Generational Marriage - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"Fourth Sis!" Lam Than Chi clung to Lam Can Dung's arm . Grunting in dissatisfaction, he said: "Lighter! Sis, you're pinching my hand . "

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In a state of loss, Lam Can Dung startled awake . She hurriedly adjusted the pressure she was exerting and pulled Lam Than Chi's hand up . She gently blew on the tender hand . She smiled and said: "I'll blow on it for Seventh Little Brother . Brother says, how can sister have so much strength?"

Though Lam Than Chi had been spoiled since he was born, towards his two sisters, he's always been generous . Even though he hurt, his sister had blown on it . He just kept his head down as they walked and kicked the stones on the road .

Lam Can Dung felt uncomfortable . One moment, she hated . The next, she laughed coldly . Hating a person still required some effort . But what of that heartless and vicious person? It really wasn't worth her hate, not worth a single ounce of her care and thought . Though she still hates him, this hate should only be known by her . Because she wanted to conceal her oddities, she could only follow the words of Concubine Hoang: "Is that right? This cousin is really so great? Where did concubine hear this from?" Really good, her voice was stable, without any weirdness .

Concubine Hoang was called a little fox by Dao-thi . There was a reason for this . She quietly took in all of Lam Can Dung's actions, weighing her options and measuring the consequences . This incident had given her a long-awaited opportunity . Now that the Third Branch had an heir, Lam Can Am would be married out . Her intended was very good . Lam Diec Chi has also grown up; he'd need Madam's support . Therefore, going against Madam would not be logical . The Madam's temperament was not good, something that even Third Master had a headache over . That is why a competent person is needed to speak up for the mother and son in front of Madam, repairing this bridge . For the benefit of her son, if she was kicked around a bit by Madam, what is that worth? The people that understood Madam best were her three children . Third Young Miss is already old; next year she will marry . Even if she wanted to borrow some strength, there will not be much benefit . There's Lam Can Dung: no marriage set down, soft and even-tempered, and flexible . This was the most suitable candidate!

Concubine Hoang struggled from the bottom to walk up . She will never be as innocent as Lam Diec Chi, believing that Lam Can Dung helped him . Later, if he won Lam Can Dung over, she will continue to help . There is a purpose to everything . Lam Can Dung suddenly acting with good intentions, there must be a reason . Outwardly, she said it was for appearances . Not wanting people of the Luc family bully people from the Lam family . Additionally, she didn't want Third Madam to be dragged in… Regardless of the reason, everyone had emotions and desires . If they wanted Lam Can Dung to help them in the future, it would require some work . For the moment, Concubine Hoang feels that she has found what Fourth Young Miss needs the most .

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Didn't all noble ladies just want to marry a good husband? The ancestors of the houses Lam and Luc had already set the precedent of marriage between the two . There was a history between the two houses . On the way to take the Imperial Exams, the ancestor of the Luc family had a stomach ache and almost died . But, this person was saved by the ancestor of the Lam family . The two coincidently found they were from the same area and the two became friends as they won titles from the Imperial Exam . The two agreed to connect the families through marriage from generation to generation .

In this generation, Luc Giam of the Luc family seemed to be the most outstanding . Of the children from the Lam family, Lam Can Dung's beauty could be considered to be at the top . If talking about marriage, this would not be the only thing to consider . Because her parents did not have much power within the manor, the temperament of Third Master and Third Madam was not ambitious, afraid that Fifth Young Miss from the First Branch or the twins, Sixth Young Miss and Seventh Young Miss, from the Second Branch would have the superior position . If Lam Can Dung wanted to marry Luc Giam, it would require a bit of thought and effort .

Concubine Hoang gently coughed and inadvertently said: "I used to be good sisters with Madam Co's servant . Though these past years she went south, she still returns for festivals . There is still some contact . Yesterday, Madam Co just arrived in Binh Chau, Phuong-mama immediately sent her daughter to bring gifts to me . This was all told by her daughter . It cannot be fake . "

Well, it turned out this way . Phuong-mama was a good sister of Concubine Hoang and also Madam Co's confidant . In front of Madam Co, this person could say a few more good words . Lam Can Dung understood Concubine Hoang's meaning . Wasn't this the bait to reel her in? Too bad this fox had hung the wrong bait . She didn't want to eat this . She wanted something else; unfortunately, now was not the time for Concubine Hoang to fall .

Lam Can Dung giggled innocently: "So, this was the case . If comparing his to Second Brother Ngo, who is more talented?" Her voice was not low and the surrounding servants all heard it .

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Concubine Hoang was ashamed and a bit nervous . If she said Ngo Tuong was not as good as Luc Giam, she would offend the Ngo family and Ngo-thi . If she said Luc Giam was not as good as Ngo Tuong, she would offend the Luc family and Madam Co, Lam Ngoc Tran . These were not people that she could mess with . But she was clever with a meticulous mind, she laughed loudly: "This, I do not know . Just thinking that Young Master grew up in the south . Everyone knows of the scholars in the south and he is hardworking . Of course, he could not be bad . The two Young Masters will be talented scholars of our Binh Chau . "

Lam Can Dung faintly smiled and didn't add another word . The Madam Co, Lam Ngoc Tran, that married into the Luc family was the most precious daughter to Old Madam Lam, Lam Can Dung's grandmother . Since young, she was the most cherished and spoiled . Once married, a good husband was picked . She was a bit arrogant and noble . What scholars of Binh Chau? It was just Concubine Hoang wanting to flatter Lam Ngoc Tran and, in doing so, flatter Old Madam .

Ngo Tuong is a famed genius of Binh Chau . If scholars of Binh Chau talked about him, no one would not know . What about Luc Giam? At most, he was someone the Third Branch of the Luc family had carelessly given birth to . It was only because the First Branch didn't have an heir that at 7-8 he had turned from a bastard to the heir of the Luc family, the son of Lam Ngoc Tran . Lam Ngoc Tran was afraid that he was too old and couldn't be raised; she quickly had him follow Luc family's Eldest Old Master, Luc Kien Tan, to the south . Time passed and it was seven or eight years . During which, he was afraid to come home and see his biological parents .

Speaking of it, the present Luc Giam coming to Binh Chau was but a nameless person . According to fame and talent, how could he be placed on par with Ngo Tuong? It wasn't until later when he participates in the exam, he narrowly failed to catch Ngo Tuong . According to appearance? In Lam Can Dung's mind, the image of a pair of cold icy eyes appeared that could scare a person stiff . She smiled . Luc Giam was exactly as Concubine Hoang had said . He really is good looking . In her previous life, when he appeared, her cousins of the various branches, fought for this lover . He made noble ladies of other houses come to pay a visit to get a good look . But what are the benefits of a handsome face? Could it be cooked into rice to eat? Could it be made into something to wear? Not worth a copper! In her previous life, Lam Can Dung had hesitated to curse with such rough words . Though this was only cursing in her heart; she found it quite novel .

She didn't know why, but Concubine Hoang found the smile on Lam Can Dung's face a bit sad and ironic . Looking a bit closer, the sad and ironic look vanished . In front of her was only a beautiful girl laughing innocently . Concubine Hoang could not help but smile; she was too tired and sick these past few days . It must've been a trick on the eyes . Though Fourth Young Miss had always been prudent and gentle, but in the end, was still young . Since she had played with her cousin, Ngo Tuong, since young; suddenly having another "cousin" appear, she must not be convinced . She had just carelessly said some words comparing the two .

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Perhaps, could it be that Fourth Young Miss places importance on Ngo Tuong? Concubine Hoang glanced at Ngo-thi's back up front . The two houses have this kind of relationship, if there was some intention there it would not be inconceivable . She would have to think otherwise . Ideas turned and bounced around in her head . Thoughtfully and kindly, she reminded Lam Can Dung: "Madam Co has a strong temperament . The words earlier of Fourth Young Miss, do not let others hear it . Otherwise… You're the best young miss in the family, including First Branch and Second Branch… haha… I and your Fifth Brother always hope for your good fortune . "

A smile blossomed on Lam Can Dung's face . She looked at Concubine Hoang and said each word carefully: "Concubine is right . We are all of the Third Branch and should be united . We are all family . One tree doesn't make a forest . In the future, we four siblings should support one another . I, myself, am hoping for a good future for Fifth Brother . " The strength of one person compared to the strength of a clan was comparing a feather to Mt . Tai . Within the family, everyone always presented a united front to the outside world . Only when the door shuts are grudges dragged out .

Concubine Hoang was paralyzed . She had wanted to pull in Lam Can Dung and used her words to express her intentions . How was it that she caused Lam Can Dung to answer so carefully? In her words, there was another layer of meaning . Lam Can Dung even said that though she had Lam Diec Chi, it is hard for one tree to become a forest . Lam Diec Chi was the son of a concubine . If he wanted a brighter future, it was not as simple as kicking aside the children of the legitimate wife . Instead, he needs them! In the same way, Lam Than Chi was still young . The siblings did not want to make an enemy out of Lam Diec Chi! This Fourth Young Miss, how had she not realized she was so wonderful? Was she really gentle and kind? Concubine Hoang looked at Lam Can Dung, her eyes showed her disbelief .

Lam Can Dung did not deliberately pretend to be stupid in front of the concubine . She looked at Concubine Hoang with a pair of clear eyes . "This principle, Madam had always taught our siblings . That was why I had helped Fifth Brother . You should know, Madam's temperament is not that good, what her intentions are . " Someone like Concubine Hoang is it was Eldest Aunt or Second Aunt, she would've died a couple of times .

Concubine Hoang said: "These past years, how could this concubine not know Madam's behavior?" Though Dao-thi always tried to pick on her, causing her to be uncomfortable, she had never done anything evil or vicious . Right now, she placed a hand on her chest and asked herself . Even though we have fought for many years, she had never done anything evil or vicious to the mother and children . Otherwise, that Old Master Lam that held hierarchy and status up so high, would not let her go .

Lam Can Dung said with a laugh: "If concubine knows, then that is good . If later there is something wanting with Madam, I asked concubine to please endure it . Do not hurry to let others see and make us into a joke . Let the matter go and I will speak good words for concubine . " To talk conditions with her, there should be some clarification . If one wants to hurry and serve others, there should be an intention to sacrifice . Otherwise, one should know the difficulties and retreat, saving everyone from embarrassment .

Concubine Hoang was a bit embarrassed . There have been times where Dao-thi's temperament was shown to the public . Though Dao-thi's temper is fierce, she also deliberately and unintentionally provoked Dao-thi . Obviously, Dao-thi took her bait . Third Master Lam also didn't believe, always blaming Dao-thi for not being tolerant . Who knows that this Fourth Young Miss had seen it all? Things can only be gained when others are lost . She gritted her teeth and let her boat sink: "Madam is the master . I am a servant . It is my duty to serve the master . "

Lam Can Dung unrestrainedly said: "Just hope that concubine remembers her words today . One must know their duty . "