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Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601: “Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (4)”


Tian Ze furrowed his brows slightly but did not say much as he turned to walked inside the academy . At the moment Tian Ze turned around, Gu Ying turned the corners of his mouth up slightly, curling his lips up into a sinister smile .

[Cloudy Brook Academy . He’s back again . ]

Tian Ze led Gu Ying right up to the door of the room that Gu Xin Yan was in, never taken a step away from Gu Ying’s side . It wasn’t that he did not want to, but it was because he could not afford to . He could not be sure that the moment that he walked away, Gu Ying would not stir up an incident within the academy .

“This is Gu Xin Yan’s room . ” Tian Ze said coldly before the door .

Gu Ying said with a beaming smile . “I’ve troubled you . ”

Tian Ze still did not show any signs of warming up .

Gu Ying was not affected as he raised up a hand to knock on the door .

There wasn’t a single sound from inside the room as Gu Ying and Tian Ze waited outside the door .

Suddenly, Gu Ying caught a whiff of the intense fragrance of wine . He seeked for the source of that fragrance by turning his head slightly and suddenly saw a tiny little figure walking towards their direction .

It was a highly unremarkable youth, his thin body wrapped by the loose fitting uniform of the Cloudy Brook Academy, so thin the youth could have been made from paper . But what really caught Gu Ying’s attention was instead that youth’s eyes .

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Clear as water but seemingly hiding a cold icy chill within .

That pair of eyes made him suddenly think of one person, a person that he would never forget his entire life .

Tian Ze noticed Gu Ying’s line of sight and he raised his head up to look, discovering that the person that Gu Ying’s gaze was fixed upon was Jun Wu!

Immediately, alarm bells went off, ringing loudly in his heart . He then said in the next instant: “Gu Ying, remember the purpose you have come here for . ”

There was a trace of a smile on Gu Ying’s face as he slowly turned his head to look at the nervous Tian Ze .

“There’s no need to get so uptight . I am merely thinking that the little brother has a beautiful pair of eyes . ”

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Gu Ying’s words immediately caused the hair upon Tian Ze to stand as a chill ran through him . When Gu Ying had dug out that young girl’s eyes before, he had said those exact same words . ”

And right at that moment, the door before the two of them slowly opened up and a slightly pale faced Gu Xin Yan was standing behind it . When she saw Gu Ying, Gu Xin Yan was helpless in stopping her eyes from flashing .

“Xin Yan, we’ve not seen each other for quite a long while . Have you missed me?” Gu Ying’s attention quickly turned only the figure of Gu Xin Yan, his voice sounding highly cheerful and doting, exactly the tone an elder would take .

But there wasn’t the slightest bit of joy in Gu Xin Yan’s eyes . She merely forced her lips to stiffened a little as she called out rather fearfully .

“Big Brother . ”

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After seeing the siblings meet, Tian Ze was rather relieved . He encouraged them to have a chat, and then reminded Gu Ying that he was not to move about within the Cloudy Brook Academy at will . If there was anywhere that he needed to go, he must be accompanied by one of the teachers before he was allowed to do so .

Gu Yong listened to him patiently, highly cooperative .

But no matter how amicable he portrayed himself to be today, Tian Ze would still not view him as a kind hearted youth .

When Gu Ying walked into the room, Gu Xin Yan bit on her lip, thinking to close the door but she saw Jun Wu who stayed just opposite her . In an instant, the shade of her face turned to become slightly abnormal and at the moment her eyes met Jun Wu’s cold gaze, Gu Xin Yan could not help but be shaken a little before she quickly lowered her head as she pushed the door shut .

Jun Wu Xie stood outside the door without any expression on her face, but she had clearly spotted the youth who had been standing before Gu Xing Yan’s door to be Gu Ying from the time back at the Zephyr Academy!

She had not missed the conversation between Gu Xin Yan and Gu Ying and it was just like she had guessed .

They were siblings .