice . Mo Yao’er’s rage seemed to subside instantly . She looked at Jiang Yi uncertainly . Mo Fu and company also turned their gaze towards Jiang Yi, hoping that he would be able to dissuade Mo Yao’er .

Jiang Yi had no choice . He guided his Fei Lian Beast forward and looked sweepingly at the dwarfs present . He said solemnly, “Indeed, the Sacred Lady does not have balls . I do, however . I shall entertain you guys . If I fight you one on one though, that would be bullying you . All of you can attack together . Let’s fight to the death!”


There was an uproar . All the martial artists observing the scene were talking animatedly . They looked mockingly at Jiang Yi, thinking that he was a fool . At a mere seventh stage of the Heaven Monarch Realm, he actually dared to challenge 40-50 powerful martial artists of the Dwarf Race . If he wasn’t mad, what was he?


What made the situation even more incredulous was Qiu Bai actually didn’t dare to reply . The other members of the Dwarf Race also kept mum . No one had the courage to respond to Jiang Yi .

Mo Qi and company grinned . Mo Yao’er’s eyes brightened and gazed at Jiang Yi with adoration and adulation . For one man to challenge a group of martial arts pros and to be greeted with silence in response, what arrogance was this?

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“Mo Xing, I knew it!”

Qiu Bai gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry . There will come a day when I will make you wish you were dead . Today, I’m here to fight Mo Yao’er . This has nothing to do with you . Scram . ”

Without a doubt, Qiu Bai had heard of Jiang Yi before . The name ‘Mo Xing’ actually was more famous that Mo Yao’er’s among the dwarfs . The Dwarf Race had investigated the previous battle thoroughly . Jiang Yi played an indispensable role in slaughtering Qiu Ming and the group of martial arts pros with him . Jiang Yi’s Icebound Thousand Miles and his secret six-star dao pattern, Jolting Kill Through Air, were well known to Qiu Bai and his people .

For the duration of this trip, the Dwarf Race was actually ordered by their clan head not to engage Heaven Devil Race in battle . Similarly, Mo Shen had given the same order .

Having just become the young clan head, Qiu Bai was eager to prove himself . He wanted to provoke Mo Yao’er and use the ‘Reliance Awls’ that the clan head had given him to win Mo Yao’er . Even if Mao Yao’er refused to engage, the Dwarf Race would have won some face . As duels were extremely common—so long as Mo Yao’er assented, even Cao Peiwan would not deign to interfere .

He did not expect Jiang Yi to intervene and, in addition, to ask for a battle to the death . If he agreed—with so many people present—even if he and his men were all killed, the Dwarf Race would find it hard to pursue the matter .

Qiu Bai obviously didn’t have the courage to fight Jiang Yi one on one . The other dwarfs also did not dare to instigate any battle . If Qiu Bai died in battle, the clan head of the Dwarf Race would be beside himself .

Jiang Yi heard what Qiu Bai said and laughed mockingly . He turned to look at Mo Yao’er and company . He said, “Sacred Lady, let’s go . Don’t bother with this group of imbeciles . Go ahead and fly to Tiger Subdue Mountain . If anyone dares to lay a finger on you, this place will be their permanent resting place . ”

Jiang Yi understood the situation very clearly . The clan heads on both sides had given orders not to fight . Instead of wasting time arguing, the group should go to Tiger Subdue Mountain to rest instead .

Giggle . “Mo Xing, let’s do as you say!”

Mo Yao’er brought the group of elders and ordered her Fei Lian Beast to soar high . She gave the dwarfs a cold smile and said, “Whoever dares to fight, I’ll chop them up and feed them to the dogs . ”

Jiang Yi lazily followed them . He flew towards and then upwards from the dwarfs . Seeing no one taking any action, he mocked . “A bunch of imbeciles . ”

“Ah, Ah!”

Qiu Bai was shaking with rage . He circulated his essence force into his hammers and let out a frightening aura . The patterns on the hammer swirled, too, as he prepared to strike .

The elders of the Dwarf Race frantically tried to restrain him . They only let go after Jiang Yi and company had left . One of them said, “Young Clan Head, please don’t be angry . If we fight them head-on, we will definitely be on the losing end . Mo Xing’s group offensive dao pattern is too strong!”

“Then what should we do?” Bai Qiu snarled and shouted . “Are we just going to let this matter rest? How about avenging my brother?”

“We will definitely avenge him!”

The elder smiled slightly . “Since we cannot fight them head-on, we can go behind their backs . Rest assured, Young Clan Head, I will not let Mo Xing leave Tiger Subdue Mountain alive . ”

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