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Chapter 266: 266

“Pong, Pong, Pong!”

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Eight armies began to move rapidly and recklessly in the city . Each of them had a general that carried Princess Ling Xue’s decree, heading straight for the eight different imperial residences .

Jiang Yi exited from the imperial palace as well and immediately rode on the Dragon Eagle to patrol the skies . Principal Qi and the others rode on the Quinary Color Peacock while an expert of the Water Moon Observatory rode on the Chongming Bird 1 to rendezvous with Jiang Yi .

Jiang Yi kept on listening to the various reports without a hint of nervousness or panic, even though it was his first time commanding an army . His heart didn’t consider such trivial details, and he didn’t even treat himself as a Patrol Envoy or a general . If he didn’t do this well, he could just stop doing it as he didn’t desire for this role either . His objective was to find the little fox, and other things didn’t matter .

“Report! Princess Ling Yue’s residence has been searched . No findings!”

“Report! Prince Ling Jian’s residence has been searched . No findings!”


Scouts constantly returned to report, and the search had been going smoothly . None of the princes and princesses resisted against the decree; they cooperated rather willingly . They allowed the army to mess up their imperial residences for them to conduct their search .

“Report! Prince Ling Fei refused the army’s entry and sent his residence’s army to seal up the mansion . ”

One hour later, there was news that reinvigorated Jiang Yi and his group . There was a flash of chill in Jiang Yi’s eyes as he waved his hand, “Let’s go!”


The Dragon Eagle, the Quinary Color Peacock, and the Chongming Bird extended their wings and flew with haste towards the west side of the city, quickly arriving at a luxurious mansion . Jiang Yi looked from distance and saw that the mansion was surrounded with guards . The gates of the mansion were obstructed with several experts, which didn’t allow any entry .

“Surround it!”

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Jiang Yi stood proudly in mid-air and yelled out, “Force your way in . If anyone dares to resist, then kill them without mercy!”


Jiang Yi’s voice was very loud, which incited an uproar to the army and the experts from the imperial residence below . Where was this place again? It was Imperial Prince Ling Fei’s residence, and he was the son of the dragon—the sixth son of the current Emperor! Jiang Yi actually ordered to force their way in and kill without mercy?

When Jiang Yi saw that the army didn’t have any response, he frowned and reprimanded loudly, “General Long, did you not hear this Envoy’s orders?”


An elite general on the ground gritted his teeth and waved his hand . The army formed an attack formation and stormed towards the imperial residence while many commanders climbed over the walls from various directions .

“How dare you!”

There was a loud echo from the imperial residence as a dashing youth that wore an imperial robe walked out under the protection of a group of experts . He had this furious expression as he roared, “This Prince is right here . I shall see who dares to barge in and kill without mercy? If you have the capability, then kill this Prince!”


The guards at the gate of the residence immediately withdrew and formed a circle around this Imperial Prince while looking at Jiang Yi in mid-air with killing aura, animosity, and anger .

“Prince Ling Fei?”

Jiang Yi controlled the Dragon Eagle, approached the prince’s residence, and spoke from a higher position, “You better make things clear . It is not I who wants to search your residence, but it is according to the decree of your younger sister . This matter involves the existence of the Empire and the lives of millions of Stellarsky City’s citizens . If you have any issues, then go find Princess Ling Xue . General Long, do it . If Prince Ling Fei’s men dare to resist, then kill without mercy . This Patrol Envoy shall bear all the responsibility . ”

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Ling Fei was trembling from anger as he pointed at Jiang Yi and berated, “What are you? Patrol Envoy? In this Prince’s eyes, you aren’t even sh*t…”

Jiang Yi stood apathetically, completely ignoring the curses from Ling Fei’s mouth . The army on the surface acted swiftly and began their search . This Prince Ling Fei didn’t stop his cursing, but he didn’t ask his men to go into a conflict with the army .

“Report! There are no findings in the west courtyard!”

“Report! No findings in the south courtyard…”


Soon enough, the scouts came back and report, causing General Long’s face to turn awful . Ling Fei had this sneering face as he pointed at Jiang Yi, “Listen, listen! Are there any traitors in this Prince’s mansion? Jiang Yi! How dare you offend this Prince? You can say goodbye to your Patrol Envoy position! I will immediately enter the palace and ask Ling Xue to give the decree to take off your head!”

“Report . The entire residence has been searched, and there are no suspicious individuals . ” The result was out quickly, which fueled Ling Fei’s arrogance .

Jiang Yi looked at Ling Xue indifferently and snorted . “Withdraw! Another thing… Prince Ling Fei, by all means, strip me of my title if you like . I don’t have any regards for this lousy position as the Patrol Envoy . If you want my head, we will have to see if you have the capability . If you want to kill me, then you have to be prepared to face my wrath! Let’s go!”

Jiang Yi rode on the Dragon Eagle and quickly departed while the scouts constantly returned to report one by one . As the imperial residences had been searched, there were still no findings .

Up until this juncture, everyone was beginning to doubt if Jiang Yi’s assumptions were incorrect .

“Report! Prince Ling Bu refused entry for the army to conduct a search and had a conflict with the Imperial Guards . They have already killed over a dozen guards!”

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Another piece of news came over, causing Jiang Yi’s eyes to shrink as he shouted, “General Long, rush over with a team through the underground and immediately surround Prince Ling Bu’s residence from below . If there is anyone who tried to escape, kill them without mercy . ”


After giving his orders, Jiang Yi immediately rushed towards Prince Ling Bu’s residence on the Dragon Eagle, using just a short period of time to arrive about the eastern part of the city . The situation looked roughly similar to the previous incident . Prince Ling Bu had blocked the entrance of the imperial residence while no one dared to enter even though the residence was surrounded .

“Patrol Envoy Jiang!”

When Jiang Yi flew over, countless Imperial Guards knelt on one knee while a general that looked like he was 50 years old quickly sought for advice . “Reporting to the Patrol Envoy . Prince Ling Bu’s men are refusing the search and had killed 48 Imperial Guards . Will Patrol Envoy please advise us on how should we proceed?”

Jiang Yi stood in mid-air indifferently and looked at the brightly-lit imperial residence before he snorted . “What is there to advise? All of you, force your way in; if they dare to obstruct, it means they are defying the decree . Immediately execute them . This Envoy will bear all responsibility . ”


The old general was probably waiting for this statement as he immediately roared, “Attack!”


Before they even advanced, countless essence force attacks flew out from the imperial residence, sweeping towards the army like giant scythes . How could a regular guard withstand such a powerful essence force attack? Hundreds of soldiers were immediately struck by the essence force attacks and were blown into pieces .

“All those that dare take a step into the mansion shall be killed without mercy!”

A cold voice echoed from within the mansion while countless experts flew out from the numerous grand halls within the mansion . They were all standing on the roofs of the buildings while their weapons were radiating with essence force, getting ready to attack at any moment .


Jiang Yi was born brave and was fearless . He naturally wasn’t afraid of Prince Ling Bu’s threat as he roared, “Attack!”

“Swish! Swish!”

The army continued to rush in, advancing in waves upon waves while countless others climbed over the walls . There was a battle that erupted within the residence as countless essence force attacks flew all over the palace hall within the imperial residence . Since Jiang Yi was going to bear all the consequences, they were just acting according to orders .

“Kill! Kill everyone except Prince Ling Bu!”

Jiang Yi gave his orders again . Since all these dead people weren’t related to him, he didn’t feel any pain since he wasn’t a part of the Azure Dragon Empire, too . He was just concentrating on finding the little fox .


Right at this moment, the surface of the ground in front of the imperial residence suddenly burst open . A Soul Travel Realm Commander shot out and yelled towards Jiang Yi, “Reporting to the Patrol Envoy . Three black-robed men have escaped underground, and their strength is all at least above the eighth stage of Soul Travel Realm . They have already broken through the entrapment of the army and are escaping towards the east . General Long is pursuing them with his team . ”

“Good! The army will continue to attack and take Traitor Ling Bu to be judged by Princess Ling Xue!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes had a flash of chilling light as he yelled out to Principal Qi, the little monk, and the others beside him, “Let’s go! We will chase after them . We must rescue the little fox before the demonic beast army arrives!”