Gate of God - Chapter 598

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Chapter 598

Robust, demon-like - these two completely opposite traits concentrated on the body of King Xieluo .

Demon . . .

This was the real demon!

"Now, I will let you have a taste of my real power!" King Xieluo's mouth twitched a little as he showed his peculiar looking expression .

Then he made his move .

He dashed so quickly towards Yan Qianli .

"BOOM!" A golden light emerged through .

Sending Yan Qianli back rapidly, he went down to the ground uncontrollably . At last, there was a loud "peng" sound on the ground .

Too fast .

It was too fast . Nobody could see what had happened clearly .

"What's going on?"

"How formidable can King Xieluo get? Yan Qianli is a sage, but yet he does not even have a fighting chance in front of the demon king?"

Nobody wanted to believe .

Nonetheless, that was a fact, an indisputable fact .

Without any hesitation, King Xieluo decided to sneak on his next move, flying at an uncontrollably high speed towards Fang Zhengzhi, and landed in front him in just a blink of an eye .

" . . . " Fang Zhengzhi looked up at King Xieluo, eyes wide in shock .

King Xieluo stared back at Fang Zhengzhi .

At that instant, Fang Zhengzhi looked into his eyes and felt the aura, the confidence, the complete boldness in King Xieluo .

"Die!" King Xieluo said out ruthlessly, his pointy blueclaws slashing through the black dress that Fang Zhengzhi was wearing, into his chest, forcing his way inside .

Just imagine . . .

The blueclaws could almost effortlessly pierce through Fang Zhengzhi's chest .

But the reality was, it did not .

A high pitched frictional sound echoed throughout the night . The Heart Protection Mirror slowly showed itself, and on the mirror, there was a squarish looking black stone attached on it .

This unpredictable misfortune caused King Xieluo to have a slight change in expression . It could actually survive my mighty claw? What was that?

There was a slight doubt on King Xieluo's face, but the helpless Fang Zhengzhi had already used the opportunity to spring away from the attacks . While the claw had missed his heart, the blow was too intense for him to handle .

"Hong!" a sharp pain pierced right through his chest area . Thereafter, Fang Zhengzhi felt a strange and immense strength injecting into his body . It rushed in as strong and fast like a wild horse racing .

It made his body travel down uncontrollably in the speed of a lightning .

However, just as his body was going to crash on the ground, Fang Zhengzhi managed to slow down to a halt, forcefully stopping his body in mid air .

"Looks like this battle had depleted most of your power!" Fang Zhengzhi mouthed out as blood trickled down beside his lips . But, he tried to fight through it, pushing his lips to flash his best smile .

"Oh, is that so?" King Xieluo's body suddenly blinked and appeared beside Fang Zhengzhi once again, extending his rear claw towards the direction of Fang Zhengzhi .


This time round, it had completely caught him off guard . Fang Zhengzhi went crashing down to the ground level, sending cracks and flying stones everywhere, burying his whole body .

That happened too quickly .

From the reappearance of King Xieluo, to Yan Qianli and Fang Zhengzhi crashing down on the ground, seemed as though everything happened in a flash .

Especially the double blow from King Xieluo to Fang Zhengzhi .

From the outside, it almost seemed like these two attacks happened continuously, without a single pause in the middle .

"How is it this time round?" King Xieluo grinned, waiting for an answer from Fang Zhengzhi, which obviously came to no avail as there was no reply from him .

"Are you faking your death again?" King Xieluo budged, his back claw began slashing vigorously on the ground towards the direction where Fang Zhengzhi is lying on .

"CRASSH!" A loud sound vibrated in the air .

Next, Fang Zhengzhi's body was carried away by King Xieluo, but Fang Zhengzhi's eyes remained shut, with blood oozing out profusely from the edge of his mouth .

"Fang Zhengzhi!" Just at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of King Xieluo .

A cool air began swelling up in the atmosphere concurrently .

"Hmmph, your old Lord could not even defeat me, what can a little one do to me?" King Xieluo peered at Yan Xiu who tried to rush in front of him, giving him a look of disdain .

That demonic look indeed brought a sense of insecurity .

"HONG!" Yan Xiu's body has been kicked out .

As his body was kicked away, momentarily, another black figure landed in front of King Xieluo . A pair of cold daggers flew towards King Xieluo's throat .

"Scram!" King Xieluo hissed, whipping his claw towards the black figure . A sound of bones splitting could be heard, followed by the figure crashing onto the ground .

"Southern Region King!"

"Young Master Yan Xiu!"

The Mountain Broken Army and the Yan Cloud Cavalry witnessed the whole situation, and they looked devastated . All these were just too strong, if the level of power that King Xieluo had previously was like that of a mountain .

Then the power of King Xieluo now, would be that of an ocean, a depthless ocean .

A human, could attempt to overcome the tall mountain, but he could never reached the deepest areas of the deep sea, because that was where hell was, a death hell .

"HAHAHA . . . "King Xieluo's burst out with laughter, of arrogance and hysteria, "Bring it on, come and receive your death, Fang Zhengzhi, I would like to see how many people are willing to die because of you?"

"There's still me!" Yan Qianli replied immediately, and a ray of right light began shining in front of King Xieluo .

Multiple bloody red sharp daggers began piercing towards King Xieluo's head .

But . . .

King Xieluo had predicted that move .

"Ha Ha!" He leaped away just as Yan Qianli arrived, and he carried Fang Zhengzhi to mid air, giving him an eye, "I dont have the habit of taking people's stuff, I will treasure the opportunity to kill you!"

No more hesitation .

He sunk his blue nails into Fang Zhengzhi's chest, and a loud crashing sound echoed through the air again, creating a sharp frictional noise .

"Huh? It's not broken yet?" King Xieluo was stunned for a moment . If the object didn't break at the first blow, it should be called an artifact, but if it still remained intact the second time, it should be considered as a treasure .

He had no intention in dragging Fang Zhengzhi's death any longer, much less letting go of him .

Yet, he was still glancing at the Heart Protection Mirror from time to time, frowning as he continued to observe the squarish stone on it .

There were many other ways to kill Fang Zhengzhi .

Although the most fatal move would be through the heart, bringing immediate death .

As a Demon King, King Xieluo was aware of this important point, he did not think of letting Fang Zhengzhi survive this, therefore the only solution would still be using the most fatal move .

Just as he was observing the Heart Protection Mirror, a strange feeling began rushing inside his heart, it felt as if countless thin wires were trying to bind him up, or maybe . . .

It had already trapped his body, and he was being trapped in a space that he could not even move at all .

"Huh?!" King Xieluo's expression had a drastic change . He tried to step back, but his body failed to act on his command . Then, he saw a pair of eyes .

A pair of crystal clear eyes .

That pair of eyes slowly opened, quietly looking at himself .

Then . . .

A stinging white ray of light shone through it .

Then, King Xieluo felt something in his eyes . It was like a tiny granular particle, but it made him suffer from excruciating pain .

"AHHH!!!" King Xieluo roared, the bright golden light emerged from his body, diffusing at all directions .

. . .

That was all too shocking .

A scene nobody would have thought of .

Everyone turned and looked at King Xieluo's body . It seemed like he got attacked, but how did he get attacked, and what did he suffer from… . .

No one seemed to understand the situation .

Even so, there was something everyone was certain of, King Xieluo appeared to be in excruciating pain .

Fang Zhengzhi had already slipped out of King Xieluo's grip and flew away, like a leaf blown by the strong wind, swaying in the air .

Certainly . . .

Everyone could tell that Fang Zhengzhi did not want to be blown away .

That was because while he was flying around, he had already pulled out his Traceless Sword, travelling at lightning speed towards the golden pearl on King Xieluo's forehead .

Unfortunately, before he could reach the pearl, Fang Zhengzhi and his sword had already been suppressed by the golden light, dangling and swaying around in the sky .

"A sneak attack?!"

"What's going on with the white light?"

"I have heard about the white light, but the white light that Fang Zhengzhi had been using can pierce through the eye . Even the demon king cannot defend against it?"

Due to the separated distance, the Mountain Broken Army and the Yan Cloud Cavalry did not suffer from the strong white light, although they were still unsure about what happened just now .

But there was something they were aware of .

And that would be the sneak attack from Fang Zhengzhi .

. . .

Fang Zhengzhi hated being humiliated by King Xieluo's punches, and those punches almost caused him to go into a coma .

It was almost successful . . .

But being pushed off just by a golden light?

He was definitely not willing to accept that!

Such a secret weapon, while not one with huge area destruction, was capable of massacring all living things, with just a blink of an eye .

However, the thing that Fang Zhengzhi sprinkled on King Xieluo was not any usual stone powder, nor any loess that could be found anywhere .

It was a true authentic treasure!

Fang Zhengzhi did not know the name for it, although he knew that it might look like a normal powder, colourless and odourless in nature . But even if a sage tried to mix it up with tea and drink, he would never recover until 35 years later .

Such a valuable asset, Fang Zhengzhi could never have conjured it, obviously .

Hmmm… . .

To be exact, he stole that powder .

Honestly, Tianxu Saint had boasted about that powder in front of him, claiming that even a grain of that powder was worth thousands of gold . It was fatal too, thus it was a precious treasure, second to none .

Fang Zhengzhi then tried to hide in Tianxu Saint's room for 3 months until his hard work finally paid off, when he managed to steal the powder .

He hasn't been willing to use it .

Until today, he generously distributed all the powder that he had, and did not even keep a single grain of powder .

After that hit, he did not charge up the sky . Instead, with just a slight movement, he rushed towards King Xieluo, hand grabbing the Traceless Sword, and let out a strange and bright purplish light along the way, leaving a long trail in the air .

"Standstill!" Fang Zhengzhi's attack seemed pretty slow in motion . But in fact, it was not slow at all, it was all in a swift motion .

Indeed, it was like the Nangong Nobles' Dragon Combat Plan .

Fang Zhengzhi was certainly using the Dragon Combat Plan, not because of how majestic and powerful it was, but plainly because of how silent it was .

Closer, closer… .

As he was about to approach King Xieluo, he couldn't help but feel excited . This excitement was overwhelming in his chest .

He grabbed tightly on his sword, as he was certain that it would be the last chance . At least, he knew that he had given his best .

"DING!" A loud crunch filled the air .

At this moment, the whole earth paused and became silent, and there was only one scene happening in front of them . Fang Zhengzhi had stabbed into King Xieluo's forehead .

Time, seemed to stop at that moment . Relentless storm, came crashing down from above .

"Has he stabbed it?!"

"Really stabbed it?!"

Countless voices seemed to be lingering in their hearts, but no one spoke up . They merely gazed quietly in the horizon, staring at the shiny bright purple tip of the sword .

"Bong!" Strong and vigorous waves began coming out from the tip of the sword .

Golden shimmers came shooting out, like multiple swords aiming at all directions .



The golden swords seemed to blend in with the storm, piercing through Fang Zhengzhi's arm, thighs as blood began to spurt out, showcasing his brillance in the sky .

At this moment, he saw a figure, a figure fully covered with golden scales, its two golden horns shining as brightly as ever .

More importantly . . .

His eyes .

The eyes were filled with rays of golden light, blood trickling down from the corners of his eyes, dripping out and down the golden scales .

Ruthless aura were disseminating from the silhouette .

"AHHHHH!!" An angry voice bellowed out, and two golden horns started charging towards Fang Zhengzhi's throat and heart, " Die… DIE!"

"Am I going to die?" Fang Zhengzhi's eyes stared at the golden horns coming towards him . He could feel the strong aura coming out from the golden horns, "Looks like I really have to miss this meeting!"

He did not shut his eyes, because before he died, he wanted to catch a glimpse of the woman who was shouting his mother's name .

"Mother . . . "

It had always been something he wanted to say in his heart, be it alive or dead .

"Ping Yang, I'm sorry I couldn't avenge you… . Huh? Where is that girl? Did someone take her body away?" Fang Zhengzhi looked down with sorrow but was shocked to find out that Ping Yang 's body had gone missing .

Where did it go?

His eyes began opening wide as he thought about it, as the two golden horns that was chasing him earlier came to a halt .  

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