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Galactic Garbage Station - Chapter 387

Published at 6th of April 2020 05:46:51 PM

Chapter 387

Seeing Su Jing refused to sell honey, Boss Zhou and Boss Ji didn’t dare to force it . Although they wanted it in their heart, they could only wait for Su Jing to change his mind one day . They returned to the topic and invited Su Jing to help them look at the garden and give pointers .

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“Boss Zhou, I can help you look at the garden . However, there is a condition,” Su Jing said .

“What condition?” Boss Zhou asked .

“Look at this picture and you will understand . ” Su Jing took out the Palace Painting and spread it out on the table . Seeing this picture, Wang Zhuo, Boss Zhou, and Boss Ji all stared at each other . Naturally, they saw the prototype of Boss Zhou Garden .

“I always wondered how that Wu Hao designed such a beautiful garden, so it was copied from you . ” Boss Zhou suddenly realized .

“It can’t be said to be plagiarism, I sold it to him . However, I sold the design, not the drawing itself . If this drawing is displayed someday in the future, I hope Boss Zhou will not mind . ” Su Jing said .

“Oh, of course, I wouldn’t mind . Id this the condition Mr . Su spoke of? If that is then I really would be taking advantage of you . My garden has not been fully constructed yet and there have been many people who had plagiarised that design . After the construction, the style will definitely spread out so whether you show this picture or not will not really affect me . “Old Zhou Ban said .

“That’s good . ” Su Jing nodded . In fact, the reason why he told Boss Zhou was not only because Su Jing did not want Boss Zhou to blame him but he also did not want him to blame Wu Hao for plagiarism .

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“Mr . Su, then I …” Boss Ji spoke .

“By the way, please let Boss Ji look at it too . ” Su Jing smiled and made no request, which was a personal favor .

“Thank you, Mr . Su . ” Boss Ji beamed .

Su Jing didn’t go to Boss Zhou and Boss Ji’s house but asked them to take the garden picture . Su Jing instructed them to modify it slightly according to the situation . Because of internal plant restrictions, it is impossible to create a Sanctuary and Blessed Land like his yard, but at least with some modification, their garden can make the air fresher and create a feeling of living longer, and it would be effective .

Su Jing only went to Wang Zhuo’s house once and after careful seeing the garden, he only gave an opinion, Su Jing is naturally more concerned about Wang Zhou . In addition, he also sends Wang Zhuo some honey but told him to drink slowly .

In the afternoon, Song Xueru called and said that he was at home . Su Jing went there and brought back the Lyrebird baby bird, Song Xueru was kind enough to teach Su Jing about his domestication skills and precautions . Although, Su Jing doesn’t need these skills at all as he can just feed the Lyrebird with Jade Fang Fishes to raise it well but it is not a bad thing to know more about Lyrebird habits . He kept everything Song Xueru said in his heart .

Su Jing brought back the Lyrebird . It’s not exactly a baby bird as it has started to grow hair and is active all day long . Su Jing fed it with Jade Fang Fishes and she really enjoyed eating it . After feeding a few times, it started to stick to Su Jing .

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The next day, Su Jing found that another reporter has been squatting at the door of his home . After checking it online, he found that his appearance in Good Chef China was used for publicity . Of course, the first episode of the show had just been filmed and hadn’t been aired yet, so it wasn’t revealed and was just advertising . After all, Su Jing was originally an Ancient Zither Master, a Taming Grandmaster, and Qingyun Town Young God of Cooking . With his fame, he can play a certain role in many promotions .

Su Jing was feeling helpless . The episode hasn’t even been broadcasted yet and he already had a reporter squatting at his door . After the broadcast, I’m afraid that he will become more famous . Fortunately, he won’t be going to that show until the finals . Hopefully, by that time, everyone would forget about him .

In order to make the reporter give up, Su Jing did not go out in the next few days and he stayed at home to raise pets, play the Zither, and play Go … Of course, he still played QQGo, because he found it was really good for physical and mental health . He played for about two hours every day and never lost .

As a result, his QQ name “Ten Steps to Scenery” gradually became popular in the QQGo world . Many people challenged him, but none could defeat Su Jing, and no one could defeat Su Jing’s undefeated record . Moreover, it is said that several challengers who later challenged him were professional stage 2nd Dan players, and even 3rd Dan Go players challenged him . Unfortunately, they still lost to Su Jing .

Moreover, many faithful spectators have been shocked to find that the “Ten Steps to Scenery” is obviously becoming more and more powerful . If you are a low-level Go player, he is only better than you . If you are a high-level Go player, he can still beat you .

“There is a Go game deadlock, I wonder if you are interested in solving it?” Suddenly a man called “Writing About Paintings” sent a message to him .

“Light it up . ” Su Jing is interested .

“Wait a minute . ” Writing About Paintings added Su Jing as a friend and sent a Go record . Su Jing saw it and suddenly his pupils shrank slightly . This is definitely a dead end for ordinary Go players, but Su Jing only looks at it . At a glance, he found that it is not necessarily a dead end . Of course, finding a way out is not so simple .

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“Is it solvable?” Writing About Paintings asked .

Su Jing was silent as he stared at the Go game for a while, before sending a message: “Let’s try it . ”

Su Jing and Writing About Paintings started to play against each other in QQGo . Of course, in the beginning, they did not play according to their own ideas . Instead, they played completely according to the Go record . When they saw “Ten steps to Scenery” playing GO against someone, many people came to watch . Among them, “The way of Scholar”, “Heavenly Star” and other regular visitors also came in .

“How can they get down so fast without thinking at all?”

“Yeah, even Ten Steps to Scenery, this is too fast, who is this opponent?”

“No, they’re not playing GO, they’re playing with a record . This is … this appeared some time ago at the GOChess Institute, this is the famous Lüneburg Variation . ” The Way of Scholar and Heavenly Star and others saw the clue and they were suddenly excited .

“It’s true . ” The other spectators were also excited .

After setting up the GO board according to the record, Su Jing took a long time to play his first move . The old man named Writing About Paintings behind the screen saw this and his pupils suddenly contracted a bit, he took a deep breath and also made a move .

Su Jing didn’t pause this time and made his next move . The two of them were playing fast and slow . After half an hour, the Writing About Paintings suddenly stopped .

“Dangdang . ” In a room, a middle-aged man suddenly stood up while staring at the screen, his face full of excitement .

“Teacher, what’s wrong?” A few young men and women who were next to him were surprised . It is rare to see their teacher so excited . Speaking of their teacher, he suddenly started to play QQGo, which also surprised them . After all, playing QQGo is generally a recreation for some amateurs, but their teacher is a professional .

“The Lüneburg Variation has been cracked . ” The middle-aged man was shocked as he said this .

“How is that possible?” A few young men and women were also shocked to hear that the Lüneburg Variation was actually cracked, and it was cracked by players playing QQGo . They hurried towards the middle-aged man and looked at the computer screen and their faces were filled with disbelief .

At the same time, online Go players also exploded .  

(To be continued ~ ^ ~)

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