Gate of God - Chapter 600

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Chapter 600

"Hmmm, this is definitely not the Congenital Blood, cough . . . " Yan Xiu began talking, his body still trembling while he coughed out blood .

He certainly did not have the same kind of understanding as what Shan Yu had for the Congenital Blood, but he was aware of the basic knowledge of how the blood could increase the bond between humans and earth .

In other words, the important part would still be on the body of the human carrying it .

Although just by looking at the way Ping Yang had attacked, it almost seemed like the light was coming out from her body . While it was still under her control, the sheer amount of power did not seem like it was owned by her,

However, everything did not seem as important anyway . . .

More importantly, King Xieluo had been attacked and undoubtedly, now would be the best opportunity to strike .  

Yan Xiu had already rushed down from the wall, and his purpose was to rescue Fang Zhengzhi, but he knew that he could not afford to miss this chance again .

Despite suffering from serious injuries .

Shan Yu had the same thought as Yan Xiu . They made eye contacts with one other and went rushing towards King Xieluo and Fang Zhengzhi at almost the same instant .

However, another figure was already a step ahead of them .

Yan Qianli .

He was also very intrigued by what had happened with Ping Yang, but given the current situation, there was no other reason to think about that .

Everything was linked to one mission, ending King Xieluo's life .

The three figures began rushing towards King Xieluo in a triangular formation, racing through the relentless storm, the heavy rain, leaving three crystal-like trails in their tracks .

"Rawr!" King Xieluo bellowed, body still quivering as he realised that Yan Qianli, Yan Xiu and Shan Yu were all approaching him .

However, he did not care about the three of them, as he continued staring above, at the silhouette who was wearing a red dress .

Her black silky hair swayed under the heavy rain, while her red long dress wrapped tightly around her body, exhibiting the outline of her mature exquisite curves .

The little spots of lights continued to surround her .

The difference now would be that the light had slowly separated from her body, forming into a river of stars flowing around her .

That was a strange phenomenon .

"Ping Yang!" King Xieluo let out a few cries of unhappiness, revealing the anger and frustration that had accumulated in his heart .

Following that, countless beasts' howling sounds filled the atmosphere, and a loud rumbling sound could be heard from afar .

"It's the group of beasts!"

"They're finally here!"

"Stand straight!"

The Yan Cloud Cavalry turned their backs around in unison when they heard the beasts approaching . Nobody one were afraid or tried to escape .

. . .

Fang Zhengzhi felt confused, not because of how strong Ping Yang was, but because he felt that the light rays around Ping Yang had started decreasing tremendously .

He had learnt and grew a lot more over the past year . While he might not understand some of the information, he knew enough to be labelled as "knowledgeable" .

Nonetheless, this situation still got him puzzled .

"What is happening to Ping Yang's body?" Unlike what others were thinking, he was more concerned about Ping Yang's situation .

For example, where did the light rays come from?

From the pendant?

If it was really because of the pendant, how could he have felt the light rays?

Fang Zhengzhi was determined that the pendant on Ping Yang's neck had nothing connected to him, let alone having come into contact with it .

And, why was happening to her eyes? Why did they look so dull and soulless? Also, why did she come back alive suddenly?

These questions continued popping up in his mind .

Afterall, he was able to see the attack from King Xieluo clearly . It was very obvious that in a normal situation, given Ping Yang's strength, she could not have survived that .

Why would it be like this?

Could it be that the pendant was a type of treasure?

No, it all seemed wrong .

If that was the case, given Ping Yang's character, she would have used the power from the pendant before that, and not wait till after the vigorous attack .

More importantly… . .

Ping Yang's words just now .


She was talking about how her mother had always been by her side . That feeling, it was almost as if she had actually seen her mother .

Was it just a hallucination?

That would be what everyone had thought of .

But Fang Zhengzhi did not think so .

Because… . . .

Ping Yang said, it was real!

Fang Zhengzhi knew that Ping Yang would never lie, and he was aware about how she would not speak lightly about her mother .


Yan Qianli, Yan Xiu and Shan Yu had all arrived in front of King Xieluo . They assembled in a triangular formation and cornered King Xieluo, attacking him simultaneously .

They could care less about the beasts arriving, since they were well aware that all problems would be solved, once they put an end to King Xieluo's life .

"Roar Roar!"

Countless beasts' bellows came from afar, and they all sounded indignant with frustration .

King Xieluo's body was surrounded by golden light once again, and pieces of golden scales continued growing out rapidly, one at a time .

As for Fang Zhengzhi . . .

He was still paying attention to Ping Yang .

"You shameless brat, I told you that I'm a strong princess! Do you believe me now?" Ping Yang questioned, giving a satisfied smile .

"Strong? Just because you can beat . . . " Fang Zhengzhi stopped halfway, voice dying down, as his body shivered vigorously, "Fine, you are strong!"

Fang Zhengzhi sounded very confident when he said that, as he could see Ping Yang's soulless eyes glaring at him when he was talking .

While he was looking at that pair of eyes, he suddenly had a strange thought .

Ping Yang . . .

Did not come back alive!

Or so to say, if all these were to continue, Ping Yang would not live .

It was indeed a weird feeling, because Ping Yang had already stood up once again, and was even strong enough to cause King Xieluo to suffer substantial injuries .

But Fang Zhengzhi still harboured that feeling . It was the feeling he had when he saw the light emitting out from Ping Yang's body . It felt tragic and sorrowful .

"HA HA HA . . . You brat, you finally admitted that I'm strong!" Ping Yang laughed out, as she turned her attention to Yan Qianli, Yan Xiu and Shan Yu, who were battling King Xieluo . "Just a moment, it is now princess' time to show off . You brat, please observe carefully!"

She rushed over immediately after, with the surrounding light rays following closely behind her, liting up the whole night sky .

"Observe carefully… . . " Fang Zhengzhi mumbled, feeling slightly startled . "No, this moment, this moment… . . . Is she trying to kill herself?!"

All of a sudden, he came to realise that once the light rays were used up, Ping Yang would be unable to sustain her life .

That felt odd .

While without any evidence, Fang Zhengzhi was very confident that Ping Yang planned to use up all the "spotlights" that had sustained her life .

"Bong!" A loud sound came crashing in .

Shattered stones were flying around, and the wall began cracking into lines that resembled spider webs . The already cracked ground was overturned too .

Following that, a body, which was wrapped in golden light, came crashing down hard on the ground .

Shocking .

Completely traumatising .

The Mountain Breaking Army, the Yan Cloud Cavalry and the Northern Barbarians Army were all focused on the red dressed figure, eyes wide opened .

If that blow earlier was just a coincidence . . . … .

Who could explain the situation now?

Although Yan Qianli, Yan Xiu and Shan Yu had teamed up to attack King Xieluo, he still remained strong . It was only the blow from Ping Yang that sent him lying flat on the ground .

The bright light around Ping Yang continued to shine brightly, and the white outline of the light looked as bright as the sun, brightening up the night sky .

Nobody seemed to understand how Ping Yang could defeat King Xieluo .

However . . .

After seeing King Xieluo coughing out a pool of blood, the Mountain Breaking Army and the Yan Cloud Cavalry starting cheering intensely and joyously .

"Princess Ping Yang!"

"Princess Ping Yang!"

"Princess Ping Yang!"

" . . . "

That sounded like a victory cry at dawn, a cry of excitement . They were all from the bottom of their hearts .

A particular satisfied laughter was also blending into the crowd cheers .

"HAHAHA… . . . Is the princess powerful or not? King Yan, are you happy? Same to you, Yan Xiu, Southern Region King, Uncle Xing, please answer me loudly, am I powerful? HAHAHA . . . . " Ping Yang laughed out, as her black hair continued dancing along under the relentless storm .

But as she was laughing, two drops of tears began trickling down her eyes . But nobody seemed to realise it due to the heavy rain .

"AW" King Xieluo let out a low pitched growl . He attempted to stand up, but just as he was about to stand up, he fell back hard on the ground . "Who actually is your mother?"

"Yu Er!" Ping Yang answered immediately .

"No, I'm not asking about her name, I'm asking about her status . She can't be the queen of the Great Xia Dynasty, that is not possible!" King Xieluo's golden eyes continued bleeding profusely, his face looking pale and weak .

"She is definitely the Great Dynasty's Queen, now she is, and forever she will be!" Ping Yang's expression looked confident and calm, as the light twinkled brightly around her .

"Queen, Queen!"

"Princess Ping Yang!"

" . . . "

The Mountain Breaking Army and the Yan Cloud Cavalry's cheers rang continuously into the night .

However, Fang Zhengzhi continued to tighten his grip on the sword . He knew the light rays surrounding Ping Yang had decreased by two fold after her strike on King Xieluo .

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